Find Justice 4 Isabel Celis!


Find Justice 4 Isabel Celis!

Find Justice 4 Isabel Celis!Celis was a little girl who vanished five years ago. She was six years old. I had been aware of her case from the beginning. Today, I had been considering doing an update, thinking that she was still missing. And I visited a missing person Facebook page. And learned of the sad update. Certainly, it was not the outcome any of us had hoped for. This little girl had gone missing out of Tucson, Arizona. She has been found deceased, but her killer has not been found. Now her community and family are devastated. Who did it? And why did they do it?

Find Justice 4 Isabel Celis!
How She was Found

Isabel had gone missing on a Saturday, April 21, 2012. And over these almost five years, over 2200 leads had poured into law enforcement. All proved to be dead ends. Investigators had been haunted by this little girl’s case. Her disappearance also haunted those who lived in Tucson. That’s because she had gone missing “under suspicious circumstances.” From her bedroom. ONe day, human remains were found in a rural Pima County. It was on Friday, March 31, when authorities identified the remains. The Tucson Police Department analyzed the DNA of the remains. They discovered that these remains belonged to little Isabel. “Yes, this confirmation may bring some degree of closure. But, of course, it also ends the hope of bringing Isabel home safely to her family, says TPD Chief Chris Magnus.

Find Justice 4 Isabel Ceiis!

The TBD Police Chief, Magnus has his beliefs about how Isabel was found. He doesn’t know how long her remains were in that location, he says. “But they were not found by accident,” he says. “It was not a happenstance, he remarks. “There has been an ongoing process on many searches. This was not a happenstance. I cannot into any greater detail than that.” Magnus says, “The investigation is still ongoing. And anyone with any information should call 88-CRIME. Callers can remain anonymous. He continues: We believe there may be folks out there who perhaps know something. Or they feel now that they’re willing to come forward with
information that may be helpful,” he says. “Don’t assume that we have all the information. If people have tips they should contact us.”

The Celis family have released a statement. Spoken through the Tucson Medical Center, their statement says: “We want to thank the community for the support they have continued to show for Isa. Over the year. And for refusing to give up hope. Now it’s our time to mourn. We ask for privacy during this time so we can do that.”

Find Justice 4 Isabel Celis!
Seeking Justice

The TBD Chief, Magnus, can’t release much more information. So he did not release details about the remains were found. But he says investigators were thorough in sifting through all the evidence found at the scene. Magnus said: “I cannot release information on any possible suspects. Nor can I answer when I’m asked if anyone is in custody.” Those who live close to the Celis residence lucidly recall the night Isabel vanished. “We have never given up hope that she would be found safe,” some said. David Pike says: ” I have had Isabel’s missing poster on the front door of my home. All this time.” and he continues that he was there the morning of Isabel’s disappearance. And he recalls how her brother had rushed over “in a panic.” “He said my sister is missing. And I said ‘what do you mean; your sister is missing?’ ” Pike said. “I had been hoping that she would make it home.” Friday’s sad update had left Pike heartbroken and devastated, he said.

Find Justice 4 Isabel Celis!
Family Search 4 Justice

Tucson News Now has learned something else about the family. They have put up their home for sale. It had been located at 5002 East 12th Street. “I understand why the family would want to leave their home and memories behind,” Pike said. Also, friends and family have set up a memorial in the Celis family home. And people had been seen leaving purple balloons on the front gate of the home. In her memory. “Although this is a terrible disappointing development, we never stopped looking for Isabel Celis. On his Facebook page, the Tucson Police Officer posted, “And we will never stop in our pursuit of justice for her.”

IF you have any information on this case, you’re asked to call 88-CRIME.

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