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Find Missing Jake Boyd!

Find Missing Jake Boyd!

Find missing Jake Boyd!
He has two young children whom he would never leave.
And they need their dad back home.
Jake has been missing for almost a year.
And there are no clues as to what has happened to him.
Where is Jake Boyd?

Find Missing Jake Boyd!

Find missing Jake Boyd! Jake Boyd was last seen on January 11, 2011, in Columbus, Ohio. When last seen, he was leaving an apartment. It is located on the west side. Jake is described as a very devoted father of two young children. Jake had shared custody of his children. And he never missed a birthday or activity. It is uncharacteristic for him not to be in contact with his family. Jake’s car was located in the parking lot of his apartment building. He was in the process of moving and starting another job. Jake Boyd is a Caucasian male. This missing dad is 36 years old. He is described as 5’9″ tall and 160 pounds. Jake has brown hair and hazel eyes.

Find Missing Jake Boyd!
According to Family

This is just one example of the heartbreaking posts that Jake’s sister makes. It is found on the Facebook page set up for him, dated for September 2017.

As hard as this is to actually say, I know you are gone Jake. I don’t think my heart, soul, or mind will ever be able to entirely compute that or accept it, and if anything will put me in a funny farm, it’s gonna be this….this isn’t how life was supposed to be for us. You have beautiful children, I have beautiful children, Jenny has beautiful children, and though we lost mom and dad, we still have Kenny and each other. Not ready to accept it, but with everything in life, my troubled heart and disappointments, and the lack of anybody I have to talk to…I just have lost hope. You wouldn’t do this to your kids or me. We were a all each other had so many times. I miss you. So much. It’s kinda like how uncle Casey swears I should’ve been his kid cuz we are both so much alike lol. You and I should have been twins because half of the heart I had left is gone….I love you….always…

Find Missing Jake Boyd!

Jake Boyd has been missing for almost a year. His loved ones are suffering. Jake is a son and a father. He is a brother and a friend. His loved ones know him better than anyone. And they know that it is unlike him to leave them without warning. His loved ones fear that the worst has happened, as the above post shows. Christmas Day is in just over two weeks. His loved ones, including his children, will spend what is the first Christmas with a missing loved one. Even if what they fear has happened, is so, they deserve answers so they don’t have to keep their lives on hold. Someone (s) knows something. Do you have any information about the whereabouts of Jake Boyd? If you have info, please contact the Columbus Police Department at: (614) 645-4545 or 9-1-1.

The younger sister of Jake Boyd has set up A Facebook for him. It titled Where is My Big Brother, Jake Boyd? Use Facebook? Please “Like” this page.

This is an article about the disappearance of Jake Boyd. Click here to read it.

The above image and additional information are courtesy of the Aware Foundation, Inc.


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