Find Missing Freida Louise Franks!

Find Missing Freida LouiseFranks!

Find Missing Freida Louise Franks!
She went on a camping trip
With an unidentified male friend and her daughter.
The group traveled in a motor home.
And Freida was never heard from again.
This was 17 years ago.
Where is Freida Louise Franks?

Find Missing Freida Louise Franks!

Find Missing Freida Louise Franks! Freida Louise Franks has been missing since August 17, 2001. She is missing in Arkansas, Arkansas. Her year of birth is 1957. At the time of her disappearance, Franks was 44 years old. Her current age is 61 years old. Freida Louise Franks is described as a Biracial female (Caucasian/Native American). Franks is described as 5’6″ tall and 120 pounds. Her hair is brown and her eyes are brown. Franks’s hair is naturally curly. Some agencies may spell her first name “Freda.” When she was last seen, Franks was wearing a
t-shirt, jeans, sneakers and a watch

Find Missing Freida Louise Franks!

Freida Louise Franks resided in Neosho, Missouri in 2001. She went camping with her 42-year-old friend, Mark Terrell Walsh. She also went with a 11-year-old female child on August 17, 2001. IT is unclear whose child this girl (now an adult) is.

The group was traveling in a 34-foot motor home. They stayed in a campground near Table Rock Lake in Arkansas shortly after embarking on the trip. Authorities believe that the group drove to the Beaver Lake area in northwest Arkansas afterwards. Franks has never been heard from again.

Walsh and the child arrived in Rule, Arkansas near Green Forest on September 9, 2001. Franks was not accompanying them at the time. Walsh was arrested shortly thereafter and charged with abducting the child, as well as statutory rape and sodomy.

The girl told investigators that she believed she saw a decomposing body inside one of the cabins. She and Walsh visited the cabins. But she was unable to recall the location of the building.

Walsh was convicted of two counts of first-degree sodomy and sentenced to life in prison. He is currently incarcerated in a Missouri prison. Foul play is suspected in Franks’s case due to the circumstances surrounding her disappearance.

Arkansas authorities are handling Franks’s investigation.

Find Missing Freida Louise Franks!

Freida Louise Franks has been missing for 17 years. It is unclear who the then 11 year old child was Franks’ daughter. But was believed to be abducted as she herself went missing, was found alive. But she is traumatized by what she no doubt went went through. Eleven years old at the time, she is now an adult. The family of Franks need justice and answers. So does the unidentified female victim. Someone (s) has been charged in Franks’ case. Where is Freida Louise Franks? Do you have any information concerning the whereabouts of Freida Louise Franks? Do you have any information concerning the person (s) responsible for her disappearance?

Do you have any information? You may contact the Stone County Sheriff’s Office at: (417) 357-6117 or (417) 357-6116.
You may contact the Newton County Sheriff’s Office at 417-451-8300. You may contact the Missouri State Highway Patrol Toll-Free Telephone Line at: (800) 877-3452. The Missing Persons Unit provides a toll-free hotline for parents, law enforcement agencies or others to provide information about missing and unidentified persons. You may email:

Agency Name: Newton County Sheriff`s Office
Agency Phone Number: 417-451-8300
Agency Case Number: #02000614
NamUs Case Number: MP #237

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Freida Louise Franks has a NamUs profile. Click here to view it.
This article is about how a a tip led to a murder charge in the disappearance of Freida Louise Franks. Click here and learn more.
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