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Find Missing Dapne Westbrook!

Find Missing Daphne Westbrook!

Find missing Dapne Westbrook!
She was last seen with her dog.
She was carrying her backpack.
It has been almost one month
Since her loved ones last heard from her.
Her family believe they heard from her after she vanished.
What is preventing her from coming back home?
Where is this missing teen girl?

Find Missing Dapne Westbrook!

Find Missing Dapne Westbrook!

Missing Person: Daphne Westbrook, 16 years old
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Believed to be in either: Chattanooga metro, Colorado, Georgia, or New Mexico area.
Last seen October 6th, 2019

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children is asking for help finding a missing 16-year-old who was last seen Oct. 6.

The agency says Daphne Westbrook was last seen in Chattanooga. They believe she’s either in the Chattanooga metro, Colorado, Georgia, or New Mexico. She may also be with her dog, Fern.

From Her Missing Page (I could not locate this paragraph there: “Daphne Westbrook is still missing. She was last seen Sunday October 6 with her dog Fern and this backpack (pictured below). She called her mom’s phone Tuesday morning and sounded angry that she had been reported missing then hung up. That’s how the police got the ping off of a Dalton cell-phone tower. Tuesday night her car was found abandoned at the Glenn Falls trail-head. We are beside ourselves because she’s with someone else who has a car and who may or may not have coerced her to make that call trying to call off the search for her. Daphne is 16-years-old, she is vulnerable and she is with someone we don’t know who is at best harboring a runaway teenager who is missing school and at worst taking advantage of her. Please don’t stop looking for her and sharing her information. I appreciate everything you are doing to help us find my daughter. We’ve been in touch with everyone who has ever known her that we knew about and no one believes that Daphne would choose to do something like this on her own.”

It is illegal to harbor or aid a runaway. You can be arrested and prosecuted. It is also illegal to transport a minor across state lines. If you know where Daphne is, call authorities immediately or you are involved in hiding her.

Find Missing Dapne Westbrook!

Dapne Westbrook has been missing for almost two months. Her dog is missing with her. She is blessed to have a family that are doing all they can, to get her information out. The paragraph from “From her Missing page” above, seems to be secondhand from the nonprofit, not from the actual Facebook page for the teen. Check the actual page; the parents’ love for this teen is clear, beyond any doubt. And they know that even if she ran away, that she can encounter foul play. What was behind her phone call to her family after she vanished? Was it coerced by someone else?

Did someone approach Dapne, groom her, and lure her to vanish in order to be in their company? Do you have any information concerning the whereabouts of Dapne Westbrook? Do you have any information concerning the person (s) who may be involved in her disappearance?

If you have any information about whereabouts of this missing teen girl, call the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1-800-843-5678 or the Chattanooga Police Department (Tennessee) at 1-423-698-2525. You may contact your local law enforcement. If you see Daphne Westbrook and/or her missing dog, call 9-1-1 immediately!

NCMEC: 1371690

FINDING DAPNE is a Facebook page set up for this missing teen girl. Use Facebook? “Like” this page.
Daphne Westbrook has a National Center for Missing and Exploited Children poster. Click here to view it.
This press release covers this missing teen girl’s disappearance. It includes a video appeal. Click here to learn more.
This press release covers this missing teen girl’s disappearance. Click here to learn more.
This press release covers this missing teen girl’s disappearance. Click here to learn more.
This is a Tennessee Missing Alert Profile for Dapne Westbrook. Click here to view it.
The above image and information are courtesy of MISSING PERSONS CASES NETWORK via their Facebook page.


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