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Find Missing Jessica Ann Kinsey!

Find Missing Jessica Ann Kinsey!

Find missing Jessica Ann Kinsey!
She left of her own accord but may
Have experienced foul play.
For it has been over six years
Since anyone last saw or heard from this missing teen girl.
Where is Jessica Ann Kinsey?

Find Missing Jessica Ann Kinsey!

Find Missing Jessica Ann Kinsey! Jessica Ann Kinsey has been missing since December 26, 1995. She is missing from Cloverdale, Indiana. Jessica Ann Kinsey is classified as an endangered missing person. Her year of birth is 1981. At the time of her disappearance, Jessica was 14 years old. Her current age is 37 years old. Jessica Ann Kinsey is a Caucasian female. She is described as 5’5″ tall and 160 pounds at the time of her disappearance. Her hair is brown and her eyes are hazel.

Jessica wears eyeglasses. She has a small scar on her inner left forearm near her elbow and she may have the name “Capone” tattooed on her neck. Her ears are pierced. When she was last seen, Jessica was wearing a white turtleneck, a green sweatshirt and a green leather jacket. She was wearing new dark green Levi’s jeans, black sneakers and a hunter-green ponytail holder.

Find Missing Jessica Ann Kinsey!

Jessica Ann Kinsey voluntarily left her family’s residence in Union, Missouri on December 26, 1995. She went to a friend’s home. She was supposed to call her mother at 5:00 P.M. to say whether she’d be home for dinner.

Jimmy Hopkins picked Jessica up from her friend’s home. He was 23 years old in 1995. He was the son of a friend of Jessica’s mother’s.

Hopkins paid Mark Henderson to give him and Jessica ride. They drove in Henderson’s aqua two-door 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier. Henderson stated that while he was driving. Jessica sat silently in the backseat with her head down. He said Hopkins told him Jessica was pregnant with his child. And they were going to Niagara Falls, New York to get married. He showed Henderson some wedding rings.

Jessica’s mother later denied that her daughter was dating Hopkins. She stated she had a medical reason to know Jessica was not pregnant at the time of her disappearance. Jessica’s best friend said she hadn’t mentioned a boyfriend to her either.

Hopkins, Henderson and Jessica checked into the Dollar Inn. It was located in the 1000 block of north Main Street in Cloverdale, Indiana during the early evening hours. Jessica and Hopkins stayed in room 222 while Henderson checked into room 224. Henderson told authorities that he heard loud noises from Jessica and Hopkins’s room during the night. He said the sounds were similar to a body being thrown against a wall. Henderson said Hopkins claimed he and Jessica were having sexual intercourse at the time.

Both Jessica and Hopkins disappeared by the following morning. So did Henderson’s vehicle, which he reported stolen. Authorities learned that Hopkins pawned his grandmother’s wedding ring in Paris, Tennessee. He did so 300 miles from Cloverdale, later in the day on December 27.

Less than two weeks later, Henderson’s car was found abandoned in Compton, California. Investigators discovered Hopkins worked for a time at a Compton-area ice cream store. Witnesses saw him with a girl matching Jessica’s description. They believe she did arrive in California with him. Jessica has never been heard from again.

Hopkins returned to Missouri alone in the late spring or early summer of 1996. Investigators were unable to question him about Jessica’s disappearance until November 1996. He said he had not harmed her and had last seen her at a hotel in the Hollywood, California area with a Mexican man known only as Capone. The address he gave for the hotel, however, turned out to be a vacant lot.

Hopkins allegedly told several people in later years that he had murdered Jessica and disposed of her body. In April 2008, Hopkins shot his wife to death inside their Joplin, Missouri home. Then he committed suicide. He was never charged in Jessica’s case. But authorities and Jessica’s mother believe he murdered her.

Jessica enjoys Mexican and Chinese food, as well as Pepsi, Kool-Aid, milk and tea. Her favorite movies were Dirty Dancing and the 1991 television film Sarah, Plain and Tall. Jessica’s favorite sitcoms were America’s Funniest Home Videos, Saved By The Bell and Full House. She enjoyed spending time with her dog, Max, as well as camping in the summer, collecting porcelain dolls and swimming. Her favorite color was hunter green.

Jessica was a seventh-grade student at Union Middle School in 1995. Her family members said she had a shy nature when interacting with unfamiliar people. But she was outgoing when with her friends.

Missouri authorities are handling Jessica’s case, which remains unsolved. Her parents left Union and moved to Independence, Missouri in 1998. They still live there today. Jessica’a family held a memorial service for her in 2006. Some agencies may list Union, Missouri as the location of her disappearance. That city’s police are investigating.

Find Missing Jessica Ann Kinsey!

There is not much I need to add to this. Jessica Ann Kinsey did start out as a runaway case. Most runaways are found safe. But some do encounter foul play. Jessica is among those who ran away initially but whose disappearance ends up as a criminal case. The suspect in her case, Jimmy Hopkins, committed suicide. But where is Jessica? Who was Jimmy Hopkins’ actual role in her disappearance? What about Mark Henderson?

Find Missing Jessica Ann Kinsey!
How We Can Help

Do you have any information concerning the whereabouts of Jessica Ann Kinsey?? Do you have any information concerning the person (s) involved in her disappearance? If you have any information, please contact the Union Police Department at: (636) 583-5700. You may contact the Missouri State Highway Patrol Toll-Free Telephone Line at: (800) 877-3452. The Missing Persons Unit provides a toll-free hotline for parents, law enforcement agencies or others to provide information about missing and unidentified persons. You may email: missingpersons@mshp.dps.mo.gov If you see Jessica Ann Kinsey, call 9-1-1 immediately!

NCMEC: 813249
NamUs: MP4899
Case: 9511620

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The above information is found on Jessica Ann Kinsey’s Charley Project page. I have adapted and remixed it. It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial 4.0 International License.
The above image is courtesy of Missouri Missing.


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