Find Missing Arika L Hall!

Find Missing Arika L. Hall!

Find missing Arika L Hall!
She has been missing for months now.
When she was last seen, Arika
Got into a car with an unidentified male.
And she has never been seen again!

Find Missing Arika L Hall!

Find missing Arika L Hall! Arika has been missing since February 5, 2016. She is missing from Canton, Ohio. Hall is classified as an endangered missing person. She was born in the year 1993. At the time of her disappearance, Arika was 23 years old. Her current age is 24 years old. Arika L Hall is a Caucasian female. She is described as 5’2″ to 5’4″ tall. She weighs 100 to 123 pounds. Hall has brown hair and blue eyes. Arika L. Hall has a tattoo of the words “Captain Marty Hall” with angel wings on her left hip. She has two moles on the right side of her back. And she has a scar on her right elbow.

When last seen, Arika L Hall was wearing a black shirt with a white design. She was wearing black pants and a black skirt. Hall was wearing a black hat with a brown flower. At the time of her disappearance, Hall was addicted to heroin.

Find Missing Arika L Hall!

It was February 5, 2016 in Canton, Ohio. Reportedly, Arika L Hall’s boyfriend had assaulted her the day before. And the very next day, Hall left in a car with an unidentified male. She has never been seen again. Before her disappearance, Arika L Hall graduated from Glen Oak High School in 2012. And she went on to attend Paul Mitchell Beauty School. But she began using drugs and dropped out of school. Reportedly, Arika started taking the prescription painkiller Percocet. Then, in 2014, she “graduated” to heroin.

Find Missing Arika L Hall!

Reportedly, Arika L Hall has been arrested numerous times. Always, the charges were either drug or theft related. After Hall’s disappearance, she missed a court appearance. And a warrant was issued for her arrest. Rumors circulated that Hall was harmed or killed. And because of addiction, police believe that Arita L Hall could be in serious danger. In spite of her lifestyle, it is uncharacteristic of Arika to be out of touch with her family for more than a few days.

Find Missing Arika L Hall!

Before their loved one went missing, the family of Arika L Hall had been living a nightmare. They had a loved one addicted to drugs. And when Arika went missing, their nightmare intensified. At least in the case, police in Hall’s case took her disappearance seriously, judging from the available information. And they have investigated her disappearance an endangered missing person. In many cases, families lament that police refuse to help if a missing loved one struggles with a drug addiction. Someone (s) knows where this young woman is! Have information about Arika L Hall’s whereabouts? The identity of the male she got into the car with? Anything about him?

If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
Canton Police Department

The above information can be found on Arika’s Charley Project page. I have adapted and remixed it. It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial 2.0 License

The top image is courtesy of Arika’s NamUs Database.


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