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Find Missing Jaliek L Rainwalker! (Part 2)

Find Missing Jaliek L Rainwalker!

Find missing Jaiek L Rainwalker!
He has been missing for over ten years.
After all these years, no clues exists as to his fate.
No tips. No leads. No suspects. No arrests.
What happened to him?

Find Missing Jaliek L Rainwalker!

Find Missing Jaliek L Rainwalker! Jaliek was last seen on November 1, 2007 in Greenwich, New York. He’s classified as endangered missing. Jaliek was born in the year 1995. When he went missing, Jaliek was 12 years old. Jaliek L Rainwalker is of mixed race (African-American/Caucasian). At his disappearance, Jaliek was
5’6″ tall and 105 pounds. He has brown hair and green eyes. Jaliek has a slight speech impediment that causes him to pronounce the letter “r” as “w.” His name is pronounced “Ja-leek” and his nickname is Jay.

Find Missing Jaliek L Rainwalker!

At the time of his disappearance, Jaliek’s hair had blond highlights. It was styled in a two-inch Afro. When he was last seen, Jaliek was wearing a bright yellow fleece pullover and a gray t-shirt. His t-shirt had the image of a dragon on the front. Jaliek also was wearing blue jeans and black canvas high-top sneakers. Jaliek suffers from severe emotional problems and has violent outbursts. This is due to his exposure to alcohol as an unborn baby. He has been diagnosed with reactive attachment disorder. It makes it hard for him to form relationships.

This is continued from the first part of this story.

Find Missing Jaliek L Rainwalker!
The Note

Both parents maintain their innocence in Jaliek’s case. And they have stated that they believe their son ran away. They suggested that he may be living with an African-American family or gang. For Jaliek has always considered himself African-American. He didn’t identify as bi-racial and wanted to live with other African-Americans. The Persons had their own take on the farewell note Jaliek supposedly left the night he vanished. They stated that he was assigned to write it for homework.

Find Missing Jaliek L Rainwalker!
Theories About Note

Allegedly, Kerr told his son to write a note apologizing to the people he had harmed. Tom Person and Elaine Person were licensed foster parents who had provided respite care for Jaiek in the past. Tom saw him writing the note, although he didn’t actually read it. Elaine and Tom believe this was the note found after Jaliek vanished. Elaine, several of Jaliek’s former foster parents, and his adoptive maternal grandparents, set up a website. It was designed to publicize Jaliek’s disappearance. Elaine wrote that she believed Kerr harmed Jaliek on the day he disappeared, causing him to go missing.

Find Missing Jaliek L Rainwalker!
A Person Of Interest?

In January 2008, police named Kerr as a person of interest in Jaliek’s disappearance.They stated that they have video surveillance footage of Kerr driving his van around Greenwich after midnight on the night of Jaliek’s disappearance. It was at a time Kerr said he was asleep. Cellular phone records also hint that Kerr took a different route to the house from what he claimed. Investigators appealed for information on Kerr’s whereabouts on November 1 and November 2. In February 2008, police conducted a search warrant of Kerr’s father’s home. That’s where Jaliek stayed the night he disappeared.

Find Missing Jaliek L Rainwalker!
Family Disputes

Police tried to determine prove or disprove the theory that the Persons stated about the note. So they seized a computer to see if the machine was used to write the alleged goodbye letter. However, they couldn’t prove or disprove the theory. Days after the search, Kerr and McDonald filed a lawsuit against the police department. They alleged that they had been illegally detained and the search was improper. Jaliek’s adoptive maternal grandmother, Barbara Reeley, had been active in the search for Jaliek. She filed for custody of him after his disappearance. But she was denied.

Find Missing Jaliek L Rainwalker!
More Family Disputes

In July 2008, Reeley was charged with burglarizing Kerr’s and McDonald’s home. Reely has pleaded not guilty. Shortly after the burglary, police went to the home and removed a piece of clothing for testing. They stated that Reeley had seen the clothing while she was inside. In a media interview, Reeley said it was the yellow fleece shirt Jaliek was said to have been wearing when he disappeared. In a media interview, Reeley stated that Kerr had anger management issues. And he had been going to counseling for them. Also, McDonald had made him move out of the house for brief periods of time twice in 2007. This was because of aggression towards the children.

Find Missing Jaliek L Rainwalker!
Abuse Allegations Towards Jaliek

Reeley said that she had witnessed one incident where Kerr became angry with Jaliek. Kerr had dragged Jaliek outside and repeatedly dunked him in a nearly creek. She said McDonald made Kerr write a letter of apology to Jaliek for this. McDonald made Kerr do the child’s chores for a month. Authorities suspect foul play in Jaliek’s disappearance. But they cannot find evidence about his fate. No one has been charged in his disappearance. Reportedly, Jaliek may be in the New York cities of Albany or Altamont.

Find Missing Jaliek L Rainwalker!

Stephen Kerr (2007)

Find Missing Jaliek L Rainwalker!

Jocelyn McDonald (2007)

Find Missing Jaliek L Rainwalker!

Barbara Reeley (2008)

Find Missing Jaliek L Rainwalker!
Awareness Needed

Jaliek has had “the deck” stacked against him before he was born. He was exposed to drugs as an unborn baby. And he was born as as a drug addict. It’s no mystery that he had severe emotional problems. And he spent his earliest years in foster care. And I’m not putting down foster parents; I know that many are in foster care to serve their country and give back. They aren’t the system; they work for it. And, yes, I know that there are the “bad applies.” But Jaliek needs justice. There have been no tips, leads, suspects, or arrests. Have information about Jaliek’s whereabouts? You’re advised to contact the Greenwich Village Police Department. Call them at: (518) 692-9332 or 9-1-1.

The above information and images can be found on Jaliek’s Charley Project page. I have adapted and remixed it. And it is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial 2.0 License

The top photo is courtesy of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


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