Find Missing Gregory McSwain Morgan!

Find Missing Gregory McSwain Morgan!

Find missing Gregory McSwain Morgan!
He goes by Greg Morgan.
Is he voluntarily missing or is foul play involved?
Where is Greg? What happened?

Find Missing Gregory McSwain Morgan!

Find missing Gregory McSwain Morgan! He is 38 years old and goes by the alias Greg Morgan. Greg is from Hawkins Circle in Joanna, South Carolina. Morgan has been missing since July 22, 2017. This gentleman is missing under unknown circumstances. Ongoing investigations cause many cases to be limited information cases. Such seems to be the case in Greg’s disappearance. And at this time, there is no description of the clothing Greg was last seen in. He doesn’t have a cell phone. And he has left his transportation.

His disappearance may look like a voluntary one. But his family reportedly say that it is uncharacteristic for him to be gone this long without contacting them. Greg is a Caucasian male. He is 38 years old. Morgan is described as 5’10” tall and he weighs 200 pounds. His hair is brown and short and his eyes are hazel.

Find Missing Gregory McSwain Morgan!
Help Bring Him Home

Greg is a son, a dad, and a missing loved one. They want him home. Someone (s) knows if foul play is involved in Greg’s mysterious disappearance. People (s) know why he left his home on foot and never returned. And someone (s) knows of this missing gentleman’s current whereabouts. THey have to be reached, compelled to talk, and bring Greg home. Our shares may reach such people (s). Have you seen Gregory McSwain Morgan? Call 9-1-1 without delay. Do you have information that can help find him? You are advised to contact the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office. Call them at: (864) 984-4967. You can contact Crime Stoppers at: 1-888-CRIMESC.

This press release confirms Greg Morgan’s missing status. Click here to read the article.

The above photo and addition information are courtesy of Our Missing Hearts, Inc..


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