Find Missing Jacob Scalise! ***(SAD UPDATE: BODY FOUND)***


Find Missing Jacob Scalise!
He is better known as Jake.
He is a military veteran.
He may be suicidal.
He needs to be found!

Find missing Jacob Scalise!

Find missing Jacob Scalise! He is a Marine Corp veteran from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Scalise was last seen in the Arlington area in Pittsburgh. Jacob Scalise is better known as “Jake.” Jake is 32 years old. Scalise was last seen around 2:00 P.M. on Wednesday. This was on May 31, 2017. Jacob is a Marine Corp veteran who has recently been depressed. Before he vanished, he sent a disturbing text to a relative. That text indicated that he may be suicidal. Friends and family are quite concerned about Jake’s well-being.

Find Missing Jacob Scalise!

What was Jacob wearing when last seen? Reports say that he was a black and white “Marines” hat. It’s shown in the top poster. Jake was wearing blue jeans and a shirt with multiple Nintendo controllers on it. This veteran is 5’7″ tall and weighs 150 pounds. Jake has brown hair and eyes. And his facial hair is brown. He has multiple tattoos, including a grim reaper on his back. A globe, eagle, and anchor are tattooed on his top left shoulder blade. These are pictured in the poster.

When Jake vanished, he took nothing with him. He left his phone behind as well as dog tags. And he is without a vehicle. Reports say he took his wallet and a gray camo backpack with him. It is believed that he may travel to Ohio or West Virginia.

Find Missing Jacob Scalise!
Let’s Help Bring Him Home

Jake is among those whom we call heroes. Let’s show our gratitude, as well as concern, by distributing his poster and story far and wide. PLease share until the person (s) with information on his whereabouts, is reached. As he is believed to be trying to go to either Ohio or WEst Virginia, especially share with those in these states. If you have seen Jacob Scalise, you are urged to call 9-1-1 immediately! And if you have information that can help locate him, please call Pittsburgh Police Department. Contact them at: (412) 323-7800.

This article says that Jake’s family are pleading for him to come home. And they are offering a reward for any information that can lead to him. Click here to read the article.

This veteran has a Facebook page. His last post was over a year ago. Use Facebook? Click here to view his profile.

A family member posted the SAD UPDATE that Jacob has been found deceased. View below.

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A family member has been posting. Her public page can be bookmarked for updates. Use Facebook? Click here to bookmark this page.

The above image and additional information are courtesy of Missing Pieces Network.

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