Find Missing Brian Kelly Cook! ***(UPDATE: POSSIBLE SIGHTING)***


Find Missing Brian Kelly Cook!

Find missing Brian Kelly Cook!
He has been missing for over one month.
His apartment has been emptied out
And his vehicle remains parked in his driveway.
None of this adds up!

Find Missing Brian Kelly Cook!

Find missing Brian Kelly Cook! He went missing on October 2, 2017. Brian is missing from. Since October 2nd, Brian’s apartment had been vacated (moved out). And his vehicle has been left in his parking lot.
There has been no usage on his cell phone since October 2nd. Brian Kelly Cook is a Caucasian male. He is 25 years old. Brian is described as 5’11” tall and 170 pounds. This young man has a diamond stud in his left ear. His hair is described as blond, short, and wavy. And his eyes are blue.

Brian Kelly Cook has several tattoos: a black widow spider on his chest, a spider on his lower right leg, a “Sublime” sun on his right forearm and a “Sublime” sun on his back.

Find Missing Brian Kelly Cook!

Brian Kelly Cook’s spider tattoo.

Find Missing Brian Kelly Cook!

A “Sublime” tattoo on Brian Kelly Cook’s right forearm.

Find Missing Brian Kelly Cook!

A “Sublime Sun” tattoo on Brian Kelly Cook’s back.

MissingBrian Kelly Cook-UPDATE- Brian was last seen this morning, Saturday Oct. 4, 2017 in Sealy, Texas.
Brian’s Father is now offer $1000 REWARD to the person who provides information that results in them finding Brian.

Find Missing Brian Kelly Cook!

This is a limited information case. We have images of Brian’s tattoos, and tattoos have been known to solve cases and identify people. Some advocates have set up a Facebook group, but it is closed. That means that only members can see content. They state that the family of Brian Kelly Cook have not set up the group. But it is clear from the sister’s Timeline that this family is suffering and desperately want Brian home. He has been missing for over one months. And the holidays are coming up. Let’s get Brian home for the holidays, okay? Circulate his poster and story. Above all, if you have information, contact authorities! It does not matter if the information is small.

If you have any information about Brian Kelly Cook please contact the Beaumont Police Department. Contact them at: (409) 880-3830. Have you seen Brian Cook? Call 9-1-1!

This is an article about the search for Brian Kelly Cook. Click here to read the article.

Four of the images above are courtesy of the sister of Brian Kelly Cook.

The featured image and additional information are courtesy of the AWARE Foundation, Inc.


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  1. Curious as to the possible sighting on Nov 4. Where are you getting that info? His family knows nothing if this. And where was he supposedly spotted at?

    • I did. They have last seen on OCTOBER 4, not NOVEMBER 4. Which is consistent with what the family already knows. If this was a mistake on your part, please try and be more careful. Im sure you can imagine what it does to the family to see something like that, only to find out it was a mistake.

      • The update is in the exact words of the nonprofit in question. I seek always to be sensitive to the pain of families and I was repeating the exact word of the nonprofit, which is comprised of advocates who would NEVER knowingly increase any family’s pain. I’m sorry if I said or did anything to increase the family’s pain. I would NEVER knowingly do that and I strive to be careful with the facts as I receive them.

        • I think there was simply confusion between October 4 and November 4. We have always known of the possible sighting on Oct 4, but it was the updated Nov 4 that caught my attention. Anyway, thanks so much for your help in sharing his flyer and for spreading the word. Much appreciated.

      • I’m sorry. It is solely my error. Sigh. I see what you mean.

    • The sighting was on October 4; the Beaumont Enterprise incorrectly reported November 4, which was corrected.


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