Find Missing Christian Taylor Ferguson! (Part 2)

Find Missing Christian Taylor Ferguson! (Part 2)

Find Missing Christian Taylor Ferguson!

Christian Ferguson, Age-Progressed to 17 (circa 2010)

Find missing Christian Taylor Ferguson!
He is better known as Chris
And he has been missing for 14 years.
He is missing with many special needs.
Where is he and what happened to him?

Find Missing Christian Taylor Ferguson! (Part 2)
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Find missing Christian Taylor Ferguson!Chris’s case is so involved that it deserves two parts. Here is a recap of the basics of his disappearance. This 9-year-old boy is missing from St. Louis, Missouri. Christian was last seen on June 11, 2003. He is classified as Endangered Missing. He was born on October 9 and was 9 years old when last seen. When last seen, Christian was an even 4’0″ and weighed 75 pounds. He is an African-American male. He hair is black, his eyes brown. At the time of his 2003 disappearance, Christian had a short afro hairstyle. His nickname is Chris.

Find Missing Christian Taylor Ferguson (Part 2)
Chris’s Father Dawan

In Part One of Chris’s story, Dawan’s alleged neglect of his son was detailed. Chris was born with medical conditions but developed normally the first seven years of his life. When he was seven, he suffered a seizure, went into a coma, and ended up with severe brain damage. This left him with severe mental and physical disabilities. He required complete care. His mom and dad, after they divorced, had a major custody battle. His dad won this battle. But Dawan kept facing allegations of child neglect. Below is a photo of Chris’s dad.

Find Missing Christian Taylor Ferguson! (Part 2)

Dawan Ferguson

Find Missing Christian Taylor Ferguson! (Part 2)

Throughout Chris’s life, Dawan neglected him in many ways. Reportedly, he missed doctors’ appointments and didn’t consistently give his son his medicine. As a result, Chris had to be hospitalized at least twice. In one incident, in 2000, he claimed that he was unable to fill Chris’s medications. He claimed that the pharmacy had run out of the medications. This story turned out to be untrue. Chris’s nurses noted that Dawan often failed to replenish the boy’s stock of medications. The nurses would tell him it was low.

Find Missing Christian Taylor Ferguson! (Part 2)
Medical Parental Neglect

Two of Chris’s nurses started buying Chris’s medications themselves. This was because Dawan allegedly wouldn’t do it. After Chris’s disappearance, authorities discovered that the child had been chronically under-medicated. This is for at least several months before Chris’s reported abduction. Investigators located many full prescription bottles which should have been used up. The last time anyone ordered Chris’s medications from the pharmacy was in late April 2003. This was six weeks prior to Chris’s disappearance. And the order was never picked up.

Find Missing Christian Taylor Ferguson! (Part 2)
System Failure?

Chris’s nurses stated that he was really active and needed to be watched constantly. Without enough medication, he would become lethargic and nap much of the time. This did make him easier to manage. Theda, Chris’s mother, was still fighting for custody of Chris and Conner at the time of Chris’s abduction. A judge had forbidden Theda
to see them except during scheduled visiting times. And she hadn’t seen Chris for three months before he vanished. That was because Dawan had missed two scheduled visits.

Find Missing Christian Taylor Ferguson! (Part 2)
Last Time Mom Sees Her Son

The last time Theda had a visit with Chris and Conner was in March 2003, a little over a week after Chris’s nursing care stopped. She noticed that both boys were unkempt and dirty. Chris had a diaper rash and he had lost weight. He also smelled of ammonia and was unusually clumsy. This was indication that he was experiencing an
acitrullimeniaepisode. So she took him to the hospital for treatment. Dawan picked up Chris after his release from the hospital and took him home. Theda never saw her oldest son again.

Below is a photo of Chris’s mother.

Find Missing Christian Taylor Ferguson!

Theda Ferguson Thomas

Find Missing Christian Taylor Ferguson! (Part 2)
A Mother’s Loss/strong>

Theda again filed for custody of Chris and Conner in April 2003. Dawan refused to let her see them. On June 9, two days before Chris’s disappearance, a judge ordered Dawan to abide by the visitation schedule with Theda, or be held in contempt of court. The next scheduled visit was supposed to be on June 14, but by then Chris had disappeared. Dawn’s mother and grandmother got custody of Conner in the aftermath of Chris’s disappearance. And he lived with them until 2007. That was when his grandparents returned him to Theda’s care.

Find Missing Christian Taylor Ferguson! (Part 2)
Damning Testimony From Son

Theda since divorced from her second husband. Conner had shared a room with Chris at the time of Chris’s disappearance. When interviewed by police, Conner stated that it was early in the morning and still dark outside. Then Dawan entered the room, wrapped Chris in a blanket, carried him out, and drove away. Conner’s stepsister, who was in her teens at the time, corroborated the statement. She said she thought Dawan left at about 4:00 A.M. Conner also stated that two days before Chris went missing, he noticed that his brother’s gastric feeding tube was missing.

Police later found the tube during a search of the Ferguson residence. They stated that it was covered with bodily fluids. It had tool marks on the end and looked as if it had been forcibly removed.

Find Missing Christian Taylor Ferguson! (Part 2)
Police Suspicions

Conner stated that his brother appeared to be really sick and malnourished on the days before he went missing. And Chris moaned constantly. He told Monica, Chris’s stepmother, about it. And she told him that she already knew and to stay away from Chris. When Conner checked on his brother later on, Chris had stopped moaning and his eyes had rolled up in his head. Authorities believe Dawan neglected Chris’s medical needs between March and June 2003. They suspect that he deliberately allowed allowed Chris to die of his citrullimenia. They suspect that the child probably died on the night of June 10. And they believe that Dawan hid the body and made up the kidnap story.

Find Missing Christian Taylor Ferguson! (Part 2)

Despite police suspicions, Dawan has’t faced charges in Chris’s disappearance. This is because of the lack of evidence. And he insists that he is innocent. In 2004, Dawan and Monica were indicted on Federal fraud charges. They used a false Social Security Number (SSN) on a car loan application in in 2002. And they forged Dawan’s elderly grandmother’s signature to co-sign the same loan. In 2005, Dawan pleaded guilty to three charges. He served eight months in federal prison and was released. Monica went through a pretrial diversion program and wasn’t sentenced to jail.

Find Missing Christian Taylor Ferguson! (Part 2)
We Can Help

Chris remains missing. Authorities have little hope that he can be found because of his medical conditions.
alive. Someone knows where this Chris is and what happened to him. And this someone (s) needs to come forward and talk. Chris’s mom and his other family deserve answers after 14 years. So spread the word about Chris’s disappearance. Don’t give up on him. Generate tips and leads with our shares. Do you have information that can bring Christian Taylor Ferguson home? Contact the St. Louis police Department at: (314) 444-5620 or 9-1-1.

Theda has a Facebook page. She brings awareness to missing persons. Use Facebook? Click here to bookmark this her profile.

You can return to Part 1 of this case.

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The top photo is courtesy of the Polly Klaas Foundation and can be found here.

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