Find Missing Anita Boman!

Find Missing Anita Bolman!

Find missing Anita Boman!

Find Missing Anita Boman!

Find missing Anita Boman! She went missing out of Chatom, Alabama. This 26-year-old woman was last seen Sunday evening. February 26, 2017, is the last day Anita was seen. It was in Jackson, Alabama, Anita told her cousin that she was going to her boyfriend’s house. It was in Wagarville. However, according to him, Anita never showed up at his house. When she had left, Anita was driving a car. It is shown in the middle of her poster. This car is a black, 4 door, 2006 Chevy Cobalt. Its windows are tinted. The vehicle also has a dealership tag. That tag says:
JB Automotive.

It appears that Anita’s disappearance isn’t voluntary. Those who know her say that her vanishing is out of character for her. Anita has two daughters she would never leave. This missing mom is 5’6″ and weighs 138 pounds. She is African-American and has brown eyes. Anita has dyed blonde hair. Boman has a tattoo on the right side of her chest. This tattoo is of her name. And it contains a panther with a rose sticking out of its mouth. You can see this on the poster. Boman was last seen wearing a brown Micky Mouse shirt.

Find Missing Anita Boman!
Updated Investigation

Find missing Anita Boman! On March three, the investigation was updated. Ray Norris, the Clarke County Sheriff, says a car was found. It belongs to the missing mom. The poster vehicle looks much like it. The vehicle was discovered in the Alabama River. According to Norris, the car was found deep under the water. How deep? He specified that the vehicle was found under 18 feet of water. Where? At the Gainestown Landing in Clarke County. Anita, however, was not found.

Find Missing Anita Boman!
Still Missing

This mom is still missing! The Sheriff was saying these things to FOX10 News. And at 8 P.M, Norris shared that the search for Boman was called off for the night. On Sunday morning, they would resume their search. He remarked: “It was just too dangerous at night for us to continue. With the water like it was.” And on that Sunday morning, the search was to continue. Searchers would look where the car was found. And they would search down the river. The investigator also has this theory: If Boman had gotten out of the car, she would have been swept under. And by quite some distance under the strong current. Plans are underway to look under the water and along the river banks.

Yet investigators continue to presume that she is alive. So let’s continue to share her poster and her story. Maybe we will reach the person who holds the key to breaking her case wide open. And if any reader has information? You can call the Washington County Sheriff’s Office at 251-242-1246. You can also contact Investigator Ron Baggett. He is at the Clarke County Sheriff’s Office at 251-275-3360. Both agencies are taking tips on this case because of the multi-county jurisdiction.

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The photo and information is provided courtesy of Locate the Missing.


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