Find Missing Diane Marie Webb!

Find Missing Diane Marie Webb!

Find Missing Diane Marie Webb!
At the time, her family had moved.
She had decided to remain with her boyfriend.
She told her family she was pregnant.
And that she wanted to marry her boyfriend.
Someone of her family later traveled to see her get married.
But that was the last time any family ever saw her.
That was over 58 years ago.
Where is Diane Marie Webb?

Find Missing Diane Marie Webb!

Find Missing Diane Marie Webb! Diane Marie Webb has been missing since January 9, 1960. ManUs has dated her disappearance at May 6, 1959. She is missing from Phoenix, Arizona. Diane Marie Webb is classified as an endangered missing person. Her year of birth is 1942. At the time of her disappearance, Diane was 18 years old. Her current age is 76 years old. Diane Marie Webb is a Caucasian female. She is described as 5’2″ to 5’4″ at the time of her disappearance. She is described as 110 to 120 pounds at the time of her disappearance. Her hair is brown and her eyes are brown.

Diane Marie Webb’s maiden name is White. One of her breasts is larger than the other. She has a freckle at the tip of her nose, and her ears are pierced. Diane may have been pregnant at the time of her disappearance and possibly had a miscarriage afterwards. It is unknown what Diane was wearing when she was last seen.

Find Missing Diane Marie Webb!

Diane Marie Webb lived with her parents and siblings in San Bernardino, California until 1959. In March of that year, her family moved to Dolan Springs, Arizona. Diane decided to remain in California with her boyfriend, Bennie Milton Webb. He was then sixteen years old.

Diane visited her family in Arizona on at least one occasion and stayed for a week. She told her parents she was pregnant and was going to marry Bennie. He was then in the Phoenix, Arizona area. Diane’s father disapproved of the relationship and her pregnancy, but her mother and younger brother traveled to Indio, California to attend her wedding. This was the last time her parents and siblings actually saw her.

Find Missing Diane Marie Webb!

For several months after her marriage, Diane wrote letters home. The last letter to her family was mailed on August 22, 1959, her younger sister’s birthday. And it included some handkerchiefs Diane had crocheted as a gift.

After this, the letters stopped coming. Sometime in late 1960, over a year later, Bennie wrote a letter to Diane’s family. The letter indicated he thought she was with them in Dolan Springs, and Diane’s parents wrote back to Bennie, asking what had happened.

Find Missing Diane Marie Webb!
Diane’s Husband

Bennie replied to Diane’s parents’ letter on January 5, 1961. And he said he hadn’t seen or heard from Diane in a very long time. The last time he saw her, he had given her $100 and put her on a bus to come back to her family. Diane wrote him one letter after he last saw her and said she had had a miscarriage. Bennie suggested Diane’s parents contact a female friend of hers in California; he thought her friend might have information as to her whereabouts.

Find Missing Diane Marie Webb!
After Diane’s disappearance

Sometime after Diane disappeared, her father went to Bennie’s hometown of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico to see if he could learn anything about her. Bennie’s brother was chief of police at the time. He allegedly threatened Diane’s father and made him leave town.

Bennie is still alive, but he has refused to cooperate with the police or take a polygraph, and says he doesn’t recall ever marrying to Diane. A copy of their marriage certificate is still extant, however.

In August 1961, Diane or someone using her name visited a dentist’s office in California. This is the last sign of her.

Find Missing Diane Marie Webb!
Latest Developments

The skeletal remains of a young girl were found the Catalina Mountains in southern Arizona in November 1967, and investigators initially believed they were Diane’s and tried to give them to her family. The death was ruled a suicide. Diane’s mother did not believe her daughter would have taken her own life, or that the remains were hers, and she and her husband refused to accept them. In 2013, the bones were exhumed and tested for DNA; they were not Diane’s.

Diane Marie Webb’s parents have died. But her siblings continue to search for her. Her case remains unsolved.

Find Missing Diane Marie Webb!

Diane Marie Webb has been missing for over 58 years. This is longer than many of us have been alive. Her boyfriend claims that he does not recall ever marrying her. Really? How can someone forget something significant like this? IN 58 years of his wife’s disappearance, he has refused to cooperate with investigators. There is some detail indicating that Diane may have left of her own accord. This is if the sighting of her was valid. However, her husband’s behavior has been suspicious. So has his brother’s. After 58 years, there are still no clues as to what has happened to Diane.

Someone (s) knows something! Do you have any information concerning the whereabouts of Diane Marie Webb? Do you have any information about Bennie Nilton Webb’s conduct and whereabouts around Diane Marie Webb’s 1959-1960 disappearance? Do you have any information concerning any other individual (s) involved in her disappearance? If you have any information, please contact the Phoenix Police Department at: (602) 534-3053. You may call 9-1-1 or your local police.

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This article was written after Diane Marie Webb reached her 57th annual missing date. Click here and learn more.
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