Find Missing Heather Kullorn!

Find Missing Heather Kullorn!

Find missing Health Kullorn!

Find Missing Heather Kullorn!
Her Details

Help find missing Heather Kullorn! This girl went missing out of my city. A white female, she vanished on July 15, 1999. That’s over 17 years ago! She never became a high-profile case. I’ve known about it from the beginning. For it’s local to me. Heather is missing out of St. Louis, Missouri. This missing girl was born on March 9. She would be 30 years old by now. On the poster, she is shown age-progressed to 25 years. Kullorn’s hair is light brown. And her eyes are hazel. This girl stands 4’11’ and weighs 75 pounds.

Where was Heather upon her disappearance? SHe was babysitting at a friend’s apartment. After July 15, 1999, Heather hasn’t been seen or heard from. She’s got a birthmark on her right inner thigh. Her ears have been pierced many times. She has a mild form of diabetes. She may need medical attention. I’ve found addition information from extra articles. I have provided URL links to the sites for these articles below.

Help Find Missing Heather Kullorn!
Circumstances of Her Disappearance

People who know Heather have gone into more detail on her. According to a Wikia article, Heather was staying with family friends. Their names are Dana Madden and Christopher Herbert. Heather was babysitting their two-month-old baby in Richmond Heights, Virginia. On her missing date. The apartment she vanished out of is on the 1600 Block of Yale Ave. during that night. Dana had been at work and Christopher was out. A neighbor had reported that an unidentified male had carried Heather out of the apartment at 2:00 A.M. She was wrapped in a blanket.

More details are provided. Police were call to the home at 5:00 A.M. that morning. When they arrived, they discovered a white floral comforter was missing with Heather. The baby was crying in the apartment. Heather was nowhere to be seen. A small amount of blood was found in the apartment. It matches Heather. Police believe that she wasn’t a victim of random violence. Someone, who knew her family of those she stayed with, may have abducted her.For there was evidence of an illegal methamphetamine lab in the Madden/Herbert residence. Police believe Heather may have witnessed illegal drug activity. And she may have been abducted and killed as a result.

Find Missing Heather Kullorn!
The Investigation

Find missing Heather Kullorn! In March 2002, according to the Wikia article, human remains were found. Police thought they may be Heather. But they were not. Police have a suspect but have not publicly named the person. April 2000 was nine months after Heather vanished. Her mother, Christine Kullorn, says that Dana and Christopher know more about Heather’s disappearance than they’re telling. Christopher keeps changing his story about where he was when Heather vanished. Christine Kullorn remains proactive in trying to solve her daughter’s missing case. Still, she believes Heather will be found safe. Investigators suspect foul play.

What more is there to know? Heather, according to the Wikia article, had been attending Blow Middle School. The school is located in South St. Louis. That was when she went missing. She was wearing a dark-blue cutoff shirt with an emblem on it. She had worn green plaid shorts also. Before she had gone missing, Heather she had her ears multiply pierced. She has a birthmark on her right inner thigh. A mild diabetic, Heather needs daily insulin injections. She needs to regulate her condition. And she needs to test her blood sugar four times a day. Sugary food and water can sustain heather for a short period of time. But if she can’t access her insulin? And can’t get medical attention? She may go into a diabetic coma.

Find missing Heather Kullorn!
How We Can Help

Help find missing Heather Kullorn! Investigators, according to one of the linked articles below, are disturbed by this case. It seems that they presume she is kidnapped and maybe murdered. But until she is found, nothing is final. Her family deserve answers. What has happened to Heather? Where is she? Do the parents of the baby she was watching, hold the key to solving her case? And bringing her home to her family? We may not have any access to them. But we can keep sharing Heather’s poster and story. Share until someone who has info about Heather, is reached. And talks! And if any reader has this info? You are asked to call: 1-800-843-5678. YOu can also contact the Richmond Heights (Missouri) Police Department: 1-314-645-3000.

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  1. sorry that happened to you heather.i hope there will justice for you.


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