Find Missing Elizabeth Ann Gill!

Find Missing Elizabeth Ann Gill!

Find missing Eltzabeth Ann Gill!
She is better known as Beth.
As a toddler, she was last seen playing in her front yard.
And then she mysteriously vanished and
Has never been seen again.
Where has Beth been all these years?

Find Missing Elizabeth Ann Gill!

Find Missing Elizabeth Ann Gill! Her nicknames are Beth and Betsy. Beth has been missing since June 13, 1965 out of Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Her case is classified as a non-family abduction.
Beth was born on August 21. When last seen, Beth was two years old. And at that time, she was 2’6″ and 22 pounds. Elizabeth Ann Gitll is described as a Caucasian female. Her hair is brown and her eyes are blue. Beth has a chicken pox scar on her arm, the size of a quarter. THat was when she was last seen. But it may have shrunk since then. When last seen, Beth was wearing a green and white checked blouse. She was wearing light-colored panties.

Find Missing Elizabeth Ann Gill!

Elizabeth Ann Gill was last seen in the front yard of her home. It was located in in the 300 block of south Lorimer Street in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Beth was last seen at 4:00 P.M. on June 13, 1965. She was carrying a small pail of sand at the time of her disappearance. She has never been heard from again. An extensive search of the area turned up no sign of her. At first, authorities believed that she wandered away from home. And they thought she had fallen into the Mississippi River, a few blocks away.

Find Missing Elizabeth Ann Gill!
A “Break”?

Authorities have discounted the wandering off theory. This was because would have to had cross streets and railroad tracks. She would have to then go down a bluff to reach the water’s edge. In 1970, Phillip Odell Clark told police he’d accidentally run over in his car and killed her on the day of her disappearance. Clark is a Missouri man serving a life sentence for murder. He said he had panicked and buried her body because he was afraid he’d be charged for her death.

Find Missing Elizabeth Ann Gill!

Phillip Clark (circa 1965)

Find Missing Elizabeth Ann Gill!
A Suspect?

Phillip Odell Clark had murdered his wife’s grandmother in 1966 and held five other people hostage. Clark had several different stories about where he’d put Elizabeth’s body. And investigators have been unable to find any evidence supporting his story about her. Authorities concluded that confession was a fabrication. In 1971, he killed a fellow prison inmate and was convicted of manslaughter. Clark was himself murdered in prison in 1977.
Over forty years passed with no apparent new developments.

Find Missing Elizabeth Ann Gill!
Forty-Five Years Later N After

In 2010, 45 years after Beth’s disappearance, authorities stated that they were investigating her case as a non-family abduction. They suspect that a group of drifters, who were staying at a nearby motel, have kidnapped her. Twice before she disappeared, members of this group tried to beckon Beth towards their car. Elizabeth is the youngest of ten children. At the time she went missing, Beth was in the care of her older siblings. Her mother had taken her father to St. Louis, Missouri, where ne worked.

Elizabeth’s father passed away in 1970. Her mother has recently passed away, according to her family. Beth’s remaining seven brothers and sister are still alive. Elizabeth may resemble one of her sisters.

Find Missing Elizabeth Ann Gill!

Sisters of Elizabeth Ann Gill, AS Adults

Beth’s family has set up a public Facebook group. On June 12, a family member posted a status update to the group. This is part of the status update.

May all the wonderful people in this group be blessed for their caring, sharing and prayers.
My Mom is smiling down saying “Thank You for helping bring my baby home.”

Beth’s family are keeping their hope alive. On June 2016, a group member posted a status update.

A few years back, Tonya Kellett contacted our Finding Beth Gill group thinking perhaps she was Beth. Tonya had learned she was taken by her father in 1966, abandoned by him and raised by a family in Southeast Missouri, not far from Cape Girardeau where Beth disappeared in 1965. My sister, Martha Gill Hamilton, told Tonya she should have a DNA test submitted to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to be compared to Beth’s DNA. She also encouraged Tonya to submit the sample to We were disappointed when Tonya’s DNA was not a match for Beth, but thrilled to hear Tonya found her birth family through the Ancestry DNA database. Tonya’s story gives us new hope that Beth, or perhaps a child of hers might find us through a simple genealogy search.

Find Missing Elizabeth Ann Gill!
Keep Hope Alive

Beth’s family believe she is alive and that another family are raising her as their own. It’s documented that children kidnapped as babies and toddlers are taken for this purpose. Instead of going through the “hoops” of legal adoptions, these people illegally take babies or toddlers, and raise them to believe they are the parents. Even if they treat these children well, this is grave emotional abuse. Later, the child will have to face the trauma of the truth. And the child’s family face every every family’s’s worst nightmare, often for decades! Someone knows something! Both her parents died not knowing her whereabouts.

Are you someone (s) who has information that can bring Elizabeth Ann Gill home to her family? If so, please contact the Cape Girardeau Police Department. Call them at: (573) 335-6621 OR 9-1-1.

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The top image is courtesy of Missouri Missing.

The top image is courtesy of the Finding Beth Gill Facebook Group.


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