Find Missing Alexis Camry Scott!

Find Missing Alexis Camry Scott!

Find missing Alexis Camry Scott!
She was last seen at a house party.
She has had zero social media activity
After nonstop posting.
And she has had no contact with her family.
She is a missing young mom.
And she would not disappear voluntarily.
Where is Alexis?

Find Missing Alexis Camry Scott!

Find Missing Alexis Camry Scott!

Find Missing Alexis Camry Scott! Alexis was last seen at a house party in the 100 block of Richmond Avenue. To be exact, she was last seen on 123 Richmond. She was last seen in Peoria, Illinois on September 23, 2017. Reportedly, Alexis vanished sometime between 4:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M. A witness states that she left around 5:30 A.M., but this has not been confirmed. Officially, Alexis was last seen by a Peoria cab driver. He had dropped her off in the 100 block of Richmond Avenue.

Find Missing Alexis Camry Scott!
Family Details

Reportedly and according to the family, the tenants of 125 Richmond have confirmed that Alexis Camry Scott was with them. But they state that she had left either walking or in a vehicle. And, according to the tenants, she left at approximately 5:00 A.M. on September 23. The family of Alexis state that since she vanished, all her social media activity stopped. Her norm was to post daily. Nor has she had any contact with friends and indeed, everyone she knows. This includes her son. It is totally unlike her to disappear willingly and not maintaining contact with her family.

Find Missing Alexis Camry Scott!

According to the loved ones of Alexis Camry Scott, police did not seem to take her disappearance seriously. They state that it took Peoria police 26 days to get them to search the place where she was last seen. It also took people visiting the city council on behalf of Alexis. And that is what it took for them to update Alexis’s case on their Facebook page. To date, the family and friends of Alexis are still seeking media attention, specifically that of Nancy Grace.

Find Alexis Camry Scott!

Alexis Camry Scott is an African-American female. She is 20 years of age. When last seen, she was wearing a white “half shirt.” Alexis also wore light-colored blue jeans and a Victoria secret pink jacket. Alexis is described as 5’1″ and approximately 115 to 120 pounds. Her hair is described as brown/burgundy/red and long. Other accounts state that her hair is black. Alexis’s eyes are brown. Other accounts state that Alexis wore a black zip-up hoodie with pink designs. And she was wearing her hair in a ponytail. Alexis’s nickname, according to her family, is “Lexx.”

Find Missing Alexis Camry Scott!
Tattoos N Piercings

Alexis Camry Scott has several tattoos. They include a paw prints on her right shoulder. She has the word “Royalty” tattooed on her left inner arm. Alexis has the word “Trevon” tattooed on her right wrist. She has the word “Travon Jr” on her right shoulder. The young mom has the word “Lily” tattooed on her left shoulder. Both her ears are pierced. Alexis has a scar under her lower lip from a previous piercing. And she has braces brackets on her lower teeth.

Find Missing Alexis Camry Scott!
Unequal Missing Persons Searches

It is quite sad how little media coverage that Alexis Camry Scott has received. In my Internet searches, appallingly few results showed up. And this is a young mom in whose case foul play is suspected. reading through The Alexis Camry Scott Campaign is heartbreaking. It’s the same way on the Facebook profile of the mother of Alexis. The campaign is a hashtag campaign, seeking to get the attention of Nancy Grace. The family and friends of Alexis are understandably frustrated with the system with for the limited attention and resources that she has received. Missing persons searches are not equal.

Find Missing Alexis Camry Scott!
How We Can Help

The family and friends of Alexis Camry Scott need our help! From the beginning, they have fought to get more attention and resources and vigorously push awareness for Alexis. Consider joining the Facebook group below. And participate in the hashtag campaign. It is simple while it will take a few minutes. When we share any post about her, we include certain hashtags. They include: #justice4alexisscott, #nancygrace, and #J4A. And above all, if you have even a piece of information concerning the whereabouts of Alexis Camry Scott, you’re urged to come forward. See contact information below.

If anyone has seen or might know where Alexis is please Contact Detective Rodgers @ 309-494-8393 or Detective McDaniels @ 309-494-8390. Or Contact the Peoria Police Department at: (309) 673-4521. You can reach her mother any time at 309-922-3195 and through Facebook, see April Allen.

A Facebook group, Alexis Camry Scott Campaign, has been set up for this missing young mom. Most information on this post is courtesy of the group. Use Facebook? Consider clicking to “join” this group..

The above image and additional information are courtesy of Our Missing Hearts, Inc..

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