Find Missing Crystal Danley!

Find Missing Crystal Danley!

Find missing Crystal Danley!
She may be suicidal!
She was talking about joining
A child she tragically lost.
Where is this mom?

Find Missing Crystal Danley!

Find missing Crystal Danley! Crystal Danley is considered urgently missing. It is believed that she is suicidal. She is 43 years old. When last seen, Crystal was driving in the direction of Ocean Beach. This is in the Sunset District of San Francisco, California. This mom went missing on Sunday, June 18, 2017, at 4:30 A.M. Crystal had driven off in her white, 1990, Ford Taurus wagon. Her vehicle has the California License Plate: 4GHG377. The vehicle is pictured in the poster. She was driving off to return to Modesto.

Find Missing Crystal Danley!

Crystal’s son has passed away last year. That would be 2016. This mom had already talked about swimming in the ocean and joining her son. A friend with whom she had been staying, had tried to talk Crystal out of this. However, Crystal had left suddenly. And she left with no money. There has been no activity on her bank accounts. Crystal is described as 5’7″ and she weighs 130 pounds. It is not known what she was wearing when she was last seen. Her family and friends believe she may be suicidal. And on JUne 29, 2017, Crystal’s vehicle was locate. It was found at Ocean Beach in San Francisco.

On JUne 26, 2017, Crystals’s mom made a post about her missing daughter (in italicized text below):

My daughter Crystal Liel Danley left San Francisco at 4 AM on 18 June headed back home to Modesto she never made it home there is been no bank activity on her banking her car hasn’t been found her car is a 1990 Ford Taurus wagon I would think they would’ve found the car by now-you don’t see very many of these cars on the road Crystal is my aunts caregiver she was headed home to care for her I don’t see her taking off for no reason she had a plane ticket for Peru she was planning on leaving the middle of July all her clothes and her bank card is at home so I know she didn’t just take off here is another picture of her car on the back of her car. Is a three a sticker and a green water sticker The stickers were put on after this picture was taken Please pray that she makes it home

Find Missing Crystal Danley!
How We Can Help

This missing mom had suffered the loss of a child. This is the worst thing that can happen to any parent. But so have others in her family. Let’s see to it that they don’t suffer the loss of another loved one! Spread the word, far and wide, about Crystal’s disappearance. Our shares can save her life. And our shares can help spare her family another tragedy. If you have seen Crystal, call 9-1-1 immediately! Have information and tips that can help locate her? Contact the Modesto Police Department. Contact them at: (209) 572-9500.

Crystal’s mom fear’s that her daughter has encountered foul play. Click here to read the article.

***UPDATE***: On June 29, 2017, Crystal’s mom wrote a comment under a post. Crystal’s car has been found abandoned. Her mom’s update is italicized below.

We found the car at Ocean beach in San Francisco we have not found her yet please continue praying thank you her mother

The above image is courtesy of Missing Pieces Network.


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  1. Crystal is still missing none of the law enforcement assigned to the case have done anything. As far as venue goes she went missing around Lands End that is where her car was found. However San Francisco said it was Modesto’s case.
    Modesto Ppolice department day they can only investiagate upto 51 miles outside Stanislaus county lines. The distance between is approximately 94 miles. Officers haven’t question staff at the Cliff house at Lands End where Crystals car was found.


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