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Find Irma Orozco-Razo, Still Missing!

Find Irma Orozco-Razo, Still Missing!

Find Irma Orozco-Razo, still missing!
She has been missing four months.
When last seen, she was over five months pregnant
But her due date has passed.
There have been no updates or new developments.
She is with a male with active arrest warrants
Who needs to be caught, arrested, and convicted.
Where are they?

Find Irma Orozco-Razo, Still Missing!

Find Irma Orozco-Razo, Still Missing!!

Find Irma Orozco-Razo, still missing! This 13-year-old is not only missing but pregnant. Orozco-Razo is missing out of Aiken, South Carolina. Irma vanished on April 27, 2017. At that time, she was five and a half months pregnant. This teen attends Kennedy Middle School in Aiken County, South Carolina. When last seen, someone had dropped her off at the bus stop at her school. But she reportedly never showed up at school. Other students report that that Irma intended to meet her boyfriend. His name is Jose Armando Alcazar-Augustin. Agencies classify Irma as an endangered runaway.

Jose Armando Alcazar-Augustin is 18 years old. His birthplace is Guatemala City, Guatemala.

Find Irma Orozco-Razo, Still Missing!!

Reportedly, Irma lives with Helping Hands. It is an agency for abused, abandoned, and neglected children. Somehow, Irma and her boyfriend set up a meeting. Irna and Jose were to meet each other at a local McDonald’s. Then they planned to head to Mexico. And neither has been seen since. Authorities have issued two warrants for the arrest of Jose. Irma is 5 1/2 months old pregnant with this suspect’s baby. Irma Orozco-Razo is a Laino female of Hispanic ethnicity. She is described as 5’1″ inches tall and weighs 132 pounds. Orozco-Razo’s hair is black, her eyes brown. At her disappearance, this teen was wearing a dark blue shirt. And she was wearing blue jeans.

Find Irma Orozco-Razo, Still Missing!
Politicizing the Missing?

When Irma first went missing, her story was featured on the controversial Breitbart website. The comments under the article reveal how this girl’s disappearance has been politicized among some people. Here is just a sample of the derogatory comments there. The commenters totally missed the point that Irma is a missing teen with a baby. And she is with wanted fugitive. One commenter posted: I am I supposed to care what happen to two illegals. (13 and pregnant SMH) these mexicant and the mooslims like them some youngsters don’t they. I am just supposed to be like “HELL YES!!!! I want Mohammed and Pedro living in my neighborhood.” Mmmmmmm nope that’s why I moved to the country.

Find Irma Orozco-Razo, Still Missing!
Bring Her Home at Last

At the time of her disappearance, Irma was five and a half months pregnant. As she has been missing for over four months, her due date has passed. I well remember when this case came out. Someone commented that as Irma was a runaway, that she would “turn up safe in a week.” Well, many weeks have passed and Irma has never been found. She has a newborn baby. Jose has never been captured. If she is still with him, both Irma and her newborn baby are in danger! They may be in Mexico. What happened to Irma and her baby? THere have been no updates or clues as to what may have happened to them. But someone has information!

Do you have information that can help find Irma Orozco-Razo and her baby? Jose, her boyfriend? If you do, please contact Midlands Crimestoppers at: 1-800-CRIME-SC (888-274-6372).
You can stay anonymous and receive a $1000 reward.
Have you seen Irma? Her baby? Jose? Call 9-1-1!

The first above photo and above information are provided courtesy of Locate the Missing,

The second above photo is provided courtesy of The AWARE Foundation.


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