Find Megan Gregory, Still Missing!

Find Megan Gregory, Still Missing!

Find Megan Gregory, still missing!
She has been missing for over a year now.
She was last seen by her boyfriend and other people.
There are different stories about that.
Where is Megan?

Find Megan Gregory, Still Missing!

Find Megan Gregory, still missing! The Gardiner Police Department is still trying to locate Megan N Gregory. When last seen on June 5, 2017, she was allegedly involved in an argument with a boyfriend. But others dispute that and say that he was not the only who last saw her. She was last seen in Augusta, Maine. This is according to information on the second poster in this post. Megan has been missing for over seven months. And her family has not seen or heard from her since. Because of this, they are quite concerned. Megan is a Caucasian female and is 28 years old. She is described 5’4” tall and 130 to 140 pounds. Megan has blue eyes and brown hair. She has a large tattoo of a tortoise on her upper left thigh. And she has a flower on top of her right foot. Megan has a pierced nose and tongue and she has gauged earlobes. Megan was last seen wearing black yoga pants, a blue sweatshirt, and flip flop type shoes.

Find Missing Megan Gregory!

On February 1, 2018, Megan’s aunt posted an appeal on her Facebook page. This is part of it.

Almost 8 months ago my niece disappeared. For those tired of seeing me post, I’m sorry but she’s still missing. That said, the last time I posted I asked if people would put up a missing persons flyer in their cities. I only had a few responses and mostly “I’m praying for her return”. That is wonderful and appreciated but her face needs to be out there in every city, big and small.

Find Megan Gregory, Still Missing!

Megan Gregory has been missing for over a year now. Her loved ones are desperate. They sense that someone knows exactly where she is and what happened to her. But they refuse to talk and end this family’s nightmare. Little information is available about Megan herself. I was unable to find it after numerous searches. She is a daughter and a niece and she may be a mother. Information on Megan Gregory is limited. Her aunt often shows photos of her grandchildren on her Facebook page. It is unclear if these are Megan’s children. Whether they are or not, Megan needs to be brought home to her family. They are yearning for answers, as they knows something has happened.

Do you have any information concerning the whereabouts of Megan Gregory? Do you have any information about the boyfriend she was last seen arguing with? Do you have any information concerning anyone else who may be involved in her disappearance? please contact Gardiner Police Department at (207) 624-7076 If you have seen Megan or have any information as to her whereabouts please call Det. Sgt. Todd Pilsbury at the Gardiner Police Department (207)582-3211, X1302 or e-mail at

The Gardiner Police Department are the primary information source via their Facebook page.

This article was written on June 5, 2018, the year of Megan Gregory’s annual missing date. Click here and learn more.
The top image is courtesy of Our Missing Hearts, Inc.
The second image is courtesy of Locate the Missing.


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