Find Missing Christian Taylor Ferguson! (Part 1)

Find Missing Christian Taylor Ferguson! (Part 1)

Find missing Christian Taylor Ferguson!
He has been missing for 14 years!
Where is Christian?
What happened to him?

Find Missing Christian Ferguson! (Part 1)

Find Missing Christian Ferguson! This 9-year-old boy is missing from St. Louis, Missouri. Christian was last seen on June 11, 2003. He is classified as Endangered Missing. He was born on October 9 and was 9 years old when last seen. When last seen, Christian was an even 4’0″ and weighed 75 pounds. He is an African-American male. He hair is black, his eyes brown. At the time of his 2003 disappearance, Christian had a short afro hairstyle. His nickname is Chris.

Find Missing Christian Ferguson! (Part 1)

Chris has multiple special needs. He has an extremely thin, frail build and he drools often. When last seen, he wore a diaper and had a red and blue blanket. Christian is reportedly severely physically and mentally disabled. This is due to a rare and incurable metabolic condition called argininosuccinate synthetase deficiency or orcitrullimenia. This makes Chris unable to digest protein. He needs a strict diet and needs six types of medication. To sustain his life, they must be given to him several times a day. At the time he went missing, he didn’t have any medication. And he probably hadn’t been taking it months beforehand.

Find Missing Christian Ferguson! (Part 1)
More About Medical Needs

What can happen if Chris isn’t given his medication? He reportedly will develop hyperammonemia (high ammonia levels) in the blood. And he will die within a day. Christian was born with citrullimenia. With the help of close medical supervision and a program of medications, Chris grew normally for the first seven years of his life. In January 2001, however, he had a seizure. He fell into a month-long coma and suffered a series of near-fatal strokes. And they caused severe brain damage. Chris can’t talk or swallow. And he can walk only much unsteadily. He wears a diaper and is fed through a tube.

Find Missing Christian Ferguson! (Part 1)
Details of Disappearance

Dawan Ferguson Chris’s father, was the person who last saw him. Dawan last saw his son on June 11, 2003, in St. Louis, Missouri. Between 6:00 A.M. and 6:30 A.M., he called the police to say that someone had driven off in his 1999 Ford Expedition SUV. Dawan said that the car had been stolen after he, got out of it. And the keys were left in the ignition. Dawan wanted to call Chris’s doctor at a phone booth at Skinker and Page. Dawan had been driving Chris to the hospital at the time. And Chris was in the back seat of the car when it was stolen.

Find Missing Christian Ferguson! (Part 1)
More Details

The SUV was found, unlocked and abandoned, two hours later. That was at 8:00 A.M. The vehicle was found about five miles from where it was taken. It was located at a cul-de-sac where Ronbar Lane dead-ends at at the railroad tracks. And this was in the city of Ferguson, Missouri. The vehicle had many valuables. These included a laptop computer, a camera, two cellular phones, and other electronic gear. And the keys were in the ignition. Chris was gone. Police and their tracker dogs found no sign of him in the vicinity. He probably wouldn’t have been able to get out without help. Below is a photo of Chris’s dad.

Find Missing Christian Taylor Ferguson!

Dawan Ferguson

Find Missing Christian Ferguson! (Part 1)
Investigating the Father

Authorities stated that Dawan refused to take a polygraph test. And their have been inconsistencies in his story.
He stopped cooperating with police early on in the investigation. Then he hired his own private investigators. Within two weeks of Chris’s disappearance, he and his family moved out of their rental house. Investigators he hired took a lot of things away from the residence. His home had been searched twice for evidence in Chris’s case. Among other things, they found urine-stained clothes and bedding. Chris’s bed had a large liquid stain that had soaked through the mattress. And it dripped on the floor.

Find Missing Christian Ferguson! (Part 1)
Two Witnesses

Dawan was employed as a bounty hunter. He located and captured fugitives for bail bondmen, in 2003.On the morning of June 11, he had a cellular phone in his possession. So why would he need to use a pay phone? A local man walked past the phone booth every day on his way to work. He said that he passed the booth at 6:00 A.M. and saw an African-American man use the phone. But this witness didn’t see the SUV in the area. He identified Dawan from a photo lineup as the man he had seen.

A resident of Ronbar Lane said that she saw the SUV parked there at 6:00 A.M. This was around the time Dawan says it was stolen. This account reportedly hasn’t been confirmed. Also, TV news tape revealed that a car, belonging to a close friend of Dawan’s, was parked at Skinker and Page. This was shortly after Dawan reported car theft. That same friend lives just blocks from where the SUV was recovered.

Find Missing Christian Ferguson! (Part 1)
Family Beginnings

Chris’s mother, Theda, married Dawan in February 1994. This was four months after Chris was born. She gave birth to a healthy son, Conner, eight months after the wedding. The couple separated in October 1997 and had their marriage annulled a year later. Sawan and Theda both accused each other of neglecting Chris’s medical needs. They also argued about other things doing the ensuing custody battle. Dawan got full custody of Chris and Conner in 1999. And Theda was ordered to pay child support. She filed multiple complaints against her ex-husband. She accused him of abusing and neglecting his children.

Find Missing Christian Ferguson! (Part 1)
Abuse N Neglect?

Theda remarried. And her relationship with Dawan become more amicable. He allowed her more access to the children. The State of Missouri provided home health care nurses for Chris after he became disabled in 2001. They took over all aspects his care. This included feeding him. The State did this until mid-March 2003. After that, the State canceled the family’s nursing benefits. That was because Dawan hadn’t enrolled Chris in school.
Some of the family’s nurses believed Chris was neglected. They stated that his stepmother, Monica, wanted nothing to do with him. He wasn’t adequately fed. And sometimes he didn’t get his diapers changed for days.

Find Missing Christian Taylor Ferguson!

Theda Ferguson Thomas

Find Missing Christian Ferguson! (Part 1)
How We Can Help

Chris’s case is so complex and involved that I’m devoting two parts to it. Having two posts devoted to him should give him more awareness. Chris has been missing for 14 years. It’s time for people to talk. Someone (s) knows what happened to him. We can help by sharing Chris’s story and poster. Consider reading the second part of this story. If nothing, share it as well as this first part of his story. Let’s circulate this in hopes of reaching someone (s) with information. Have information that can locate Christian Ferguson? Please contact the St. Louis Police Department. Call them at (314) 444-5620 or 9-1-1.

Theda has a Facebook page. She brings awareness to missing persons. Use Facebook? Click here to bookmark this profile.

Part 2 of this case can be found here.

The above information and images are found on Christian’s Charley Project page. I have adapted and remixed it. And it is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial 2.0 License

The top photo is courtesy of the Polly Klaas Foundation and can be found here.

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