Find Missing Baby Gabriel Scott Johnson! (Part 1)

Find Missing Baby Gabriel Scott Johnson!

Find Missing Baby Gabriel Scott Johnson!

Find missing Baby Gabriel Scott Johnson!
He was last seen as an infant and has not been seen since.
He has been missing for eight years.
At first, his case was hot and something was happening regularly
But now his the case seems to have stalled.

Find Missing Baby Gabriel Scott Johnson!

Find Missing Baby Gabriel Scott Johnson! Gabriel was last seen on December 7, 2009 in San Antonio, Texas. He’s from Tempe, Arizona. His case is marked endangered missing. He was born in 2009. When last seen, Gabriel was seven months old. He is now five years old. When last seen, Gabriel was 2’0 in size and weighed 20 pounds. He has light brown hair and blue eyes. He is a Caucasian male. There’s no known information about what Gabriel was last seen wearing when he was last seen.

Find Missing Baby Gabriel Scott Johnson!

Elizabeth Joanne Johnson, Gabriel’s mother, abducted him. She come to his home in Tempe, Arizona. Elizabeth is from San Antonio, Texas. The abduction occurred on December 18, 2009. She took him to San Antonio, Texas. She drove her grandmother’s white 1995 Oldsmobile Delta 88. They arrived on December 22, staying in two motels in the area. Gabriel Was last seen with his mother on December 27, 2009. She left San Antonio by Greyhound bus that same day, without the baby. Elizabeth left her car behind in San Antonio.

Find Missing Baby Gabriel Scott Johnson!
Arrest Warrants

Elizabeth was supposed to appear for a custody hearing in family court. This was to be in Arizona on December 28, 2009.She never showed up. An arrest warrant for custodial interference was issued for her. She was arrested at youth hostel in Miami Beach, Florida on December 30, 2009. Gabriel wasn’t with her at the time. He has never been heard from again. Later, Elizabeth was indicted for custodial interference, kidnapping, and child abuse. On December 27, 2009, Gabriel’s father, Logan SCott McQueary, got a series of disturbing text messages from Elizabeth. A photo of Logan McQueary is shown below.

Find Missing Baby Gabriel Scott Johnson!

Logan Mcqueary

Find Missing Baby Gabriel Scott Johnson!
Biological Mother Statements

Elizabeth contacted McQueary via text message. And she claimed that he would never see his son again. For she said that she had killed Gabriel. And she claimed that she threw him in a trash bin. THen she called Logan repeated her claim that she had killed Gabriel. Later, Elizabeth said those claims were false. She claimed that she only made them up to upset McQueary. Elizabeth claimed that she had given Gabriel to a man and a childless woman. She had met them in San Antonio Park. Two photo of Elizabeth Are shown below.

Find Missing Baby Gabriel Scott Johnson!

Elizabeth Johnson

Find Missing Baby Gabriel Scott Johnson!

Elizabeth Johnson

Find Missing Baby Gabriel Scott Johnson!
Further Claims

Elizabeth Futher made claims about her actions causing Gabriel’s disappearance. She stated that she spent three days with the adoptive couple which she gave the baby to. But, she stated, she deliberately tried not to remember their last names. She also sought to not remember what the couple’s car looked like. Elizabeth stated that she did this so she wouldn’t be able to take Gabriel back if she changed her mind. Elizabeth claimed that the woman’s first name was Cheryl. But she didn’t remember the man’s name.

Find Missing Baby Gabriel Scott Johnson!
Considered for Adoption

At the time of his disappearance, Gabriel was being considered for adoption. Tammi Peters and Jack Smith lived near his home. They were seeking to adopt Gabriel. They spent weeks with him in December. They had bonded with him. McQueary is Elizabeth’s ex-boyfriend. He was refusing to give up his parental rights. McQueary stated that he believed that they were trying to coerce him into agreeing with the adoption. Tammi and Jack are considered persons of interest in Gabriel’s disappearance. For they were the last persons who saw him before he left Tempe, Arizona.

Find Missing Baby Gabriel Scott Johnson!
Investigator Suspicions

Authorities stated that they believed that Tammi and Peter Smith were withholding information. They believed that this couple knew more about Gabriel’s whereabouts than they were telling them. The smiths supported Elizabeth and they claimed that that believed he was safe. And he might be returned home, they said. The caveat was if McQueary agreed to give up custody to them. In February 2016, Tammi was arrested and charged with forgery and custodial interference. She was also charged with conspiracy to commit custodial interference in Gabriel’s disappearance.

Find Missing Baby Gabriel Scott Johnson!
A Suspect Convicted

According to court documents, Tammi had played a “deceptive role” in the investigation. She made numerous false statements to the media and the police. She also withheld information from investigators. She maintains her innocence. Tammi did admit that she wrote the name of one of her cousins on a paternity document. The document stated that the cousin, not Logan McQueary, was Gabriel’s biological father.In May 2012, Tammi was convicted of all charges.

Find Missing Baby Gabriel Scott Johnson!

I well remember when Gabriel’s case came out. He was featured on the former Nancy Grace Show. Grace covered every detail of Gabriel’s case. There were new developments on a regular basic. But his case has grown as cold as ice. Someone knows something! Is Gabriel, right now, being hidden because he was adopted on the black market? Has he been given another name, a false identity? Or did something else happen to him? It’s unknown. Do you have any information that can bring this child home to his family? Have you seen him? If you, multiple options for submitting tips and leads are found below.

Federal Bureau of Investigation
SanAntonio Police Department
Tempe Police Department

The rest of Gabriel’s story will continue on a a second page. His story is so complex and the players so many, that it warrants two pages.

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The first above photo is courtesy of the family and friends of Gabriel Scott Johnson.

The second above photo is courtesy of LostNMissing, Inc.

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