Find Missing Alberto Arias-Nunez!

Find Missing Alberto Arias-Nunez!

Find missing Alberto Arias-Nunez!
He went missing shortly before Christmas.
And he is missing after Christmas.
He is a beloved husband and the father of three.
His vehicle was found abandoned.

Find Missing Alberto Arias-Nunez!

Find missing Alberto Arias-Nunez! Alberto Arias-Nunez is from Cypress, Texas. He went missing on December 13, 2017. This is when he went to Tyler, Texas to visit a friend. He also went to see a car he was planning to buy. According to his wife, the last time she had communication with him was at 10:33 A.M. that day he went missing. The conversation was about he car Alberto had planned to buy. when Alberto called his wife and told her that he made it to Tyler, Texas. The friend has reported that they had lunch together. His Ford Expedition was found December 17. It was located at a restaurant 40 minutes from Tyler in Waskom, Texas. This was after officers responded to an alarm at a nearby business. The SUV was unlocked but there were no signs of foul play in it. He was last seen wearing Khaki pants and a dark gray sweater with a hoodie. He has a mole between his eyebrows and a scar on his knee.

Find Missing Alberto Arias-Nunez!

The wife of Alberto Arias-Nunez describes the vehicle. It is a white van with a GOLDEN STRIPE DOWN 2005 Ford Expedition 2005. It bears license plates 96 M8071. It was found in the parking lot of Catfish Village. It was located on 1950 West Texas Avenue in Waskom Texas 75692 on Monday. IT was located around 12:10 A.M. She describes Alberto as an excellent husband and father who puts his family first. According to her, he would never vanish and let her worry about his safety. He is active in his local church and beloved. And many people are praying for him. Alberto’s wife is begging the public for information that will bring her husband and father of their children home.

Alberto Arias-Nunez is a Latino male of Hispanic ethnicity. He is 37 years old. Alberto is a father of three and a husband. He is described as 5’8″ tall and 152 pounds. Alberto has brown hair and brown eyes.

Find Missing Alberto Arias-Nunez!
According to Alberto’s Wife, In Spanish

This is what Alberto Arias-Nunez’s wife says, in her first language, on her Facebook page:

Hola amigos y familiares!!! La familia Arias necesita de su ayuda. Necesitamos hacer estas imágenes virales favor de compartir. ‼️Mi esposo ALBERTO ARIAS esta PERDIDO ‼️ Desde el miércoles Dic 13, la última vez que yo tuve comunicación con el fue el miércoles a las 10:33 am y me dijo que ya hiba llegando a Tyler Tx que solo hiba a ver un carro q hiba a comprar y se regresaba pero nunca llego de vuelta a Casa. La camioneta blanca con una franja dorada abajo Ford Expedition 2005 con las placas de papel 96M8071 fue encontrada en el estacionamiento del restaurant Catfish Village 1950 West Tx Ave Waskom Tx 75692 el lunes alrededor de las 12:10am pero a el NO!! Ya hicimos el reporte pero dicen q a estos casos no les toman prioridad hasta q pasa mas tiempo porque las personas son infieles y tratan de desaparecer todo el tiempo y después se comunican. Pero todos sabemos que mi esposo no es así El es un gran padre, un gran esposo que pone a su familia antes que a nada que no se iría a ningún lado sin decirme y menos en otro carro y asustarnos así. El siempre tan servicial e involucrado en la Iglesia el sin lugar a duda tiene muchísimas gente orando por el en estos momentos y los invito a que se unan a nuestras cadenas de oración a las 3:00pm con la coronilla de la Divina misericordia y a las 7:00pm con el santo rosario a la Divina misericordia también si alguien hablo con el o lo vio el miércoles y tiene más información háganmelo saber se los agradecería de todo corazón, o si vieron la camioneta cualquier pista que nos lleve a El. Dios me los bendiga a todos Mi Divino Jesús En ti confío Amén 🙏🏻🙏🏻

Find Missing Alberto Arias-Nunez!
How We Can Help

Alberto Arias-Nunez went missing 12 days before Christmas Day 2017. And he is still missing. If he had been able to, it is certain that Alberto would have contacted his wife and children, or returned home. Common human decency would demand this. This timeline alone makes his disappearance disturbing. It is unclear if police suspect foul play, but his family insist that it is unlike him to disappear without contacting them. But when a vehicle is found abandoned, it is not a good sign. Alberto’s wife, three children, and other loved ones have already endured Christmas 2017 with an empty seat around their table. Will they have another day of the year with him not at home? He is out there somewhere and someone (s) knows something. This person(s) needs to be reached and may be on social media.

Do you have any information concerning the whereabouts of Alberto Arias-Nunez? Do you have any information concerning his abandoned car? If you have any of such information, please contact the Tyler Police Department at 903-531-1090. Or contact the Detective Andy Erbaugh (903) 531-1099.

This article discusses this Alberto’s disappearance and its affect on his wife and three children. Click here to and learn more.

The above image and additional information are courtesy of the Aware Foundation, Inc.

The wife of Alberto Nunez is also an information source. Her posts on her Facebook page are all in Spanish but they can be translated.

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