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Find Missing Jann Derrick Lactawen!

Find Missing Jann Derek Lactawen!

Find Missing Jann Derrick Lactawen!
He has been missing for a month.
According to his parents, when they last heard from him
He told them he would go somewhere to “chill.”
And he was never seen again.

Find Missing Jann Derrick Lactawen!

Find Missing Jann Derrick Lactawen! Jann Derrick Lactawen has been missing since Sunday, October 22, 2017. He is missing from San Lorenzo, California. Jann was last seen around 11:00 P.M. in San Lorenzo, California. Jann Derrick Lactawen told his parents that he was going to San Francisco to “chill.” Reportedly, he did not pack any belongings. And he had “very little” money. According to those who know him, he disappeared without a trace.
A report was filed with the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department. The Case No. AC-17-018754. Jann Derrick Lactowen has been categorized as a “high risk” missing person. This means that he is at risk for injury or death. Or he is in need of medical attention.

Find Missing Jann Derrick Lactawen!

However, Jann Derrick Lactawen is technically a 19-year-old adult. And Aamedo County Sheriff’s Office state that they cannot focus all of their resources on his case 24/7. So far, all that investigators have confirmed is that he exited Montgomery BART station at 3:15 P.M.. that Sunday. Jann Derrick is an a Filipino male. He is 10 years old, which is considered legally an adult. Jann’s eyes are brown/black. His hair is black. Lactawen is described as 5’7″ tall and 110 pounds. Jann has a pierced right ear. When last seen, Jann was wearing a plain white tee, black basketball shorts and a black cap. There has been no activity on his bank cards, Clipper card, or social media since his disappearance.

Find Missing Jann Derrick Lactawen!

Police have gone on record saying, in short, that they feel overwhelmed working Jann Derrick Lactawen’s case. In other words, now they are counting on the public. They have done all they can do. Now Lactawen is considered an adult because he is 19. If he were two years younger, 17, he would be seen as a child and a minor. That would likely had made a difference in his search. It is well documented that police do not place priority on missing adults. Jann is still not even out of his teens. His loved ones, who love him and miss him, are counting on tips and leads. Police are waiting for tips to come in. For someone (s) has information that can bring about a Christmas miracle. For the holiday is a little over two weeks away.

Do you have any information concerning the whereabouts of Jann Derrick Lactawen? If you have info, you are asked to contact the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office at (510) 667-7721. If you have seen Jann, call 9-1-1! Note: If you are in contact with Jann Derrick, please encourage him to email his sister: karissa.brune@gmail.com. And tell him: “Nothing else matters–as long as you’re okay. I will fight for you. Love. Sis.”

The above image and additional information are courtesy of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office.


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