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Find Missing Alexis Geraldo Hernandez-Repollet!

Find Missing Alexis Geraldo Hernandez-Repollet!
Find Missing Alexis Geraldo Hernandez-Repollet!

Find missing Alexis Geraldo Hernandez-Repollet!!
He is better known as Alex.
Fifteen years ago, Alex went missing with his mom and unborn sibling.
A few months later, his mom was found murdered.
He and his unborn sibling remain missing.
His mom was known as “the other Laci Peterson.”
Where is Alexis? His sibling?

Find Missing Alexis Geraldo Hernandez-Repollet!

Find Missing Alexis Geraldo Hernandez-Repollet! Alexis has been missing since May 1, 2002. Some agencies give the date as April 30. He went missing with his mother, Evelyn Hernandez, and his unborn sibling. Evelyn was in her advanced stage of pregnancy at the time of her disappearance. His mom was found deceased; his sibling never was found. Alexis is missing from San Francisco, California. His case is classified as endangered missing. Alexis was born in the year 1996. He was five years old at the time of his disappearance. Some agencies give his age as six years old. His current age is 20 years old. Some agencies give Alexis’s last name as Repoliet.

Alexis Geraldo Hernandez-Repollet is a Latino male of Hispanic ethnicity. He is described as an even 4’0″ and 45 pounds at the time of his disappearance. Alexis has brown hair and brown eyes. It is unknown what Alex was wearing at the time of his disappearance. He has no known scars, birthmarks, tattoos, or piercings. His nickname is Alex. Many agencies refer to him by that name.

Find Missing Alexis Geraldo Hernandez-Repollet!
At the Time of the Disappearance

At the time of Alex’s disappearance, he was living with his mom, Evelyn Hernandez. They were living in Crocker-Amazon neighborhood of San Francisco. Evelyn was “big as a house” at the time. She was pregnant and was due to give birth to her unborn baby boy in just a week. Evelyn was born in the year 1978. She was 24 years old at the time of her disappearance. It was at this time that Evelyn, her son and his unborn brother, vanished. Evelyn planned to name her baby Fernando. On April 30, Evelyn’s family last heard from her. She spoke on the phone to her boyfriend and two of her sisters.

Find Missing Alexis Geraldo Hernadez-Repollet!

Find Missing Alexis Geraldo Hernandez-Repollet!!

On the evening of her disappearance, Evelyn had spoken to both of her sisters. One of the sisters lives in the San Francisco Bay area. This is located in California. Alex’s mother talked with her sister about the baby shower that her sister had planned for her. The other sister lives in Virginia. It is unknown what they had spoken about at that time. On May 1, Evelyn had taken Alex to day care. She had used an automated teller machine (ATM). Evelyn, Alexis, and her unborn baby were never heard from after May i. Evelyn’s boyfriend reported them missing one week later. Alex’s mom had limited English skills at the time she disappeared.

Find Missing Alexis Geraldo Hernandez-Repollet!
Initial Investigation

Evelyn Hernandez was originally from El Salvador. She had moved to the United States at the age of 14, to live with her mother. Her passport and Alex’s were found inside their home. At the time of her and Alex’s disappearances, Evelyn didn’t own a car. Most of Evelyn’s family live in El Salvador. Evelyn’s wallet was found shortly after she, Alex, and her unborn son disappeared. It was found in a South San Francisco Parking lot. This was two blocks from the workplace of her unborn son’s father. There was a disability check made out to Evelyn and $40 in cash. These were found inside the wallet.

Find Missing Alexis Geraldo Hernandez-Repollet!
Gruesome Discovery

Investigators continued searching for Evelyn, Alex’s mother. They searched a canal near to the parking lot. But nothing was located that connected with the cases of Evelyn or Alex. At first, police believed that Evelyn might have taken Alexis and and left the area to have her baby in privacy. IT was by mid-summer that they suspected foul play in this triple disappearance. For nothing had been heard from her. They had taken no personal belongings with them. In July, their suspicions were confirmed. At that time, they found a badly decomposed pair of legs and a torso. These were dressed in a maternity blouse. The remains were located near the San Francisco Bay Bridge.

Find Missing Alexis Geraldo Hernandez-Repollet!
A Suspect?

DNA tests confirmed that the remains were Evelyn’s. However, Alex’s body wasn’t found. Neither was the rest of her body. Her unborn son’s remains weren’t found either. Her murder remains unsolved. Evelyn was dating Herman Albert Aguilera, her unborn son’s father. He was a 36-year-old married mechanic. However, she did not know that he was married at the time. Initially, Aguilera had been questioned and cooperated with authorities. But he ended up hiring a lawyer. And he stopped talking to investigators. Police had not ruled him out as a suspect. But they don’t call him a “serious suspect” either.

Find Missing Alexis Geraldo Hernandez-Repollet
The Boyfriend

Reportedly, Aguilera wasn’t happy when he learned that Evelyn had become pregnant. It wasn’t until after she announced her pregnancy that he let her know that he was married. But Evelyn seemed to want her baby and was looking forward to his birth. The parking lot where her wallet was found was close to a gas station which Aguilera often used. However, he claims that he was at home with his wife the night of Evelyn’s and her sons’ disappearances. Alex’s biological father was in the Navy when his son was born. He has never known Alexis. Thus he’s not considered a suspect in his son’s disappearance or in Evelyn’s murder.

Find Missing Alexis Geraldo Hernandez-Repollet!
Connected Cases?

Some have speculated that Evelyn’s murder, Alex’s and her unborn son’s disappearances may link to the case of Laci Perterson and her unborn son. Peterson was eight months pregnant when she disappeared from Modesto, California. And was went missing on Christmas Eve, 2002. Her corpse was found in pieces. It was found in the San Francisco Bay in May 2003. Conner’s remains were also found. Scott Peterson, Laci’s husband, was convicted of capital murder in the deaths of Laci and Conner. Some tabloid newspapers have suggested that Scott was involved in the Hernandez triple disappearance of Evelyn, Alex, and Fernandez. This is because circumstances were similar.

Find Missing Alexis Geraldo Hernandez-Repollet!

Tabloids also suggested that Scott Peterson may be involved in the disappearance of Kristin Smart. She had attended California Polytechnic State University at the same time Scott and Laci did. Police have investigated all these claims and have found no evidence to substantiate them. At the time of her disappearance, Evelyn was a legal immigrant who was employed as a vocational nurse. Her loved ones say that she was a devoted parent. It’s unknown where Alex or his unborn brother are, or who killed Evelyn. Some agencies list Alex’s and Evelyn’s missing dates as April 30. Alex attended the Buena Vista Elementary School in 2002. His mother volunteered there.

Find Missing Alexis Geraldo Hernandez-Repollet!

Though Alex has been missing for over 16 years, I have never heard about him in the news. Nor have I heard about his mom, Evelyn, and her disappearance, covered. This was a triple disappearance when their case began. A pregnant mom. Her still missing five year old son. And her unborn baby. You would think that a triple disappearance like this would have been considered newsworthy. Nope. I had to look up a “missing white girl syndrome” article to finally learn about the case of Alex Hernandez, his murdered pregnant mom and Fernandez.

Justice has been been delayed for far too long for Alexis Geraldo Hernandez-Repollet, for his murdered pregnant mom and for her unborn baby! Someone (s) knows something! Do you have any information concerning the whereabouts of Alexis Geraldo Hernandez-Repollet? Do you have any information concerning the murder of his mother, Evelyn Hernandez, and her unborn baby? Do you have any information concerning the person (s) responsible for what has happened to them?

Find Missing Alexis Geraldo Hernandez-Repollet!
Contact Information

If you think you know the whereabouts of Alexis Geraldo Hernandez-Repollet, BEFORE TAKING ANY ACTION, please contact the San Francico Police Department at: (415) 553-1145. You may contact your local law enforcement agency. You may contact the California Department of Justice at 1-800-222-FIND (24 hour nationwide toll-free Hotline). You may contact: (916) 210-3119. You may email the Office at missing.persons@doj.ca.gov. Or you can leave your tip online: Click here to leave your tip online.

Agency Case Number: 020549157
NamUs Case Number: MP #6180

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