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Find Jessie Fielder N Sophie Dillon! ***(WONDERFUL UPDATE: BOTH FOUND SAFE!)***


Find Jessie Fielder N Sophie Dillon!
A teen boy has been missing for five days.
A teen girl has been missing for six days.
They may be with each other.
Did they run off to be together?
Where are Jessie and Sophia?

Find Jessie Fielder N Sophie Dillon!
Jessie Fielder Details

Find Jessie Fielder N Sophie Dillon!

Jessie Fielder was last seen near Williamson Road in Roanoke, Virginia on August 11, 2019. It is believed that this teenager is traveling with Sophia McKenzie Dillon. She went missing from the Glenvar area of Roanoke County on August
10. As it turns out, he may be the male that she was believed to be with. Jessie sometimes rides a blue bicycle. Both families of these missing teens reportedly are extremely concerned for their well-being.

Jessie Fielder is a Caucasian male and is 14 years old. This teen boy is described as 5’3″ to 5’4″ tall. His hair is described as dirty blond. His eyes are brown. His clothing description is unknown.

HAPPY UPDATE: Both Sophia Dillon and Jessie Fielder have been found safe, according to this Facebook post:

The update we’ve been waiting 11 long days for. Sophia and Jessie were found safe this morning in Bedford. The Bedford police have transported them to their respective jurisdictions police departments. We would like to extend our thanks to Bedford County Police Dept, Deputy Bishop with BCPD, Roanoke County Police Dept, Officer Cook who was the initial investigator, Officer Mason Roanoke County Police, Roanoke City Police Dept, Kenny Jarels with the AWARE foundation, Steve Bryant with FACT, Kimberly Smith Whitaker with CFSI Virginia for Missing Children for reaching out to offer assistance from their organization, all of our family and friends who put in countless hours of searching and watching hotspots for movement, her friends for all of their information and kind messages and help during this time, the Glenvar High School teachers, principal and staff for their assistance and kind words, and all of you who have prayed, kept look out, and shared the posts pertaining to this case. We now have a long road ahead, but we will be together and Sophia will have all of the support she needs from all of us. If you have a message you would like to send to Sophia, please post it here and I will make sure she gets it. Thank you, thank you, thank you all! We love you all for helping us find Sophia.

Find Jessie Fielder N Sophie Dillon!
Sophia McKenzie Dillon Details

Find Jessie Fielder N Sophie Dillon!

UPDATE: Investigators do not believe she is with the male that was mentioned earlier. She possibly with another male. The pubic is encouraged keep an eye out in the Hershberger and Valley View area.

UPDATE: Sophia was spotted sometime around 2:00 A.M. at the McDonald’s on Williamson Road.

ORIGINAL TEXT Sophia McKenzie Dillon went missing from the Glenvar area of Roanoke County, Virginia. She was seen sometime between midnight and 3:00 A.M. on August 10, 2019. Her window was open, room was in disarray, and her blanket was partially out of the window. It’s possible she may be with an adult male. Her family and friends are very concerned for her well-being.

Sophia McKenzie Dillon is a Caucasian female. This missing teen girl is age 15 and is described as 5’3” She weighs approximately 145 pounds. She has brown hair and eyes. Her clothing description is unknown.

Find Jessie Fielder N Sophie Dillon!

Jessie Fielder has been missing for five days. Sophia McKenzie Dillon has been missing for six days. Sadly, both teens are on the wrong side of unequal missing persons searches. It seems that both teens have one information source. a nonprofit. Sophia’s aunt is using social media to find her missing niece. Descriptions indicate that both teens left of their own accord to be with each other. Because of their ages, both teens are endangered. Sadly, I was not able to locate one bulletin, press release, or article for either teen. This is a double disappearance. Two families are living a nightmare.

Do you have any information concerning the whereabouts of Jessie Fielder and/or Sophia McKenzie Dillon? Do you have any information concerning the person (s) who may be involved in their disappearances? Is it possible that a third party can be involved in their disappearances? If so, who?

If you have any information, please contact the Roanoke Cty Police Department (Virginia-Jessie Fielder) at: 1-540-853-5959. You may contact the Roanoke County Police Department (Virginia-Sophia McKenzie Dillon) at 1-540-562-3265. You may contact your local law enforcement. If you see Jessie Fielder and/or Sophia McKenzie Dillon, call 9-1-1 immediately!

The above image and information are courtesy of the Aware Foundation.


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