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Find Missing Chaz Richardson!

Find Missing Chaz Richardson!

Find missing Chaz Richardson!
According to law enforcement, he was last seen running into the woods
And may have had a drug overdose.
But Chaz has two daughters and
According to his family, four people may be responsible
For Chaz’s disappearance.
What happened to Chaz?

Find Missing Chaz Richardson!

Find missing Chaz Richardson! Chaz is the cousin of Melanie Methany, who has baan missing for over 11 years. He has been missing since Thursday, December 3, 2015. It is unknown what his case is classified as. Chaz was 27 at his disappearance. Other agencies give his age as 26. His current age is 28 to 29 years old. When last seen, Chaz Richardson was last seen in Griffith Hollier Surveyor ares of West Virginia. He was last seen at 4:30 P.M. getting into a silver or gray Dodge Durango. This runs counter to the NamUs report. It says that Richardson was last seen running into the woods. And his NamUs profile states that he may have overdosed. His loved ones suspect foul play.

Find Missing Chaz Richardson!

Chaz Richardson is an African-American male. He is described as 5’6″ tall and 150 pounds. He has brown eyes and brown hair. Chaz has sideburns and a goatee. He reportedly his little body hair. Richardson’s hair was cut short at the time of his disappearance. He has a large scar on his left knee. Richardson has tattoos on his left and right arm and his left wrist. His toes next to his baby toes are curved under. When last seen, Chaz was wearing a blue/gray hoodle and jeans. He was wearing red Tennis shoes or red Jordan sneakers. Some of his tattoos are pictured.

Find Missing Chaz Richardson!

Chaz Richardson Tattoo

Find Missing Chaz Richardson!

Chaz Richardson Tattoo

Find Missing Chaz Richardson!

Chaz Richardson Tattoo

Find Missing Chad Richardson!
According to Family

family are deeply frustrated with law enforcement. His NamUs database alleges that he simply ran into the woods and was never seen again. According to Chaz’s father, four people are probably involved in Chaz’s disappearance. Unfortunately, Chax’s case is a limited information case. He does not even have a Charley Project profile, though he has been missing for over two years. Chaz’s family feel that the system has failed Chaz and have not given him the benefit of the doubt. On the Justice for Chaz Facebook page,
Chaz’s dad wrote on February 23, 2016. And his family know him better than the authorities do.

☝️82 long miserable days have passed with still no answers only questions about what happened to Chaz & where Chaz is. It is time to take all our heartache & turn it into anger. I’m infuriated that people who called Chaz their friend are now hiding like cowards! Chaz did not run into those woods like the last people who were with him said! If he did he would’ve already turned up 82 days later! He would never do this to his family after them suffering Melanie missing for 9 & 1/2 years & he definitely wouldn’t leave his children behind. He loved his kids more than anything & the mother of his children! He didn’t just vanish! When NO ONE & I mean NO ONE from here or his friends in Florida has been in contact with him & there has been no activity on his cell phone since 12/3/15! If Chaz ran into the woods, became disoriented, and died from hypothermia like the detective said was his theory well his body would’ve already been found! Not only was some hunting season still in at that time with all the hunters in the woods, but the fire dept conducted a search almost 2 weeks after he went missing & they searched THE ENTIRE WOODS BEHIND CHAZS HOUSE ALL THE WAY OVER INTO HOO HOO HOLLER!!! They searched the direction those 4 said he supposedly ran in! Not only that but we searched that holler from top to bottom on foot & 4 wheelers to the point we were climbing rock walls to get on top of the old train track bridge to check up there! Chaz hasn’t been found because they made sure he wouldn’t be found! THE TRUTH WILL COME OUT!

The grandmother of Chaz’s daughter’s posted on Chaz’s profile page her heartbreaking status update. It is dated for July 4.

Makynzee my 5 year old granddaughter says to me today
Nana I am sad I asked her why she was sad she says I am starting to forget my Daddy. My heart breaks for these sweet babies so much. They were such Daddys girls. How can they ever understand when I a grown up do not understand myself. It is so sad and I do not even know what to say to them anymore when they say things like this

Find Missing Chaz Richardson!
Unequal Missing Person Searches

The case of Chaz Richardson shows that missing persons searches are unequal. He is a missing man. Missing men of any ethnicity get little attention, resources, or publicity. On top of that, Chaz is a missing minority adult. Both these work against him and the search for him. It is unfathomable that law enforcement would not take his disappearance seriously. According to his NamUs profile, an overdose may have been responsible for what happened to Chaz? He was last seen running into the woods? These things counter what his family state about the circumstances surrounding Chaz’s disappearance. Shall we believe police or his family?

Find Missing Chaz Richardson!

Chaz’s family are suffering now. Just a casual reading of a few of the posts on either Chaz’s Justice page or his Facebook profile, show this. They feel that law enforcement have been less than helpful. One day, a family member have posted: “We are doing better than the police.” Sorry. police! I didn’t say that, his family did. His loved ones have gone for years feeling that four people are responsible for Chaz’s disappearance. And authorities, to this day, have not named any suspects. They have not made any arrests. And there have been no convictions. No one is behind bars for what happened to Chaz. But someone (s) has information that can bring desperately needed answers sought by this family.

Is this you? Do you have any information on the whereabouts of Chaz Richardson? If you do, you have multiple options for contacting authorities. You can contact Crimestopperswv.com at: (304) 255-Stop (7867). A reward of up to $10,000 is offered for information leading to Chaz’s return. You can contact a Tipline: (888) 546-7302. You can contact the Raleigh County Sheriff’s Office at: (304) 255-9300. You can contact WCBYH Case Manager-Roxanne at: (888) S-HOPE-02 (746-7302. If you have seen Chaz, call 9-1-1!

A Justice Facebook page has been set up for Chaz Richardson. Use Facebook? Consider clicking to “like” this page.

Chaz’s Facebook Profile has been converted into a “friend”Missing Person profile for him. Use Facebook? Click here to bookmark this page.

The NamUs scenario that Chaz Richardson ran into the woods and had some accident makes no sense to his family. They say that such behavior isn’t like him. Click here and learn more.

The images and top image on this page are courtesy of Chaz’s NamUs Database. Information is gleaned from these two pages and from Chaz’s NamUs profile.


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