Find Missing Connie Christine Smith!

Find Missing Connie Christine Smith!

Find missing Connie Christine Smith!
She was out camping.
She had an altercation with female campers.
And she ended up with a bloody nose.
Soon she stepped away
And was seen maybe hitching a ride.
It has been almost 67 years
Since her family and friends last saw her.
It has been almost 67 years
Since her family and friends last saw her.
Where happened to Connie Christian Smith?

Find Missing Connie Christine Smith!

Find Missing Connie Christine Smith!

Missing Person: Connie Christine Smith
Missing Since
Missing From
Salisbury, Connecticut
Endangered Missing
Date of Birth
07/11/1942 (76 years old current age)
Age when last seen
10 years old
Height and Weight
5’0, 85 pounds
Clothing/Jewelry Description
A red long-sleeved zippered windbreaker, a brown bandana halter top, navy blue shorts with plaid cuffs, tan leather shoes and a red hair ribbon. The clothes had attached nametags. Possibly carrying a black zippered purse containing photos of her friends.
Distinguishing Characteristics
Caucasian female. Light brown hair, blue eyes. Although her given name is Constance, almost all agencies refer to her by her nickname, Connie. She was tall and well-developed in 1952 and looked older than her age; she may have grown tall in adulthood. She is very nearsighted and is supposed to wear eyeglasses, but hers were broken when she disappeared. She would be unable to read without her glasses. Connie was very suntanned at the time of her disappearance, and her eyeteeth were just erupting. She has a slight scar under her right nostril.

Find Missing Connie Christine Smith!

Connie Christian Smith resided in Wyoming at the time of her disappearance. Her grandfather was a governor of that state. She was spending part of the summer of 1952 at Camp Sloane in Salisbury, Connecticut. She had an altercation with a group of female campers during the morning of July 16, 1952. And her nose was bloodied from the incident.

Connie told her tent mates that she was skipping breakfast that morning. And she was walking to the camp dispensary. This was where she planned to drop off an ice pack she’d used the previous evening. At that time, Connie had fallen out of her tent and bruised her hip. She left the ice pack in her tent and never went to the dispensary. Instead, she walked away from the camp and down Indian Mountain Road.

Connie was seen picking daisies along the roadside. She asked several people how she could get to Lakeville, Connecticut. This was about half a mile from Camp Sloane. She was apparently homesick and with only one week left of her stay at Camp Sloane, she decided to leave the premises.

Connie was last seen walking on U.S. Route 44 in Salisbury later in the day. She had her thumb out and was apparently attempting to hitchhike, perhaps to Lakeville. She didn’t have any money or extra clothes with her. Connie was never heard from again.

Camp counselors discovered Connie was missing in the afternoon hours. This was when they found the dispensary ice pack still inside her tent. An extensive search did not produce any clues as to her whereabouts. There have been many suspects in Connie’s disappearance throughout the years. But no one has been charged in her case.

One theory is that she attempted to run away from camp and go to one of her parents. They were divorced. Neither of her parents saw or heard from her after her disappearance, however. Her mother last saw Connie when she visited her at camp two days before her disappearance; Connie was in good spirits at the time and asked for permission to stay at the camp longer, but she didn’t seem to mind when her mother said no.

One of the possible suspects is William Henry Redmond. Redmond is a former carnival worker who was charged with murdering an eight-year-old girl in 1951. That was one year prior to Connie’s disappearance.

In the 1980s, Redmond allegedly told another prison inmate he had killed four people during his lifetime. He was eventually sent back to his home state of Nebraska when it was determined that he was too ill to stand trial for the 1951 murder. He died in 1992.

Authorities have been unable to determine if Redmond was in the Connecticut area in 1952. That would have been at the time of Connie’s disappearance. He passed a polygraph test concerning her case. But he is still considered a possible suspect in the 1951 disappearance of Beverly Potts from Ohio.

Connie was well-traveled and got on well with adults as well as children in 1952. She loved animals, especially horses. Her grandfather and both her parents are now deceased, her father dying as recently as early 2012. Her case remains unsolved.

Find Missing Connie Christine Smith!

Connie Christine Smith has been missing for almost 67 years. Her disappearance occurred decades before technology, DNA testing availability, or missing persons awareness. Tragically, both her parents died well before they could get answers about their young daughter’s disappearance. It’s unclear who among her other family family members are still alive. But Connie deserves justice. Did someone approach Connie, groom her, and lure her to vanish in order to be in their company? Do you have any information concerning the whereabouts of Connie Christine Smith? Do you have any information concerning the person (s) who may be involved in her disappearance?

If you have any information, please contact the Salisbury Police Department (Connecticut) at: 1-860-435-2938. You may contact the Connecticut State Police at: 1-860-567-6875 or 1-860-626-7975. You may contact the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children: 1-800-843-5678. You may call 9-1-1 or your local police.

NCMEC Case Number: 1154349
NamUs Case Number: MP4525
Agency Case Number: CFS-05-00081028 (Connecticut State Police
Agency Case Number: Unknown

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