Find Andrew Esteban Pinedo, Still Missing!

Find Andrew Esteban Pinedo, Still Missing!

Find Andrew Esteban Pinedo, still missing!
Almost three months ago.
He went to the place where his father
Had killed himself earlier.
This was on Father’s Day!
He is still missing; whhere is Andrew?

Find Andrew Esteban Pinedo, Still Missing!

Find Andrew Esteban Pinedo, still missing! The Carson City Sheriff’s Office Investigation Division seeks our help. They need our assistance to locate a teen who they have classified as a runaway. Andrew Pinedo was last seen Wednesday, June 13. The police account has the date a day late, June 14. Andrew is missing out of Carson City, Nevada. He was last seen near Saliman Road and East William Street. NCMEC has classified Andrew as an endangered runaway.

Find Missing Andrew Estebar Pinedo, Still Missing!

Andrew reportedly suffers from chronic depression. He is missing under alarming circumstances. Andrews’s Father had committed suicide in Sun Valley-Reno, Nevada. Reportedly, on Father’s Day (date unknown), Andrew had visited the location where his father had ended his life. The week before Father’d Day 2017, which was on June 18, 2017, Andrew had disappeared. Reportedly, his family was quite concerned about his well-being at the time. Andrew is a Latino male, of Hispanic ethnicity. He is described as 5’10” and 140 pounds. Andrew’s hair is described as brown and curly. His eye color is unknown.

There is no description of any scars, birthmarks, tattoos, or piercings. Andrew was last seen wearing a gray hoodie and jeans. He was wearing Nike Air Force 1 shoes with black trim and a black hat. He was also carrying a bright blue jansport backpack.

Find Andrew Pinedo, Still Missing!
Unequal Missing Person Searches

I’ll keep harping on it. Missing persons searches are not equal. Andrew’s case proves it. Even within the world of missing children and young people, the searches are not equal. Missing girls seem to get much more publicity, awareness, and resources, than missing boys. I guess people conscious, or subconsciously, believe that boys someone aren’t as vulnerable and can better take care of themselves. Today, I was trying to do research on Andrews’s case. Few results came up. There is a missing persons report which includes a page for him. But it only got three shares! I’m aware of missing girls who get hundreds, even thousands, of shares! Missing women, too.

View Andrew’s NCMEC poster,

Read Andrew’s original story.

Bring Andrew Pinedo Home Safe is a Facebook page that his mom has been set up for him. Use Facebook? Please “Like” this page.

Find Andrew Pinedo, Still Missing!
Every Missing Person Equally Important

In my Internet searches, about five results come up. And it isn’t because Andrew has been found. He is still listed in NCMEC as missing. The Carson City Police Department still lists Andrew as a missing person. Facebook searches also have yielded few results. Few people have shared his posters. At least, the shares did not appear in my searches. On the other hand many missing girls get hundreds and even thousands of shares. Folks, we must not select some demographics of missing persons to care about. Andrews’s life matters just as much as that of the missing girls who are getting tons of attention and resources.

Find Andrew Pinedo, Still Missing!

Andrew deserves to be found. But it seems that he has been forgotten about. During the early days of his disappearance, his mother made her profile Timeline public. Now her Timeline isn’t publicly viewable. When I saw this, I was saddened. Nothing sheds light on her son’s case. It’s heartbreaking. If there is family effort to push awareness for Andrew, I cannot see it anywhere. There is no Facebook Page or group set up for Andrew, let alone a website. It is sad when anyone goes missing. It is even sadder when few seem to care about their whereabouts. I’m sure his family care immensely. In fact, his mom corrected the phone number on a poster set up for him.

We must not let Andrew’s story die! There have been no tips or leads. Has the trail gone cold already? Someone has information that can help locate Andrew and bring him home! Are you someone (s) with such information?
Please contact the Carson City Sheriff’s Office Dispatch center at 775-887-2500 (his mother’s correction) NOT the number on the above poster). OR contact Detective Sam Hatley at (775) 283-7852. If you have seen Andrew, call 9-1-1!

IN addition, you can contact NCMEC at: 1-800-843-5768.

Additional information is courtesy of the Carson City Sheriff’s Office. They have been handing Andrews’s missing case. They maintain a
Facebook page.

The above image and additional information is courtesy of the AWARE Foundation, Inc.

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