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Find Missing Felix Batista!

Find Missing Felix Batista!
Find Missing Felix Batista!

Find missing Felix Batista!
He is a father of five children.
He is a Cuban-American.
He has been missing for almost eleven years.
His family have endured
At least ten Christmases without him.
Will they have to endure an eleventh?

Find Missing Felix Batista!

Find Missing Felix Batista! Feliix Batista is a kidnapping victim. He is a Cuban-American. He has been missing since December 10, 2008. Felix Batista is a Caucasian make of Hispanic ethnicity. He is described as 5’11” tall and approximately 190 pounds. His hair is described as closely trimmed and gray. He has brown eyes. Batista was born in the year 1955. He was born in Oriente, Cuba.

Felix Batista has what are called Cuban scars and marks. He has a bald spot on the back of his head. It is unknown what Mr. Batista was wearing when he was last seen.

Reportedly, Felix Batista is known to play guitar and sing. He used to be a United States Army Major and he worked for a security consulting group. Also, Mr. Batista was considered a specialist in anti-kidnapping issues. He used to work as a kidnapping negotiator.

Find Missing Felix Batista!

It was December 10, 2008 in Saltillo, Mexico. Felix Batista was last seen outside a local restaurant in the area. That morning, Mr. Batista learned that friend and former chief of security for a local industrial firm had been kidnapped. To secure his friend’s release, Batista began working as a negotiator.

While he was at the restaurant Mr. Batista received a call from someone posing as the victim. The caller claimed that he had been released and was sending a car for him. This was determined to be ruse. Mr. Batista left his cell phone, credit cards, laptop, and all of his documents inside the restaurant. And he went outside to wait.

According to witnesses, four men met Felix Batista in a vehicle. And Mr. Batista was forced to enter into a Jeep. After this, he has not been seen or heard from since. Reportedly, the group that took him have not made ransom demand or communication. The victim, Mr. Batista’s friend, was released an hour after Felix Batista was kidnapped.

Find Missing Felix Batista!

Felix Batista is a man whom many view as a hero because of his international human rights work. According to the Facebook page (sadly no longer available) set up for him, he is a Cuban-American. And he the father of five children. He is loved and missed by his family, friends, and community. And because of his work this includes the international community. Mr. Batista deserves to be released from his captivity.

Batista’s family have spent at least ten Christmases without him. Will they have to miss an eleventh? As this is an international case, it can be challenging to know how to help. It is hoped the massive publicity will pressure abductors to cave in to the pressure and release Felix Batista.

Find Missing Felix Batista!
Contact Information

You can contact the Miami Field Office at: (754) 703-2000. You can contact the FBI tip line: 1-800-CALL-FBI (1-800-225-5324). You can leave an online tip at: this webpage. OR You can contact your local FBI office. You can also contact FBI International Offices.

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The above photo is courtesy of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


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