Find Missing Alma Violet Root!

Find Missing Alma Violet Roof!

Find Missing Alma Violet Roof!

Alma Violet Root, age-progressed to 52 (circa 2017)

Find missing Alma Violet Roof!
Police treated her as another runaway teen.
Because she ran away from an abusive home.
She has been missing for 38 years.
She was last seen with an older male.
Soon after she went missing, that older male
Was convicted of child molestation in another case.
But he has never been charged in her case.
Some agencies still call her a runaway
After 38 years!
Has the system failed Alma?

Find Missing Alma Violet Roof!

Find missing Alma Violet Roof! Alma Violet Root has been missing since January 1, 1980. Alma is missing from Auburn, California. She is classified as an endangered missing person. She was born in the year 1965. At the age of her disappearance, Alma was 14 years old. Her current age is 52 years old. Alma Violet Rood is a Caucasian female. She is described as 5’4″ tall and 130 pounds at the time of her disappearance. Alma has brown hair and brown eyes. She goes by her middle name, Violet. On one side of her breasts, Alma has an approximately quarter-sized tattoo of a blue heart.

Find Missing Alma Violet Root!

For several years prior to 1980, Alma violet Roof and her older sister, Laura Huff, spent their time in foster care. They had run away from home to escape sexual abuse. They they were placed in foster care. By then, a third sister had moved out of the house. Even though Alma and Laura often had to stay in separate foster homes, Alma and Laura remained close. Alma’s father had been convicted of sexually abusing Alma and Laura and was sentenced to prison. Shortly before Alma went missing, she and Laura were re-united. Then they went to live with their grandmother. She lived in Applegate, California. When Alma disappeared, her father was still in prison.

Find Missing Alma Violet Root!
According to Alma’s Boyfriend

Alma was last seen on January 1, 1980. She was at her grandmother’s residence that evening. Scott Petschek, her 25 year old boyfriend, picked her up that evening. According to Petschek, he and Alma spent some time at his grandmother’s home. Then he claimed that Alma asked him to drive her to her aunt’s home in Rio Linda, California. Then he dropped her off at her requested destination. He went to his job at McClellan Air Force Base. After work, when he went back to Rio Linda to pick up Alma, she was gone. According to Petschek, he did not consider Alma’s disappearance to be unusual. After all, she had a reputation as an occasional runaway and hitchhiker.

Find Missing Alma Violet Root!
According to Family

Alma’s family told investigators that she did not have an aunt who lived in Rio Linda. She may have traveled with a male companion after her initial disappearance. Due to her history as a runaway, police believed that she left of her own accord in 1980. From the beginning, Laura Huff didn’t believe the runaway theory. She stated that the two of them always ran away together. And Alma would not have left without her. Huff claims that she asked Petschek what happened. He told her that she would never find Alma. No further details are provided about the search for Alma.

Find Missing Alma Violet Root!
No Answers

Alma’s missing case was reportedly re-opened in the year 1991. No details are provided that it was closed in the first place. During that year, Alma’s father was released from prison. Then he went to the police and asked if they had located his daughter. Authorities re-interviewed Petschek and searched the well behind his grandmother’s home. They found nothing that interested them. Sometime after 1980, however, Petschek was convicted of child molestation. And now he is registered as a sex offender. However, he has never been charged in Alma’s case. He maintains his innocence in her disappearance.

Alma Violet Root has never been found. Few clues exist as to what could have happened to her. Some agencies still classify her as a runaway.

Find Missing Alma Violet Root!

It is said that in cold cases, time is not on your side. Witnesses die and their testimonies are gone. Because of her history of running away from home, Alma was understandably treated once again as a runaway. But runaways can run into foul play. And it looks like that has happened. Far too much time has passed. It must give those who care for Alma a ray of hope that her case has been re-opened. Her father and grandparents are dead. Yes, her mother and two sisters are still alive. But they won’t live forever. Alma’s mother deserves to know what happened to her missing daughter before she dies. Someone (s) has information that can help make it happen.

Do you have any information as to the whereabouts of Alma Violet Root? Have information about Scott Petschek’s whereabouts and actions on the day of Alma’s disappearance? The vehicle he was driving? If you have even a small piece of information, please refer to the contact options below.

Find Missing Alma Violet Root!
Contact Information

If you think you know the whereabouts of Alma Violet Root, BEFORE TAKING ANY ACTION, please contact the Placer County Sheriffs Department at: (530) 886-5375 or (916) 889-7800. You may contact your local law enforcement agency. You may contact the California Department of Justice at 1-800-222-FIND (24 hour nationwide toll-free Hotline). You may contact: (916) 210-3119. You may email the Office at Or you can leave your tip online: Click here to leave your tip online.
You may contact the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children: 1-800-843-5678.

Agency Case Number: 911125043
NCMEC #: NCMC761400
NCIC Number: M-880318478

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The above information is found on Alma Violet Root’s Charley Project Page. I have adapted and remixed it. It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial 4.0 International License.
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