Find Missing Gabriel Deshay Johnson! ***(HAPPY UPDATE: FOUND SAFE!)***


Find missing Gabriel Deshay Johnson!
He left town before New Year’s Eve
For a job interview.
And at some point in time, he went missing.
What happened?
Where is Gabriel Deshay Johnson?

Find Missing Gabriel Deshay Johnson!

Find missing Gabriel Deshay Johnson! Gabriel Deshay Johnson is from. Clinton Township, Michigan. He went missing December 29, 2017, in Adams County, Colorado. This happened after flew there for a job interview. It is unknown who last saw Gabriel or what he was doing when he went missing. Little information in his case can be found. Gabriel is an Africian-American male. He goes by the nickname Gabe. Gabe is 23 years old. He is described as 6’4″ tall and he weighs 158 pounds. His hair is black and his eyes are brown. He has a chest tattoo and arm tattoo of Chinese lettering. Gabe has a chipped tooth and was last seen in a black shirt and sweatpants.

Find Missing Gabriel Deshay Johnson!

Gabe had a black wallet and Galaxy cellphone. He keeps his hair very short. His sister states he has never gone off like this and not kept in touch with her. She is very worried for his safety.

The older sister of Gabriel Deshay Johnson has expressed utter frustration with her brother’s missing persons search. She expresses it on Facebook.

HAPPY UPDATE: Gabriel Deshay Johnson’s sister has updated his status.

Thank you for all your support everyone my brother was found alive today.

Police could careless about another black man missing I’m paying for a private investigator if you want to help I’m $400 short my cash tag for cash app or square cash is valeriehermosa thanks for those who actually care and for those who don’t I pray you don’t ever lose a close loved one . I’m off this gotta get to finding him ALONE

Find Missing Gabriel Deshay Johnson!

It seems that the expressed frustration of Gabriel Deshay Johnson’s family is well-placed. And they know that missing persons searches are unequal. They express frustrating that police do not seem to care about Gabriel’s whereabouts. For he is “Just another black man who is missing” according to the words of a family member. And I could not find one result for Gabriel Deshay Johnson on the Internet. It did not matter what keywords I used. And I found only a few results on Facebook. Gabriel has three major strikes against him when it comes to a missing persons search. He is a missing minority person, he is an adult, and he is a male. Police and society do not give missing people in these categories priority. This has the obvious result that these people are likely to be found deceased or never be found.

The loved ones of Gabriel Deshay Johnson deserve justice, answers, and peace! And Gabriel deserves to be brought home. Do you have any information concerning the whereabouts of Gabriel Deshay Johnson? Do you have any information concerning the person (s) responsible for his disappearance? If you have any information, it doesn’t matter if it is small. You’re asked to please contact the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office at the number below or you can call Detective Hanna at (586) 307-9361. And if you see Gabriel Deshay Johnson, call 9-1-1 immediately! Report # 1785-18

The above image and additional information are courtesy of the Aware Foundation, Inc.

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