Find Missing Holly P Crider!

Find Missing Holly P Crider!

Find missing Holly P Crider!
She has been missing for five long months.
When last seen, she and the man she was living with
Were have an argument outside.
He refuses to take a lie detector test
Where is Holly? What happened to her?

Find Missing Holly P Crider!

Find missing Holly P Crider! Holly Crider, 38 years old, is missing from Mansfield, Ohio. She was last seen in the 500 Block of Allison Avenue, which is in Mansfield, Ohio. Holly has been missing since March 27, 2017. Marty Smith, the man she was living with at the time, was the person who last saw her. She hasn’t contacted her family since her disappearance. She may use the last name Baker. Her last known address was Allison Ave in Mansfield.

Holly P Crider is a Caucasian female. She’s described as 5’8″ and 170 pounds. Her hair is blonde/brown. Her eyes are brown. THere is no description of any scars, birthmarks, piercings, or tattoos. Nor does it seem to be known what she was wearing when she went missing.

Find Missing Holly P Crider!
Prior to Disappearance

The person that she was living with says that she moved out five days ago (timeline for this unknown). And he claims that he hasn’t heard from her since. She has medical issues and requires constant oxygen and prescription medicine. She may be in Mansfield, Bellville, Butler, Fredericktown or Mount Vernon. In the above left of the top poster, is an updated photo of Holly. It was taken approximately nine days before she was reported missing. Her family members had reported her missing on March 30, 2017.

Find Missing Holly P Cider!
A System Failure?

Holly’s family members have a Facebook group set up for her. They’re expressing much anger and frustration at the police handling Holly’s case. It seems that they are treating her disappearance as a voluntary disappearance. But her family suspect foul play. For her belongings had been moved out of her apartment. She couldn’t have done that on her own. According to her family, there is no evidence she ran off. But there is five people saying she was forced in a truck. And the driver took off the night before Holly went missing.

According to her family, the detective handling her case was out of the office for weeks at a time in the first month and a half Holly was missing.

Find Missing Holly P Crider!
Is She Traveling?

According to police, Holly may be traveling to the Newark, Ohio, area. Their theory may come from an alleged statement Holly made. According to them, she made a comment that she was dying and wanted and see things. Her family counter this because of evidence surrounding her disappearance. According to them, Holly’s bank account had not been used since her disappearance. She didn’t take any clothes. She didn’t pick up or take with her any of the medications that were prolonging her life. And she didn’t notify her children. Nor did she have or replece her oxygen.

Find Missing Holly P Crider!

Find Missing Holly P Crider!
Why No Suspect?

Marty Smith was the person who last saw Holly before she vanished. According to Holly’s family, he refuses to take a lie detector test. Holly’s family state that many neighbors say that the night before Holly vanished, Holly and Marty were in a “huge fight” outside. One person saw Holly try to get out of Marty’s black s10 truck. But he wouldn’t let her get out. Then he quickly drove off. Her family state that Marty once claimed that Holly had been found when she has been missing.

Find Missing Holly P Cider!
Awareness Needed

Has the system failed Holly Crider? The circumstances surrounding her disappearance scream foul play. Holly has been missing for five months. She has children. They no doubt are missing their mom. They need her at home. The one person who may know her whereabouts, according to her family, isn’t talking. And he won’t take a lie detector test.
Why would her family make things up? Why are police treating this as a voluntary disappearance? I don’t blame her family for their anger and frustration. It seems that Holly P Crider is a crime victim. Someone knows something! Do you have information that can bring Holly home to her family? If so, contact information is below.

Anyone with information concerning this case or the current whereabouts of Holly P. Crider is urged to contact one of these numbers. Call the Mansfield Division of Police Dispatch at (419) 522-1234 OR the Major Crimes Unit, Det. Rich Miller at (419) 755-9758.

This is a recent article confirming that Holly is missing. But I cannot fathom why they don’t suspect foul play in her disappearance. Click here to read the article.

The photo of Marty Smith and additional information, are courtesy of the Facebook group for Holly.

The top image is courtesy of Our Missing Hearts, Inc..

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