Find Missing Ember Skye Graham!

Find Missing Ember Skye Graham!

Find missing Ember Skye Graham!
She has been missing from infancy!
Her family wants her home.
Where is she?
Who took her?

Find Missing Ember Skye Graham!

Find missing Ember Skye Graham! This baby was last seen on July 1, 2015. She is missing out of Happy Valley, California. Her case is classified as Endangered Missing. Ember was born on December 19 and was six months old when she was last seen. And upon her disapperance, Ember was 2’1″ and weighed 15 pounds. This little girl is a Caucasian female. Both her hair and her eyes are brown. When she was last seen, Ember was wearing a size 2 Kirkland diaper. Ember reportedly has epilepsy and previously needed to be hospitalized for seizures. She has to take an anti-seizure medication twice a day.

Find Missing Ember Skye Graham!
Her Disappearance

Ember lived in Anderson, California. But she is missing from Happy Valley, since July 1, 2015. After that date, she was never seen or heard from again. Ember’s parents had supposedly been separated. But her family state that Ember’s parents had not been separated Jamie and Matthew had not been separated at all. They were together as a couple. The baby was taken to visit her father overnight. His name was Matthew Ryan Graham. The mom’s name is JamieLee. At the time, she had packed to move in the next day. Matthew had Ember only overnight. That visit had supposedly been scheduled. But, according to her family, there was no scheduled visit. After that visit, she was never seen again. Matthew told police that he had left her asleep in her playpen at his home. Ember is missing from her father’s home on Noosha Lane.

This is Matthews’s account. He had smoked marijuana that night and had passed out. When he woke up, Ember was gone. This was at 5:00 A.M. Matthew had called police at 5:26 A.M. and reported that she had been kidnapped. See a photo of the father below.

Find Missing Ember Skye Graham!

Find Missing Ember Skye Graham!

Matthew was arrested for violating a probation on the night he reported Ember missing. However, he was released a few days later. Police sated that there were inconsistencies in his story. He seemed uninterested in finding his baby daughter. Nor could they find credible evidence to support his story that Ember was a victim of a stranger abduction. Matthew kept Ember’s playpen in a camp trailer on his property. His place was gated and had guard dogs. Furthermore, the door to the trailer was broken. It needed to be opened with a screwdriver.

Matthew also stated that Ember normally cried when a stranger picked her up. Such conditions would make it hard for a stranger to gain access to kidnap this child. They would have disturbed Matthew.

Find Missing Ember Skye Graham!
Surveillance Evidence?

Surveillance video footage may provide clues as to what may have happened. The footage was taken at a nearby convenience store. The Happy Stop Market showed Matthew driving there in his truck that night. Ember was with him. She was not fastened into a safety seat. He took her into that store and pumped gas. Then he drove away with her in the opposite direction from his home. Matthew claimed that he had taken Ember on a ride to help her fall asleep. Her anti-seizure medication made her restless. He claimed that he made a U-turn to return home after leaving the store. That trip to and from the store should have taken under ten minutes. But the surveillance footage video shows that Matthew didn’t drive past it until over an hour later. See a photo of Matthew’s truck below.

Find Missing Ember Skye Graham!

Find Missing Ember Skye Graham!

See the above truck? Authorities have said that anyone who saw it on the night of July 1, 2015, should contact them. Matthew was publicly named a person of interest in his baby daughter’s disappearance. On July 10, a pacifier was found off Platina Road in the remote Ono, California area. Ember’s mother identified it as her daughter’s. DNA testing subsequently determined that Ember’s DNA was on the pacifier. On July 11, Matthew stole his mother’s cellular phone. He took some from her purse. He also took a semi-automatic handgun, and fled.

Three days later, he was supposedly killed in a police shootout in Dunsmuir, California. Family state that Matthew had shot himself under the chin. And he did this before police shot him. And he would not surrender. This was after he had carjacked a vehicle. Ember’s mom has stated that Matthew is a good father who loves his daughter. But authorities believe that Ember is not alive.

Recent information has been released about the shootout.  Facebook is the source for what is posted below.

Matthew remains the suspect in his daughter’s disappearance.

Find Missing Ember Skye Graham!
We Need 2 Help Find Her!

This is a heartbreaking case. July, 1, 2017, is Ember’s second annual missing date. Did Matthew take critical information with him to the grave in his suicide by cop? Other people may have information that can bring Ember home. Her family deserves answers. Spread the word about this little girl’s disappearance far and wide. Read the italicized text below, in the family’s own words. Refer to their contact information if you have tips or leads. Look at the above vehicle.

This is in the word of the mother of this missing baby. It is in italics.

My daughter, Ember Skye Graham is missing from Happy Valley, CA.
Last Seen- July 1, 2015
Reported Missing- July 2, 2015
At the time of her disappearance Ember was 6 months old
Eyes- Brown
Hair- Brown
Height- 2′ 1″
Weight- 15 lbs
On Thursday, July 2, at 05:26 A.M., Matthew Graham, called and reported that his six month old daughter, Ember Graham, as missing from her crib on Noosha Lane in Anderson, California. Ember is considered to be at risk due to a seizure disorder. She was last seen wearing a size 2 Kirkland brand diaper. Ember’s disappearance is being investigated as a suspicious circumstance.
The Shasta County Sheriff’s Office stated “Perhaps someone is out there who Graham confided in and who may be able to shed light about what happened while the baby was with Matthew Graham.” I believe he probably spoke with someone. This would have been too difficult for him to keep to himself. Maybe he doesn’t want to come forward”.
As a parent we will ALWAYS continue to hold out hope that Ember is alive. Miracles happen everyday and until we have answers, we will keep fighting to bring here home. PLEASE keep looking for our baby Ember. If you think you’ve seen Ember, snap a photo and call authorities. Ask questions if you have to! Be Ember’s eyes and ears.
We’re begging you, if Matthew told you anything or you’re one of the persons to have knowledge of Ember’s disappearance, please call anonymously by deactivating caller ID using *67 before the number. Write a note and leave it in a public area or do whatever it takes to bring us answers. We just want to know where she is or could be.
If you have information, please call the Shasta County
Sheriff’s Office, Detective Kyle Wallace at (530) 245-6540 or Shasta Co Secret Witness 530-243-2319.
Case- 15-24132
NamUs- 29715
NCMEC- 1250863
Up to $10,000 Reward for information leading to the arrest and/or conviction of the suspect(s).

The family has set up a website to find Baby Ember. Click here and learn more.

Find Baby Ember Is a Facebook page set up by Ember’s mom, JamieLee. Use Facebook? Consider clicking to “like” this page.

This is the most current post about Ember’s case. It is found on the Facebook page set up for her. Ember Skye Is Still Missing is a Facebook page set up by a relative from Matthews’s family.

This is now the pinned post on missing Ember Skye Graham’s Facebook page.

This is the most recent interview about Ember’s case. Click here and learn more.

Above information and images can be found on Ember Skye Graham’s Charley Project page. I have adapted and remixed it. It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial 2.0 License

This top photo and extra information are courtesy of Klein Investigations.

Text in bold is from corrections made at the request of the family. Source: Private Facebook message.


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