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Find Missing Amber Nicole Flack!

Find Missing Amber Nicole Flack!

Find missing Amber Nicole Flack!
She has been missing three short of a year!
As out of thin air,she vanished and was never seen again.
What happened to Amber Flack?

Find Missing Amber Nicole Flack!

Find missing Amber Nicole Flack! Amber is missing out of Middletown, Ohio. She also goes by the name Amber Steinspring. This missing woman was last seen on September 1, 2016. Three weeks will mark her annual missing date. Flack was 31 years old when she disappeared. Amber Nicole Flack is a Caucasian female. She is described as 5’9″ and she weighs 115 pounds. Her eyes are brown and so is her hair. Amber was last seen wearing blue jeans and a pink tank top. She has no upper teeth and may be in need of medication. Amber has several tattoos (no description provided).

Find Missing Amber Nicole Flack!
Missing Under Unknown Circumstances

The circumstances surrounding Amber’s disappearance remain unknown. Did she vanish on foot or was she in a vehicle? When she vanished, was she alone or with someone else? Is her disappearance considered voluntary or is foul play suspected? What was her state of mind at the time of her disappearance? And no timeline is provided.
And did she take any personal belongings with her when she went missing? How can she be located without knowing what to be on the lookout for?

I found what appears to be Amber’s Facebook profile. Is profile photo is the same as one of the photos on her missing poster. And a post was made on September 5, 2016, four days after her disappearance. Was it made by her or someone else? And I did not see a single comment that appeared to be from anyone who loved her or wanted her home! Quite the opposite. Trolls seem to have taken over her profile, at least at the time. There were comments that state that her case is a hoax. And no post appears after the September 5 post which is italicised below.

To all my friends and family if anyone has any information on my were about please contact Middletown police station and father 513 502 2862 or brother 937 733 3280 or boy friend 513 804 6210 any information will be helpful thanks

Find Missing Amber Nicole Flack!
Call for Help

It is sad and tragic that there is so little about this missing woman. Only one press release surfaced, which is linked below. Amber has been missing almost a year, and it seems that she is one of those missing persons that no one cares about. There are no Facebook pages set up for her. I see few efforts to get her name or face before the public. She seems to have no family pushing awareness for her. Nothing! I hope I’m in error about her family. There has to be someone (s) out there who misses this woman and wants her home. Every missing person is important, including those who have seemingly no one pushing awareness for them.

If seen, please contact: Detective Hoover with Middletown Police Department at (513) 425-7700
Bring Our Missing Home, Inc. Tip Line (810) 294-4858
Law Enforcement Case #16-011905
Bring our Missing Home, Inc Case # BOOH160901AF
NamUs MP # 35361

In the process of helping with another missing person, Amber became a missing person herself. Click here to read the article.

And to confirm that Amber is a legitimate missing person, you can find a link to her NamUs database. Click here to view it..

The above photo and additional information are courtesy of Bring Our Missing Home, Inc.


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