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Find Missing Cole Burbank! ***(SAD UPDATE: BODY FOUND)***


Find missing Cole Burbank!

Find Missing Cole Burbank!
His Disappearance

Find missing Cole Burbank! This teen, age 16, had disappeared around 12:00 P.M. On April 13, 2017. Three days ago! This is said to be after he was attending class at Clark College in Vancouver, Washington State. He was driving his black 2010 Honda ACcord. The vehicle is shown in the above poster. It bears the License Plates AKW3441. The plates are licensed in Washington State. Cole stands 5’10” and weighs 140 pounds. He has dark brown hair and brown eyes. And the missing teen vanished wearing a red and black plaid shirt. Burbank wore a blue baseball hat. This is shown in the surveillance video in the poster.

Find Missing Cole Burbank!
Additional Information

A local article sheds more light on this case. This teen was technically last seen at 7:45 A.M. This Camas High School student was last seen when he walked away from his school. And he had left to go to his advanced classes at Clark College. It was not unusual for the teen to do this. But that day, no one knows if Burbank had actually made it to the college. To take his advanced classes. No attendance had been taken that day.

Find Missing Cole Burbank!
Value of Surveillance Cameras

A security surveillance camera had shown the missing boy. The surveillance where the teen was captured, was at his high school. At 7:45 A.M., Cole was shown leaving his high school for Clark College. Burbank’s mom told KOIN 6 that a barista at Clark College told her that he may have seen her son that morning. But, he says, he was not 100% sure if he had actually seen him.

We need to help find this missing young man! Share his poster and information until we reach the person who knows something. Let’s share, and generate tips leading to his safe return. And if you are the someone with information, call 9-1-1 or the Vancouver Police Department (Washington State) at: (360) 693-3111.

This is the article providing the sad update: Click here to read the article.

The above photo and information are provided courtesy of Locate the MIssing. Additional information is taken from a local Washington State article.


I'm a Christian, meaning that I have a relationship with God, through trust in His Son Jesus. Through this website, which is currently the only website I have, It is a full-time job to give myself to this website, which includes updating cases. I seek to broadcast missing people, unidentified people, and crime victims. These include those of all ages, races, religions, and walks of life. If you see something on here that needs an update, please contact me. Thank you.


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