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Find Missing Christina Whittaker Young!

Find Missing Christina Whittaker Young

Find Missing Christina Whittaker Young!

Find Missing Christina Whittaker Young
Her Disappearance

Find missing Christina Whittaker Young! Where is she? She was last seen leaving a local tavern. Where? Rookies Sports Bar at 611 Broadway, Hannibal, Missouri. Alone, she hasn’t been seen since approximately 11:30 PM. Christina had tried a ride home. But she ended up leaving on her own. Her cell phone was found on the road. The next morning, it was located one block from the the tavern. Christina struggles with pi-polar disorder and postpartum depression. This missing mom also struggles with anxiety disorder and fibromyalgia. Since her disappearance, she has had no access to her medications.

Christina has been missing for seven and a half years. Some sightings have been reported of a young woman in Peoria, Illinois. These sightings have matched Christina’s description. Who is this missing mom? According to her family, Christina doted on her baby daughter. And she was really close to her mother. Also, she was close to her stepfather and grandmother. Clearly, many, including Christina’s family and friends, loved her. This indicates that her disappearance was not voluntary. And if she had her free will, she would be at home with her family. Possibly she’s being held against her will. Still, investigators don’t suspect foul play.

This is a more updated poster.

Missing Christina Whittaker Young

Find Missing Christina Whittaker Young

Christina Whittaker Young is a Caucasian female. She went missing on November 13, 2009. Maxine is her middle name. Her nickname is (aka) Tina Young or Christina Young-Whittaker. This mom is missing from Hannibal, Missouri. She was 21 years old at her disappearance. She stands about 5’6” and weighs about 120 to 150 pounds. Christina’s hair color is curly red and auburn. It is naturally curly but often straightens. And then it’s mostly light brown. What was she wearing at her disappearance? Christina wore a pink tank top under a white v-neck top.Her sleeves were down to her elbow. She wore size five blue jeans. Also, she wore brand new white NIKE sneakers. They had pink stripes.

Christina’s personal effects? At her disappearance, she worse a ring with a half-inch diamond cluster. It had a pink center stone in which she wore on her right hand. Christina had a tattoo of a “Care Bear” with a marijuana leaf . It was located on its belly on the right ankle. She bore a large tattoo of an angel on her left shoulder. It was ten inches long and eight inches wide, with no shading. Just the outline. Both of Christina’s ears are pierced. Her left femur was previously fractured. This missing mom bears a Caesarean section scar on her abdomen. She has a surgical scar on her left knee. It has rod indentations on both sides.

Find Missing Christina Whittaker Young
Help Bring Her Home!

Christina’s mom, Cindy Young, has tried to get her missing daughter in the public eye. It seems that she was unable to get coverage anywhere but on The Steve Wilkos Show. Years ago, Young had tried to have her daughter featured on a prominent true crime show. I had added my voice to that campaign. Sadly, it seems that Christina’s case was not covered on the show. I know that there are thousands of missing persons cases. The media can only cover a handful of them. But when you’re a family member with a missing loved one, lack of media coverage has to add to their stress.

This is where you and I come in. We may not be able to get the media to cover most missing cases. They’ll only cover cases with scandals attached to them. Cases where foul play is involved. And the public is at risk. Missing persons whose families are relentless in keeping them in the news. Missing persons and victims who are affluent and Caucasia. Without mental illnesses or disabilities. Aside from these factors, the media won’t cover it. But if more of us share their posters and stories, we can move mountains! For them. Their families.

And if you have information on Christina Whittaker Young? Contact the Hannibal Police Department: 573-221-0987.

Case #: 2009-30080 NamUs Case: #3264

Missing Christina Whittaker Young

Facebook user? “Like” the Facebook page set up to find this missing mom.

Join this Facebook group that was set up for Christina Whittaker Young.

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