Find Missing Essie Elaine Corbin-Valentine!

Find Missing Essie Elaine Corbin-Valentine!

Find Missing Essie Elaine Corbin-Valentine!
Her loved ones have not heard from her in four months.
She was last seen with a violent man
With a history of intimate partner violence on her.
Where is Essie? What happened to her?

Find Missing Essie Elaine Corbin-Valentine!

Find Missing Essie Elaine Corbin-Valentine!

Find Missing Essie Elaine Corbin-Valentine! Her family members state that they have not heard from her since May 29, 2017. Essie was last seen at the home of Robert “Doyle” Eatmon. It is located in the 370 block of Medlin Pike in Evansville, Tennessee. She was last seen at his home on June 10, 2017. Reportedly, Robert has a history of intimate partner violence against Essie. There were warrants out for his arrest. According to Essie’s family, Robert was captured in Lake City, Florida, on October 25. Essie is sill missing.

Find Missing Essie Elaine Corbin-Valentine!

Information indicates that Essie had brushes with the law. This was due to possession of illegal drugs. And, also, Essie Elaine Corbin-Valentine was charged with vehicular manslaughter. In mid-July, according to her family, she was supposed to show up for a probation hearing. But by that time, she had been missing for over a month. Though she had been in the system all along, it seemed that no missing persons report was filed for Essie. Her family was finally able to get her listed as missing on October 16, 2017.

Find Missing Essie Elaine Corbin-Valentine!

Essie Elaine Corbin-Valentine is a Caucasian female. She is 57 years of age. She is described as 5’5″ tall and 165 pounds. Essie has brown hair which is described as medium in color and straight. She has dark brown facial hair. Essie has brown eyes. She wore reading glasses on an as-needed basis. It is unknown if they are prescription glasses. Reportedly, she uses OTC glasses. IT is unlikely that Essie vanished in a vehicle. Reportedly, her driver’s license was suspended indefinitely. Thus she walked or “bummed rides” to get around.

Find Missing Essie Elaine Corbin-Valentine!
Details N Medical

Essie Elaine Corbin-Valentine typically carried a wallet or purse. She usually uses big purses and a woman’s clip wallet. She typically wears open-toed sandals or flip-flops OTC. Her shoe size is 7 to 8, reportedly. Essie had knee surgery on one knee. She has given birth to two children, one by c-section. Essie’s spleen was removed about 10 to 11 years ago from 2017. She has needle scars from drug use.

Find Missing Essie Elaine Corbin-Valentine!
Tattoos, Piercings N More

Essie Elaine Corbin-Valentine has “”Mom” tattooed on her chest with bluish/black ink. It is long a rose tattooed right above her breast. She has “E.D>” initials tattooed in blue-black ink above her ankle tattoo. Essie has a heart tattooed on her hind side. It comes with a ribbon homemade with blue/black ink (homemade). Essie possibly has another rose tattooed on her back shoulder. (The tattoos are remembered differently by different family members. One believes the rose is on her back shoulder. And the other believes it to be above her breast.)

Essie Elaine Corbin-Valentine has bothof her ears pieced one time each. Her belly button pierced. She always keeps her fingernails painted or used acrylic nails. Her toenails are norma

Find Missing Essie Elaine Corbin-Valentine!

Did Essie Elaine Corbin-Valentine fall between the cracks? She went missing at the end of May 2017. But a missing persons report wasn’t filed until about five months later? Something is off here. It’s clear that Essie’s family are not the problem. They have been trying to get the word out about her. They had to make a poster of their own (pictured above) with only their own contact information. Yes, my research indicates that she has had brushes with the law due to drug offenses. But does that mean she does not need or deserve police protection? Especially if she is a nonviolent drug offender?

Someone (s) knows something about this! Do you have any information about the whereabouts of Essie Elaine Corbin-Valentine? Please contact Detective Hall with Rhea County Sheriff’s Office at (423) 775-7837.

The top image and additional information are courtesy of the Facebook group Elaine’s Page. Use Facebook? Consider clicking to “join” this group..

The second image is courtesy of the family of Essie Elaine Corbin-Valentine.

This information is available in Essie’s NamUs Database.

The featured image and additional information are courtesy of Our Missing Hearts, Inc..

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