Find Missing Andrew Pinedo!

Missing, Unidentified, and Victims

Find Missing Andrew Pinedo!

Find missing Andrew Pinedo!
He may be suicidal!
He went to the place where his dad killed himself!
Where is Andrew?

Find Missing Andrew Pinedo!

Find missing Andrew Pinedo! He is better known as Drew to his family and friends. This missing teen is believed to be suicidal. Drew was last seen at noon on Wednesday on June 14, 2017. Upon his disapperance, Andrew was in Carson City, Nevada. And he was near Salisman Road and East William Street. Drew reportedly suffers from chronic depression. He has recently expressed thoughts that have concerned his family. But there is a more disturbing circumstance.

When and where were Andrew Pinedo last seen? On Father’s Day Sunday, June 18, 2017, Drew was at the location where his father committed suicide. That location is in Sun Valley (Reno), Nevada. According to reports, this was the place where Andrew Pinedo was last seen.

Find Missing Andrew Pinedo!

This is available physical description of Andrew Pinedo. Upon his disapperance, Drew was wearing a gray hoodie. He was also wearing dark blue Levi’s jeans and a black hat. Drew was wearing white Nike Air Force 1 shoes. They have black trim. Pinedo has a bright blue Jansport backpack with him. Andrew Pinedo is described as 5’11” and weighs 160 pounds. He has curly brown hair and brown eyes. His canine teeth are missing. Drew has dental braces with bright blue rubber bands. His cell phone is either dead or turned off.

Find Missing Andrew Pinedo!
We Can Find Him N Save His Life

This is a heartbreaking story. Drew’s family has already faced one horrible loss due to suicide. And we can help prevent another! Spread the word about Andrew Pinedo far and wide. View his mom’s post below (italicized). Our shares can save his life! Have you seen Andrew Pinedo? Call 9-1-1 without delay! Have information that can help locate him? Please contact the Carson City Sheriff’s Office. Call them at: (775) 887-2500 (His mother’s corection NOT the number on the top poster) Or you can call Detective Sam Hatley at: (775) 283-7852.

Andrew if u see this I am so worried about u. I have never went a day without a hearing from you and it’s been 12 days since I saw u. Your brothers and sister miss you so much. I just want to know u are ok and safe. Please reach out to me and let me know ur safe. I’m always here for u, u know I will do anything to help u. I miss u so much son please call me Drew

Bring Andrew Pinedo Home Safe is a Facebook page that his mom has been set up for him. Use Facebook? Please “Like” this page.

The above image and additional information are courtesy of Missing Pieces Network.

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