Find Missing Desirea Ann Ferris!

Find Missing Desirea Ann Ferris!

Find missing Desirea Ann Ferris!
She has been missing for for over five months.
There may be witnessess as to what has happened?
Desirea is much loved and treasured by family, friends and community.
Her family will not give up until she is found.
Where is this missing older teen girl?

Find Missing Desirea Ann Ferris!

Find missing Desirea Ann Ferris! Desirea has been missing since May 1, 2017. She is missing from Liberty, Missouri. Her case is classified as endangered missing. At the time of her disappearance, Desirea was 18 years old. Her current age is still 18 years old. Desirea Ann Ferris is a Caucasian female. She is described as 5’1″ tall and 95 pounds. She has brown hair and brown eyes. This teen girl has what is described as a 1 and 1/2 inch scar on her left forearm. She has a birthmark on her stomach. It is located next to her belly button.

When last seen, Desirea was wearing a white cream crop top and sweat pants. She was wearing a pink fuzzy jacket and she had a tan purse.

Find Missing Desirea Ann Ferris!

It was May 1, 2017 in Liberty, Missouri. Desirea was at home and her family were the last to see her. Reportedly, Desirea left her home that day and left in an unknown vehicle. It is unclear whether she was driving it or had gotten into it with another unknown driver. It is unknown if Desirea took anything with her or not. Calls to her cel phone go straight to voicemail. According to her family, it is unlike Desirea to just disappear without returning or contacting her family.

Find Missing Desirea Ferris!
Possible Witness

In many cases, there are unidentified or known witnesses that can help investigations. In Desirea’s case, there are two males whom the believe have information that can help locate Desirea. Most of such witnesses are scared to come forward because they fear reprisals against their families or themselves. Desirea’s family have named to individuals. The name of one possible witness is Chad McLanahan. The vigilante justice group, Anonymous, are reportedly helping Desirea’s family locate her.

Find Missing Desirea Ferris!
Another Possible Witness

The second possible witness is named Robert Jason Keegan. He is in jail. Desirea’s family believe that he has critical information that can lead them to Deirea’s whereabouts. Apparently, they have “friended” him on Facebook. They provide Robert’s address and ask that supporters write uplifting letters to him. The family want supports to win Robert’s trust and motivate him to open up to authorities. On their Facebook page, they have provided the exact address needed to reach Keegan.

Robert Jason Keegan #22894031
100 Highway Terrace
Leavenworth KANSAS 66048

        Keep letters uplifting!

Find Missing Desirea Ann Ferris!
According to Family

Desirea is much loved and missed by her family, friends, and community. Every missing person deserves this kind of awareness. On September 17, the mother posted her broken heart over her missing daughter.

I can’t keep going on like this. Please god forgive me for whatever I’ve done for you to put me through this nightmare. Just let me bring my baby girl home. NO ONE will speak up and tell us where she is.. my daughter did not deserve what these evil monsters have done to her. I will never understand why? Why did they have to take and hurt her? PLEASE GOD GIVE US SOME KIND OF A SIGN TO WHERE WE CAN FIND HER. We’ve been told they put her in a shallow grave, water, barrel etc… well if any of this is true…. I WILL NOT put my baby girl back in the ground when we find her. I’M BRINGING HER HOME LIKE I’VE SAID I WOULD FROM THE BEGINNING OF THIS NIGHTMARE. Baby girl i love and miss you so much. We will not stop or go away until your found and back home. I PROMISE YOU THAT THESE HEARTLESS PEOPLE WILL PAY AND WE WILL GET JUSTICE FOR YOU. My heart will NEVER BE WHOLE AGAIN.

Find Missing Desirea Ann Ferris!
How We Can Help

The family, friends, and community of Desirea Ferris seek answers. They do not know if she is safe or not or dead or alive. There are no clues as to what could have happened to Desirea Ferris. But family have the name of a possible witness whom they believe has critical information about Desirea’s whereabouts. WE can write encouraging letters to Robert Jason Keegan, not only to encourage him. Hopefully letters will motivate him to come forward with what he knows. Consider joining the public Facebook group, linked below.

Do you have any information that can help locate Desirea Ann Ferris? Have any information about her whereabouts? About Robert Jason Keegan? About Chad McLanahan? Refer to the contact information below. Don’t hesitate!

Anyone with information, contact the Liberty Police Department.

Liberty MO, Police Department: 816-439-4701

Missouri State Highway Patrol
Missing Persons Clearinghouse
Phone: 573-526-6178
E-mail: — with Patricia Tam and Jennifer Ferris.


First name
Last name
Case number
Date reported
May 04, 2017
Liberty Police Department
Address 1
101 E Kansas St
Address 2
Zip code

A Go Fund Me campaign has been raised in the search for Desirea Ferris. Click here to view it.

A public Facebook group has been set up for this much treasured missing teen girl. Use Facebook? Consider clicking to “join” this group..

Additional information is courtesy of Missouri Missing.

Additional information is courtesy of Desirea’s NamUs Database.

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