Find Missing Cheyenne Pauline Miller!

Find Missing Cheyenne Pauline Miller!

Find Missing Cheyenne Pauline Miller!
She was dropped off by the police
At the local strip.
It has been two weeks
Since her moved ones last saw her.
It has been two weeks
Since those in her life last heard from her.
Where is this missing woman?

Find Missing Cheyenne Pauline Miller!

Find Missing Cheyenne Pauline Miller!

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA–The Clark County Police are seeking the public’s assistance. They are attempting to locate missing 29 year old Cheyenne Pauline Miller. She was last seen on February 13, 2020 being dropped of at the strip by the Clark County Police. Cheyenne had bee arrested 7 days prior on a warrant she had out on her from her hometown in Indiana. Las Vegas law does not extradite, so they released her and she hasn’t been seen or heard from since. At the time police dropped her off, she was wearing a t-shirt, jeans, a light Carhartt jacket and white tennis shoes.

Cheyenne Pauline Miller is a Caucasian female. She is described as 5’1” tall and 110 pounds with blonde hair and blue eyes. She has a large tree tattoo on her right side and has mental heath disorders. Cheyenne does not have a phone or money on her person.

This missing mom’s daughter posted her appeal via Facebook:

Please family and friends keep sharing. Please keep praying most of all. We still aren’t any closer than we were a week ago, and more worried every day.
My mom is trying to get the money together to drive out there bcuz there’s no way we can afford plane tickets there and back. It’s such an awful feeling that I hope NO ONE I love EVER has to feel, not being able to do anything, not even knowing what to do?! This is how so many young poor people are forgotten. Their families don’t have the money to put up a reward, to hire private investigators, local news aren’t interested, police doesn’t even return your calls, there’s no 5000$ for a billboard sign….It’s just like if you don’t have money, you don’t matter!! She DOES MATTER!! She matters to me.
She matters to her children.
She matters to her mommy.
She matters to her family.
She matters!!! Please keep sharing it’s about the only hope we have right now until mom comes up with the money to go knocking on doors of shelters, missions, walking streets and asking questions. Thank you. Everyone of you that’s shared and prayed. I know it’s made a difference. We just need to know that she’s ok….especially my mom.
I love you family & friends. Thank you.

Please family and friends keep sharing. Please keep praying most of all. We still aren’t any closer than we were a week…

Posted by Rhea L Nelson on Monday, February 24, 2020

This missing woman’s sister posted via Facebook to a group:

This is my sister Cheyenne Pauline Miller. She has been missing in Vegas for almost 11 days now. She was last saw walking near the jail downtown. She didn’t have her cell phone or any money. We are at a loss as to what to do and are relying your shares to help us find her. This is killing my mother. Every day is worse. All we can do is wonder and worry if she’s hurt, cold, hungry or even worse….There’s an open missing person case and the detective in charge is Detective Majors. His phone number is 702-828-2907. Her vent/case number is 84976. PLEASE IF YOUVE SAW HER PLEASE I BEG YOU CALL THIS NUMBER OR 911. She’s not well. She had never not come back home, and we can’t even imagine what’s happened to her. Please share it’s all the help we have right now. Thank you all so very much & God bless you. 🙏🙏💔

Find Missing Cheyenne Pauline Miller!

Missing Cheyenne Pauline Miller has been missing for two weeks. Her family, including her daughter, are desperately looking for her. Sadly, I could not locate one bulletin, press release or article about Cheyenne. What was Cheyenne doing after she was dropped off by police at the strip? Who is the person who last saw her then? What mode of transportation was she using at the time? Did she take any personal belongings with her? If so, what? What connections may have? Where would they be? What was her state of mind when she was last seen?

Did someone approach Cheyenne, groom her, and lure her to vanish in order to be in their company? Do you have any information concerning the whereabouts of Cheyenne Pauline Miller? Do you have any information concerning the person (s) who may be involved in her disappearance?

If you have any information, please contact the Clark County Police at 1-702-828-3843 (Nevada) or the Missing Persons Unit (Nevada) at 1-702-828-2907. You may contact your local law enforcement. If you see Cheyenne Pauline Miller, call 9-1-1 immediately!


The above image and information are courtesy of the AWARE FOUNDATION via their Facebook page.

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