Find Missing Coral Pearl Hall!

Find Missing Coral Pearl Hall!

Find Missing Coral Pearl Hall!

Coral Pearl Hall, age-progressed to age 30 (circa 2014)

Find missing Coral Pearl Hall!
She has been missing for almost 19 years.
She went missing after leaving to return a book!
One day she simply disappeared as it of thin air.
But she didn’t vanish out of thin air.
Something happened to her.
Where is Coral Pearl Hall?

Find Missing Coral Pearl Hall!

Find missing Coral Pearl Hall! This teen girl has been missing since September 22, 1998. She is missing From Flint, Michigan. Her case is classified as Endangered Missing. Coral was born in the year 1984. At her disappearance, Coral was 14 years old. Her current age is 23 years old. Hall is described as 4’11” tall and she weighed 85 pounds. She is a Caucasian female. Her hair is blonde, her eyes blue. Coral has a round scar or mark on the base of her neck at the front. Her ears are pierced.

At her disappearance, Coral Pearl Hall was wearing a gray and blue t-shirt. She was also wearing a green sweatshirt and blue jeans. She was wearing white sneakers and possibly Pooh Bear earrings.

Find Missing Coral Pearl Hall!

Coral was last seen in Flint, Michigan, on September 22, 1998. This was the day after her fourteenth birthday.
She lived with her grandmother, Louis Arlene Janish. Janish’s boyfriend also lived with them. They lived in an apartment on Ann Arbor Street. She left her grandmother’s apartment to go to another apartment and return a book. And she never returned. Two days later, she was reported later. Earlier on this day of her disappearance, an older friend, Melissa Pierce, took her to the state Department of Human Services (DHS). This was to report that she was being abused.

Find Missing Coral Pearl Hall!

Here is what reportedly happened on the night of her disappearance. Later that night, Coral called Pierce from a pay phone at Ann Arbor and West Court streets. This was near the White Horse Tavern. Coral stated that she was having trouble at home and needed to leave Flint. She asked Pierce if she could go and live with her. Pierce was in another part of the state at that time. Coral got a ride with her uncle, but by the time they arrived Coral had vanished. Pierce and her uncle drove around looking for her. But they couldn’t find her. Coral has never been heard from again.

Find Missing Coral Pearl Hall!

Coral’s grandmother, Lois Janish, had raised her. Coral’s mother had been found an unfit mother. Her mother, who had maintained sporadic contact with her, died of a drug overdose in 1996. Her father’s identity is unknown. Coral grew up in poverty. SHe and Janice changed residences often. They often used public assistance, including food stamps. This was to meet their needs. Coral’s younger half-sister was raised apart from Coral. And she was eventually placed in foster care. The two girls last saw each other at their mother’s funeral.

Find Missing Coral Pearl Hall!
Troubled Youth

Coral attended McKinley Middle School in 1998. Before her disappearance, she had been getting into trouble for skipping school. She rebelled against her grandmother’s rules and hung out with drug users. Coral’s loved ones describe her as an intelligent but angry, withdrawn teenager. Coral had missed so much school that foster care placement was being considered. The DHS had investigated Janish for abusing and/or medically neglecting Coral five times. A male acquaintance, in his mid-20’s when Coral disappeared, said that he had regularly smoke crack-cocaine with Coral.

Find Missing Coral Pearl Hall!
Runaway R Foul Play?

The young male stated that Janish had offered him time alone with Coral in exchange for drugs. He stated that he noticed signs of physical abuse on Coral. And he stated that she complained that her grandmother had mistreated her. For over ten years after Coral’s disappearance, investigators said that she believed that she ran away to escape the troubles in her life. They believed that maybe she traveled to Los Angeles, California, with an adult boyfriend. However, in July 2013, Janish was charged with her granddaughter’s murder. Below is a photo of Lois Janish.

Find Missing Coral Pearl Hall!

Lois Janish

Find Missing Coral Pearl Hall!
An “Inside Job”?

Authorities stated that Coral’s grandmother has always been a suspect in her grandmother’s disappearance. She had given inconsistent statements over the years. And they believe that her boyfriend, Bruce Strait, was also involved in Coral’s death. But he died of alcohol-related complications in 2000. He as released from prison shortly before Coral vanished. And she had accused him of sexual abuse. Strait allegedly said that he wasn’t going to prison because of her allegations.

Find Missing Coral Pearl Hall!
Making A Confession?

Janish had been interrogated in 2011 and 2012. According to investigators, she admitted smoking crack-cocaine. And that her granddaughter was dead. She allegedly confessed to beating Coral to death with a hammer. Janish said that she and her boyfriend dismembered her body. However, Janish altered and recanted her story more than once.
In September 2015, she reached a plea deal with the prosecution. She pleaded no contest to second-degree murder.
She was sentenced to nine years in prison. As Janish is already is 75 years old and is unlikely to live long enough to be released.

A blog post was made about Coral years ago. Underneath the post, a person who identified as Coral-cousin posted a comment about her cousin.

hello. my name is amanda. i am coral’s cousin. i just want to say i am so glad some body is trying to find her and doing something about her disappearance. i wish somehow someway we do find out something about her. i hope that is she comes across this or somebody her now knows her, will let her know that she has never gone forgotten about. that we miss her and would just like to know what happen and where she is. grant it she doesnt have a lot of family but we do love her dearly and think about her daily. i pray that no harm has come across her. thank you so much for making a web page to honor her. i am so pleased to see that something is actually being done. i just hope we find out something soon.

Underneath this same blog post and following the above comment, another person shared her thoughts.

I was friends with Coral starting first grade all the way up until she disappeared in 98. I want to find out more than anything what happened to her. There is a blog about Coral on You should go check it out. I hope you still visit this site so this message finds you. I am doing everything that I can the find the answers that we are looking for. Thank you and god bless.

Find Missing Coral Pearl Hall!
Bring Her Home Finally

The above comments show that Coral is loved and sorely missed by many people. They have been waiting for almost 19 years to get answers about her whereabouts. It has been 19 years and they have not heard from her or seen her again. And someone (s) holds the key to bringing her home and disclosing her whereabouts and what happened to her. Circulate and share so that the person (s) with information can be reached. Are you someone (s) who has information about Coral’s Whereabouts? You can contact the Flint Police DEpartment at: (810) 766-7036. You can contact Sergeant Greg Mosmer at: (810) 237-6945. Or contact Detective Joe Jones at (810) 237-6852.

Case Number: NCMC857702

Above information, suspect image, and age-progressed image of Coral are found on Coral’s Charley Project page. I have adapted and remixed it. And it is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial 2.0 License

Above information can be found here.

The image at the top of this post is courtesy of Coral’s NamUs Database.

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