Find Missing Carrie Anne Tripp!

Find Missing Carrie Anne Tripp!

Find missing Carrie Anne Tripp!

Find Missing Carrie Anne Tripp!

Find missing Carrie Anne Tripp! She is a missing mom. Also, she has medical conditions and special needs. In the world of the missing, she would be considered vulnerable missing. Carrie went missing out of Council Bluffs, Iowa. This missing mom was last seen on April 7, 2017. She’s 42 years old. Carrie’s bother, Dan Colton, told the Daily Nonpareil,
a local Iowa newspaper, about his sister’s medical needs. He says that she has a brain injury and is prone to seizures. Because of her medical condition, she doesn’t drive. And she takes medications.

Find Missing Carrie Anne Tripp!
Vulnerable Missing?

It was Carrie’s family who have last seen her. They’re really concerned about her well-being. Her family fears that she is suffering also from depression. And so they reveal that going missing is quite out of character for her. And not to stay in touch with her family and friends. Carrie stands 5’4″ and weighs 130 pounds. Carrie has brown hair and brown eyes. She bears a tattoo on her right upper arm. It has the name “Ayssa,” her daughter, on it.

Find Missing Carrie Anne Tripp!
Unequal Missing Person Searches

Inequality is a sad part of our culture. And that’s why missing persons searches are unequal. More resources get poured into missing child searches than missing adults. Often, more effort goes to missing females than missing males. Sadly, less effort is put into looking for missing people with mental illnesses, who have disabilities, or use drugs. And it’s common knowledge that more is put into searches for Caucasians who are missing, than into searches for missing persons of color. But I ask you to freely share Carrie’s story and poster! Generate trips and leads. Her family miss her!

And if you’re the one with information that can find her? Call 9-1-1 or the Council Bluffs Police Department at: (712) 328-4765.

The above photo and information are courtesy of Locate the Missing.

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Daily Nonpareil


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