Find Missing Diane Genice Dye!

Find Missing Diane Genice Dye!
She has been missing for 38 years!
At first, she was classified as a runaway.
But she has been missing
Almost three times longer than she has been at home!
Over these 38 years
There have been tips and leads.
But nothings has panned out.
What happened to Diane Dye? Where is she?

Find Missing Diane Genice Dye!

Find Missing Diane Genice Dye!

Find Missing Diane Genice Dye! She has been missing since July 30, 1979. Diane is missing from San Jose, California. Dye was born in the year 1965. At the time of her disappearance, Diane was 13 years old. Her current age is 51 years old. She has been classified as an endangered runaway because of the circumstances involved. Now she is classified as missing under suspicious circumstances. Diane Dye is a Caucasian female. At the time of her disappearance, Dye was 5’2″ tall and 110 pounds.

Find Missing Diane Genice Dye!

Diane Genice Dye has brown hair and brown eyes. Her ears are pierced. Diane has a two inch scar on her chin. She has a greenstick fracture on her left forearm. When last seen, Diane was wearing light blue corduroy pants and a blue shirt. Her dental record and DNA records are available.

Find Missing Diane Genice Dye!

As told by her close friend, Diane Genice Dye was a typical 13 year old teenager in July 1979. She was living in San Jose California. But by July 30, 1979, Diane was gone. Diane was last seen leaving home. So she was classified as an endangered runaway. Over the years, it came to be believed that Diane may be missing for other reasons. As her friend tells it, she had spoken to Diane hours before she disappeared. There has been at least one sighting. And there have been attempts to match her with an unidentified female named Princess Doe. But, according to the website set up to identify that Doe, DNA ruled out Diane.

Find Missing Diane Genice Dye!
A Suspect

According to her best friend, 99.9% of tips and leads have turned out to be dead ends. But she believes that one lead can help. Some believe that Doug Young, a known murderer, may be responsible for Diane’s death. At the time, Diane’s seemed to know him but they were not aware that he was violent. They believe that after Diane ran away, Doug may have given her a ride. Or so he claimed. Young denied having a thing to do with her death. He claims to had just just given Dye a ride. According to the friend, the FBI do not believe his story and he id their number one suspect.

Find Missing Diane Genice Dye!
Other Theories

According to Diane’s best friend, the FBI have visited Doug Young when he was back on death row. They questioned him on various occasions. And he has denies killing Diane Dye. Numerous witnesses claim they saw her years after she ran away in Atlantic City working in a hotel. If this is true Doug is telling the truth. The friend says her guess is that a girl sighted in Atlantic city was a girl who looked a lot like Diane. A pimp in New York City also claimed she was one of his hookers. Again this could have been someone who looked like Diane. Or he was lying or mistaken.

Two days before Christmas 2016, a family member wrote an eloquent and heartfelt post. She wants everyone to read it and, and able, to act. This is the pain of having a missing loved one.

Where are you Diane? Yet another Holiday just like the ones before without you is passing. In such a terrible trying time in my life, there are so many things I could think on to try to get my thoughts off of tragic or miserable current events. I choose to think of you even though things are not at all good in my own life. Your father and your brother love you more than you could possible know. And I do too, and we all miss you every single day. If you are out there and still alive, I could think of no greater Christmas gift to simply discover you are still alive and ok. Your brother is very sick. He’s not well at all. He needs you now more than ever most of all. There is a hole in our hearts that is always there. A missing piece. A hurt so deep that cannot be described. You are the piece of our hearts that is missing. We know we will probably see another Christmas go by without any hope or word. But it can’t hurt to try one more time. At this point to simply know what happened to you if you are no longer alive would be a relief. That being said. Friends- Please share this, all who would be willing. If she is out there maybe she will see it. Or anyone who knows where she is might see it. If she is no longer alive maybe someone who knows what happened to Diane might decide to show a kindness and contact authorities through an anonymous tip and help us find some closure at least. At this point if she were a homicide victim and her killer provided this information, I believe I personally would even be grateful to him. Closure is closure. Please, we are begging all of you here on facebook. Help us try to find out what happened to Diane by sharing this. Thank you everyone.

Find Missing Diane Genice Dye!
Runaways N Investigations

This is a heartbreaking case. Yes, it is well-documented that Diane Genice Dye did run away from home. To families, it doesn’t matter if their missing children are classified as runaways. But it matters to investigators! It affects how their disappearances are investigated. Police may not take runaway cases seriously. They may not place priority on searching for runaways. That appears to have happened with Diane in the early days of her disappearance. As I say over and over, a child or adult can start out as voluntarily missing. But they can end up crime victims.

Find Missing Diane Genice Dye!
How We Can Help

Diane’s family and her closet friend have gone on the record as to have given up. Diane’s best friend states that Diane’s family have given up and are not searching anymore. After 38 years of tips and leads that ended up in dashed hopes, this is entirely understandable. The best friend now struggles with her faith even in the existence of God. The best friend persists in believing that Diane may still be alive and does not want to be found. But would Diane deliberately live undercover and never contact her family? I find this hard to believe. But after 38 years of pain, grief, wondering, and one dashed hope after another, it all has taken its toll on this family.

Do you have any information about the whereabouts of Diane Genice Dye? The person (s) responsible for her being missing for 38 years? If you have info, please contact:

San Jose Police Department: 408-277-4141
All information may be submitted anonymously.
Information cited from – The Doe Network: Case File 129DFCA
Agency Case Number: 792129576
NCIC Number: M121229080

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