Find Missing Clayton Antonio Simmonds!

Find Missing Clayton Antonio Simmonds!

Find missing Clayton Antonio Simmonds!
He has been missing for 17 years.
It is unknown just when Clayton went missing or
How he went missing.
And there is no clue as to what may have happened to him.

Find Missing Clayton Antonio Simmonds!

Find Missing Clayton Antonio Simmonds! He has been missing since the year 2000. Simmonds is missing from St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. Clayton is classified as an endangered missing person. At the time of his disappearance, Clayton was 40 years old. His current age is 57 years old. Clayton Antonio Simmonds is an African-American male. He is described as an even 6’0″ tall and 160 pounds. His hair is black and his eyes are brown. Simmond’s nicknames are Shaku and Tony. Reportedly, Simmonds suffers from mental illess (unspecified).

It is unknown what Clayton was wearing when he was last seen. And no known scars, birthmarks, tattoos, are piercings are described. Only limited information is available.

Find Missing Clayton Antonio Simmonds!

It was in the year 2000 or slightly earlier. And the location was St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. Clayton Antonio Simmond was suffering from mental illness. And so he was living in a group home. Allegedly, he was not abiding by the home’s rules. And so he was asked to leave. After his expulsion from the group home, Clayton ended up living in the streets. And he also spent time in the Eldra Schulterbrandt Living Facility. It is a long-term care home for those with mental illnesses.

Throughout these years, Clayton Antonio Simmomds occasionally kept in ouch with his loved ones. And he frequented Fort Mylner and Estate Tutu on St. Thomas. He also visited the island of St. Croix. Because of his lifestyle, the date and the timeline of his disappearance are unclear. And the circumstances of his disappearance are also unclear. There have therefore been no known tips or leads.

Find Missing Clayton Antonio Simmonds!

The disappearance is a particularly sad case. It can’t even be determined how or just when he disappeared. This all means that any search and investigative efforts have been hindered. And his disappearance has occurred way from the Mainland. But other disappearances like Clayton’s have been high-profile and received much attention. Can it be that he has mental illness? With so many criminal defendants using mental illness as a defense, it has increased the stigma of mental illness. Whenever a horrific crime is committed, the term mental illness gets brought up. Can the stigma of mental illness also be hindering the search for Clayton?

Find Missing Clayton Antonio Simmonds!
How We Can Help

It is hard enough to be the family of any missing person. But to have a missing loved one with so many strikes against any search for him? What they must be feeling is unfathomable. Their story is unknown but one thing can be safely assumed: They want him home just as much as any family. Clayton is someone’s son and loved one. His loved ones have had to endure 17 years of no answers, no justice, and no peace. Surely someone (s) has information on the current whereabouts of Clayton Antonio Simmonds. If anyone has information on his current whereabouts, don’t hesitate! No piece of information is too small.

United States Virgin Islands Police Department
ext. 5570 or 5575

The above information is found on Clayton’s Charley Project page. I have adapted and remixed it. It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial 2.0 License

The above image is courtesy of Clayton’s NamUs Database.

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