Find Missing Irma Mkrtchyan!

Find Missing Irma Mkrtchyan!

Find missing Irma Mkrtchyan!
she has been missing for over four years.
Her son believes she left of her accord and
Has started a new life of her own.
Her maternal family suspect foul play.

Find Missing Irma Mkrtchyan!

Find Missing Irma Mkrtchyan! Irma Mkrtchyan has been missing since January 19, 2014. She is missing in Las Vagas, Nevada. Irma Mkrtchyan is classified as an endangered missing person. Her year of birth is 1968. At the time of her disappearance, Mkrtchyan was 45 years old. Her current age is 49 years old. Irma Mktchyan is a Caucasian female of Armenian ethnicity. Her hair is blonde and her eyes are described as brown/hazel. She is described as 5’5″ tall and 120 to 135 pounds. Mkrtchyan was born in Armenia and can speak and read Armenian and Russian fluently. Her ears are pierced. When she was last seen, Mkrtchyan was wearing a dark-colored leather band-type necklace with a large silver leaf-shaped medallion.

Find Missing Irma Mkrtchyan!

Irma Mkrtchyan was last seen near south Durango Drive. This was at the West Desert Inn in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mkrtchyan was seen on January 19, 2014. She worked as an insurance broker for Farmers Insurance. At that time, she met with a client at the Allanza Apartments. She texted her boss to say she had to miss work to attend her ex-husband’s aunt’s funeral. It was to be held in California. She has never been seen again. And it turned out there was no family funeral in California.

Find Missing Irma Mkrtchyan!

Irma Mkrtchyan texted her loved ones, She was telling them she was in California on a business trip. It was not for a funeral. Mkrtchyan wrote she had left her car at the Allanza apartment complex. Her car had the keys hidden in the gas tank cap. And, she said, that she would return in a few days. Mkrtchyan said that her phone battery was was dying. This, she said, was because she’d left the charger at home. This was something that’s uncharacteristic of her. This was because she needed the phone for her job.

Find Missing Irma Mkrtchyan!
Troubled Marriage

Irma Mkrtchyan lived with her ex-husband, Ara Marutyan. They lived in the 8900 block of Coast Walk Circle at the time of her disappearance. They have a son and daughter. And both of them were in college in 2014. One was the son at a local university. And the other was the daughter. They lived in Illinois. Mkrtchyan and Marutyan divorced in 2007 after a sixteen-year marriage. He claims the parting was amicable. However, other witnesses stated Mkrtchyan had once been brutally beaten by her husband. That she told her daughter and others that she was afraid Marutyan might kill her. Her brother, who lives in New York City, stated he didn’t think Mkrtchyan would have abandoned her family, especially as their mother had had a recent heart attack.

Find Missing Irma Mkrtchyan!

Irma Marutyan failed a lie detector test after Mkrtchyan’s disappearance. Also, police believe he has lied to them. But he maintains his innocence. Their son was also investigated. A private investigator believes Armenian organized crime figures may have been involved in Mkrtchyan’s case. And they speculated that identity theft may have been the motive. Mkrtchyan’s ex-husband and son, however, stated she’d been talking about Mexico prior to her disappearance. And they state that she was communicating with a man online. Mkrtchyan’s son said he thought she’d gone to the Baja California region of that country with a love interest.

Find Missing Irma Mkrtchyan!
The Latest

Irma Mkrtchyan was born in Soviet Armenia. And she moved to the United States as an adult. She has a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from an Armenian university. Also, she attended the Manhattan School of Computer Technology. Mkrtchyar left behind her suitcase. She also left behind all her clothes and her other belongings. She has no history of mental illness or unstable behavior. And it’s uncharacteristic of her to leave without warning.
Authorities believe foul play was involved in Mkrtchyan’s disappearance, and they’re investigating it as a possible homicide.

Find Missing Irma Mkrtchyan!

Find Missing Irma Mkrtchyan!

Irma Mkrtchyan has bee missing for over four years. Sadly, her son apparently believes that she disappeared voluntarily and began a new life. He may be listening to his father, who seems to be using her supposed voluntary disappearance as an alibi. And at the same time, her ex-husband maintains his innocence in her disappearance. It seems that Ara Marutyan may have brainwashed his children, certainly his son. Mkrtchyan’s family need, want, and deserve answers as to what happened to her. Her children need to know for sure that she did not abandon her family and start a new life. The one person (s) who may have critical information on Mkrtchyan’s suspicious disappearance, refuses to talk. But others may have smaller pieces of information that may solve the mystery for Mkrtchyan’s family.

Someone (s) knows something! Do you have any information concerning the whereabouts of Irma Mkrtchyan? Do you have any information concerning her ex-husband, Ava Marutyan? Do you have any information concerning anyone else (s) who may be involved in Mkrtchyan’s disappearance? If you have any info,
please contact the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department at: (702) 828-3521 or (702) 633-9111 or (702) 751-5055.

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  • Davit Mkrtchyan
    2 years ago

    Thank you Megan for creating & sharing my missing sister’s case. My name is Davit Mkrtchyan, Irma’s only brother, I leave in New York, I would like to contact you. Please send my your contacts to “Missing Irma Mkrtchyan “ page
    Sincerely Davit

    • findmissing
      2 years ago

      Hello, David Mrkrchyan:

      Prayers that you & your family will find answers in 2018 for your sister!

      Lisa DeSherlia

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