Find Missing Adji Desir!

Find Missing Adji Desir!

Find missing Adji Desir!
He was only six when he disappeared
And has the mind of a younger child!
He is unable to talk
But his case has received little attention.
Where is Adji?
What happened?

Find Missing Adji Desir!

Find missing Adji Desir! He is missing out of Immokalee, Florida. Adji is classified as Endangered Missing. He was born in October 15 and was six years old when he was last seen. At the time of his disappearance, Adji was an even 3’0″ and weighed 45 pounds. This child is an African-American male. He is of Haitian descent. THe missing boy has black hair and blue eyes. Adji’s nickname is Jiji.

Find Missing Adji Desir!

Find Missing Adji Desir!

More description of Adji is available. When he was last seen, Adji was wearing a blue t-shirt with thin yellow stripes. He was also wearing blue shorts. His blue shorts had pink flamingos down the side. And he was wearing two-tone blue sneakers. See a photo of these sneakers below. Adji is mentally disabled. At the time of his disapperance, this little boy functioned at the level of a two-year-old. And he is almost completely nonverbal. Adji understands Haitian Creole. But he’s unable to speak it. Though he knows his name, Adji cannot speak it.

Upon his disappearance, Adji speak about a few words. He could say them in English. Adji can nod and shake his head to indicate yes and no. His disability may cause him to be unable to request help.

Find Missing Adji Desir!

Adji Desir was last seen in Immokalee, Florida. He went missing on January 10, 2009. His mother had left him with his grandmother at her home. The grandmother’s home was in Farmworkers Village. Her home was located in the 800 block of Grace Street. The mom had to work. Adji was last seen at approximately 5:15 P.M. He went outside to play with other children. And he was never seen again. It was a half hour after his disappearance, that his grandmother realized that he was missing.

Find Missing Adji Desir!
The Investigation

Adji’s grandmother searched for two hours. Then she notified police. But her grandchild was never seen or heard from again. An extensive search was done of the area. But there were no clues as to where Adji could be. Adji had lived with both his mom and stepdad at the time of his disappearance. Investigators looked into different scenarios. Maybe he was taken to Haiti. That is where his biological father and extended family members live. But they found no evidence to support this idea.

None of Adji’s family members are considered suspects in his disapperance. His grandmother no longer lives in the Farm Worker’s Village. Now she lives with Adji’s mother and stepfather. The mom has since given birth to a daughter. They named her after her brother. Authorities suspect that Adji may have wandered away. Or her may have fallen victim of a non-family abduction.

Below view the sneakers Adji wore when he vanished.

Find Missing Adji Desir!

Find Missing Adji Desir!
How We Can Help

No one just vanishes out of thin air! Adji simply disappeared and was never seen again. Now, over eight years later, there are no clues as to what could have happened. His whereabouts remain a total mystery. There are no updates. Adji’s case needs to be revived. Spread the word about him so that Adji will not be forgotten. Adji’s family need and deserve answers! If you have any information about Adji, you can contact the Collier County Sheriff’s Office. Call them at. (239) 793-9300.

Find this FBI information about this missing child’s case. Click here to read the article.

Information on this page and image of Adji’s sneakers are found on his Charley Project page. I have adapted and remixed it. It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial 2.0 License

The second image is courtesy of LostNMissing, Inc.,

The top image is courtesy of Fireball Run for Kids

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