Find Kristian Burnstad, Still Missing! ***(TRADIC UPDATE: HUMAN REMAINS FOUND)***


Find Kristian Burnstad, Still Missing!
He has been missing for almost nine months.
Almost nine months ago, a friend supposedly dropped him off.
But he never arrived home.
Four days after he was supposedly dropped off at his parent’s home
Kristian’s possessions were found
And his mother was walking the property.
There have fresh new tips; can Kristian be alive?

Find Missing Kristian Burnstad!

Find Missing Kristian Burnstad! It was February 7, 2017 in Enumclaw, Washington State. A friend had dropped Kristian Burnstad off near the local Krain restaurant. And Kristian had some of his own belongings with him. These also were dropped off. It was 1:30 A.M. and at this point Burnstad was last seen. Days later, most of Burnstad’s belongings were found. At the same time, his mother was walking on the property. Reportedly, Kristian’s family have not “searched” for him. Initially, I myself was suspicious and I hoped this was untrue.

Find Kristian Burnstad, Still Missing!
An IMPORTANT NOTE about the Family

According to the page owner who knows the parents of Kristian Burnstad, his parents are devastated. They are coping in their own away. They have granted the page owner full permission to blitz their son’s story and available posters all over the Internet. She has stated that she witnesses them weeping daily and declaring their love for Kristian. While we may wish to see every family carrying out high-profile searches for their missing loved ones, not all families have resources or social connections. And this individual can be trusted and she knows the family.

Find Missing Kristian Burnstad!

Reportedly, the family did report Kristian as missing. According to rumors, it seems that they did “nothing else”. A female friend, with a Facebook profile, has been attempting to push awareness for Kristian. She seems to know him and his family well. According to her, at the time of his disappearance, Burnstad did use drugs. But he has reportedly become “clean” by that time. He was not employed at that time. It is unknown if police are actively investigating Burnstad’s disappearance. The friend commented that shame of their son’s drug-addicted past may explain the family’s “refusal to search” for him. However, Burnstad’s drug addiction was well-known.

TRAGIC UPDATE: It has been brought to my attention that the human remains that have been found belong to Kristian Burnstad:

I’m sorry for this post. 💙

The remains found in Enumclaw, were those of Kristian Burnstad. 😔

I’m sorry we had to wait to announce this. Please reach out if anyone needs support or a friend. Please do not ask for more information yet, as we cannot say.

SAD UPDATE: Unidentified human remains have been found. They are believed to belong to Kristian Burnstad.
Click here and learn more.

There had to be more to the story than this! And, there is.

Find Kristian Burnstad, Still Missing!

In the initial post about Kristian, the information about his parents was disturbing. And it called for more explanation. It has been well-known that in his nine months of being missing, that his family “showed no interest” in searching for him. They were alleged to not even accept help in pushing awareness for their son. Just as depressing, it seemed that law enforcement was not interest in actively investigating. According to the Husband-wife team managing Finding Kristian Burnstad, she has spoken with the sergeant and detective at the Enumclaw Police Department (EPD). They shared their side of the story.

Find Kristian Burnstad, Still Missing!

Police said that it was untrue that they are not actively searching for Kristian Burnstad. They state that they are. Police stated that revealing information about her son’s case was up to her. They wanted to respect her privacy The husband-wife team stated that they would meet with Kristian’s mother early on November 1.2017. Police stated that Kristian had been reported as missing in February 2017. They stated that Kristian’s case is listed in the Washington State Patrol site, but it doesn’t show up in any searches even there. The husband-wife time met with Kristian’s parents.

Find Kristian Burnstad, Still Missing!
What Really Happened?

What the parents told the husband-wife tea answers some questions. On February 6, Kristian came home. There was an altercation. Kristian was described as not being in good condition. And so he left. On February 6, Kristian came back to get possessions and then drop them off. He had hugged his mother and left. Supposedly, his friend, given the name of Ryan, had dropped him off. A few days later, his mother saw a bunch of belongings. These included four backpacks. There was no cell phone, as he did not have one at the time. It has been claimed that Ryan dropped him off at 1:30 P.M. February 7. But his parents stated that he never came home. Kristian would have have knocked or found a way to get in.

Find Kristian Burnstad, Still Missing!
The Parents

And so the original story about Kristian getting dropped off may not be true. This is if we believe his parent’s side of the story. People have suggested to Kristian’s parents that someone in jail claimed that Kristian overdosed and that people panicked and dumped his body in the woods. According to the husband-wife team, Kristian’s parents are truly heartbroken. The pain in their eyes had brought the husband-wife team to tears. They are really grateful that people want to help. According to them, it is hard to search when they have no staring point. They want any information on their son. They promise not to ask questions or tell anyone; they just want answers. Hopefully they will get their son back alive.

Find Kristian Burnstad, Still Missing!

On November 5, the administrator of Finding Kristian Burnstad, the Facebook page, posted. It is about tips and leads received.

I’m going to give the updates that I can give.
People said they saw Kristian in Bonney Lake at smoke shops. I went to all 4 yesterday with fliers but no one had seen him. I stopped people walking, talked to homeless people, and asked people on bikes to stop. No one had seen him. I went to a BL address I saw online for him but that wasn’t it.
Another tip said to check enumclaw library, Runlands and the gazebo. I did but again, no luck.
People in Bonney lake and enumclaw said they’ve seen this on Facebook so thank you all for getting the word out there!
Someone is saying he’s in auburn and I have not gone there yet. Is anyone free to do that?
That’s all I can say for now. But if ANYONE is interested in sharing the missing person flier and the $500 reward flier, please let me know! Share on Facebook and then please hand them around or hang them at your work if you can. ❤️

Find Kristian Burnstad, Still Missing!

After reading the November 1, 2017 update, it has answered some questions about Kristian’s parents. Not all families have the resources or social connections to get the word out about their loved ones. But it’s a positive sign that they are allowing their son’s supporters push awareness for him. A week will mark Kristian as missing for nine months. This passage of time means that something may have happened to him. The best case scenario is that Kristian is living as a homeless man somewhere and will chose to come home. But he took nothing with him.

Find Kristian Burnstad, Still Missing!

As described above, this does not look like he left of his own volition. What happened is unknown. Circulation of Kristian’s story can generate tips and leads that can bring him home. Kristian’s parents, according to the owner of Finding Kristian Burnstad, are as devastated as any family with a missing loved one. We may wonder at their way of coping, we are in no position to judge them or anyone else. The same goes for their son, with his troubled past and personal problems. Many families and their missing loved ones do not fit the “missing pretty white girl syndrome” profile of Elizabeth Smart and her family.

Do you have any information on the whereabouts of Kristian Burnstad? The person (s) responsible for his disappearance? Do you have information about how most of his his belongings were found as they were? Please call the Enumclaw Police Department at:
(360) 825-3505 or 9-1-1.

A GoFundMe fundraising campaign has been set up to hire a private investigator for Kristian Burnstad.
Click here and learn more.

All material and images on this page is courtesy of Finding Kristian Burnstad, a Facebook page which is maintained by a husband-wife team. Use Facebook? Consider clicking to “like” this page.


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  1. A newspaper online in the area shows he was arrested for shoplifting at a Walmart at the End of November. I think he wants to stay missing. Shoplifting at Walmart

    • Kristian M. Burnstad, 26, of Enumclaw, was arrested 7:30 p.m. on Friday for alleged assault of two victims and shoplifting at Walmart in the 1600 block of Northwest Louisiana Avenue.


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