Find Missing Amanda Romine Ward!!

Find Missing Amanda Romine Ward!

Find missing Amanda Romine Ward!
Police classified her simply as missing.
She has been missing for four years.
Something has happened to her. At least
Her family thinks so.

Find Amanda Romine Ward!

Find Amanda Romine Ward! Amanda has been missing since July 7, 2013. She is missing from Springfield, Ohio. She is classified as simply missing. Ward was born in the year 1983. At the time of her disappearance, Amanda was 30 years old. Her current age is 33 years old. Amanda Romine Ward is a Caucasian female. She is described as 5’2″ tall and she weighs 130 pounds. Ward has brown hair and blue eyes. She has the name “Danny” on her right foot. Ward has the name “Romine” on her left foot. And she has a koifish on the right side of her neck.

Amanda may be referred to as Amanda Romine Ward. This is how this post refers to her. It is unknown what Ward was wearing when she was last seen. It seems that little of a timeline has been pinpointed. It isn’t known if Amanda vanished on foot or in a vehicle. For a case that has lasted four years, this is a limited information case.

Find Missing Amanda Romine Ward!

Amanda Romine Ward was last seen on July 7, 2013. Ward was last seen in the 300 block of Buxton Avenue in Springfield, Ohio. She was staying at her home at Indian Lake. But she left on July 5 to return to the home she shared with her husband. It was located in the 900 block of Avondale Avenue. On July 6, Ward called her sister and asked to be picked up the next day. This was the last time they spoke to each other. Amanda has never been heard from again.

Find Missing Amanda Rominee Ward!
Her Marriage

Amanda’s family reported her missing on August 8, over a month later. Amanda’s husband was known as Daniel Michael Romine or Daniel Ward. He died in his home in the 900 block of Avondale in December 2015. He was 43 years old. Authorities have named him as a person of interest in his wife’s disappearance. It is unknown if they so named him before or after his death. And the cause of his death is unknown. Amanda and Doug had been married for a year before she went missing.

Find Missing Amanda Romine Ward!
Troubled Marriage

Amanda and Doug’s marriage was troubled. Reportedly, there was a history of intimate partner violence between them. It is said that both of them abused substances. Daniel had reportedly not cooperated with the investigation. Now he is dead. And so authorities hope that witnesses will come forward now. Since Daniel is no longer around, the hope is that witnesses won’t let fear keep them silent any longer. Amanda’s family fear that she is no longer alive. They state that it is unlike her to leave without warning.

Find MIssing Amanda Lyn Ward-Romine!

Daniel Ward in 2013

Amanda’s loved ones have set up a “Friend” Facebook Profile page for her search. Use Facebook? Consider clicking to “Follow” this page.

Christmas is always a hard time for families of the missing. A few days before Christmas 2016, one of Amanda’s nieces wrote a heartbreaking status update:

You think that this won’t happen to your family, like its something that only happens in the movies. As a young child, I never thought my life would be turned upside down. I never guessed I’d lose my best friend. I was so young. I thought I had forever with her. Little did I know, she wouldn’t be around forever. She promised me she’d do my prom makeup when the time came&she’d teach me so many things. She told me to never dye my hair or bite my nails. She was the first person who shaved my legs. God. What I would give to have her back. My biggest regret was not cherishing my time with her. I didn’t understand the value of someone. I didn’t understand that anything was possible. Now that I’m older&I understand everything I think about what kind of person could take her away from us. She was so kind and loving. How could someone do that? How could someone have the nerve to put my family through hell, murder my aunt, and still walk around freely? My family will never be the same but we’ve learned that we need to keep one another close and cherish time because we never know what could happen the next day. Tomorrow isn’t promised. I’ll never understand it all. If I had one wish, it would be to bring her body home. I think the hardest part of it all, is that there’s still that hope. No matter what were told, the hope never goes away. Its what kills me the most. You hope she’s out having the time of her life, but reality says her cold, lifeless body is laying somewhere. Love your family because something like this could happen to anyone. Don’t leave things unsaid&tell them you love them any chance you get. You won’t regret it. You’d never guess how long three years is without someone. The holidays just don’t feel the same without you. I love you Aunt Amanda. Fly high beautiful.💕

Find Missing Amanda Romine Ward!

I find it hard to understand why Amanda is classified as simply missing. Not endangered missing. One wonders what clues Daniel, her husband, might have taken with him when he passed away. It’s too late to know, but maybe people who know Daniel have critical information. We can read the heartbreaking post by Amanda’s niece, left unaltered.
Knowing what happened to Amanda will not take their pain away. Knowing who is responsible for her disappearance, will not take their pain away. But it should give them peace. And someone (s) knows something!

Do you have any information on the whereabouts of Amanda Romine Ward? If you do, please contact the Springfield Police Department. Call them at: (937) 324-7680 or 9-1-1.

Note: The Charley Project profile for Amanda refer to her as Amanda Lyn Ward-Romine. But her Facebook profile page set up for her, refers to her as Amanda Romine Ward. So, because of how Amanda is named on her profile, that is why she is profiled as Amanda Romine Ward.

The above information and image are found on Amanda’s Charley Project page. I have adaped and remixed it. And it is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial 2.0 License

The above photo is courtesy of Amanda’s NamUs Database.

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