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Easter Prayer 4 Missing

Easter Prayer 4 Missing

Dear God and Father, this is my Easter prayer for all in the world of the missing.

Easter Prayer 4 Missing
Those Directly Affected

Dear God and Father, I pray for all in the world of the missing:

For the missing themselves: I pray for missing persons. Missing children. Missing adults. Regardless of the circumstances of their disappearances. Protect each one of them. May those who have run away be moved to make contact with law enforcement. May those running from abusive situations get the help they need. Protect all from human trafficking and other foul play. May kidnappers (whether family, acquaintance, or stranger) be brought to repentance. Let them release their victims. May all who are murder victims be found, so their families can get answers as to what has happened to them. May those who have died from other causes also be brought home. May their families be given answers.

For families of the missing: I pray that You will move them to turn to You. ESpecially in this time of greatest need. May they place all their hope in You. Give them hope, strength, provision, and answers. Protect them from all evil. From scams. And from those who would prey on them. Comfort them.

For families of murder victims: Comfort them. Provide for them. May they turn to You in their great need. May they be given opportunities to use what has happened to them,for the good of others. I praise You for all those who have turned their losses into advocacy. May their efforts pay off. And educate the public about safety and prevention. And awareness for the missing.

For survivors and their families: I praise You for all those who are found safe! And for all who se efforts, big or small, result in their being found. May they be healed of all emotional (and often physical) wounds. May they turn to You. Bring restoration to them and their families.

Easter Prayer 4 Missing
Those Who Help

For law enforcement: I praise You for the majority of them who do their jobs to protect and serve us. I praise You for how they keep us safe. At risk of their own lives. Comfort all those whose loved ones are killed in the line of duty. Or in any other way. Protect them and their families from all evil. Give them wisdom and resources in their investigations. May those who tarnish their good name through police brutality, be brought to justice. And to repentance. Bring healing to law enforcement and communities.

For organizations: I thank You for all of those which are doing good work in finding missing persons. Supporting their families. And educating the public about safety and prevention. And missing person cases. Give them all the support, guidance, and support they need. To be effective. May they keep their vision alive. And keep it up.

For individual advocates: I pray for all those who, in big and small ways, help find missing persons. Educate the public about safety and prevention. Bring awareness to specific cases. Protect them from all evil. May they be given the vision, focus, wisdom, and encouragement to keep it up. May those among them, who are trained, use their training to assist families and apply their training. May those who are untrained and volunteers be motivated to add their contributions, talent, and gifts. May there be unity and teamwork among all.

For the Christian Church: May those who follow Jesus be made aware of the world of the missing. Inspire many to get involved in advocacy. And center their efforts in prayer and Your message. May they become concerned about the many issues surrounding the missing. May they get involved as You direct.

For the general public: May we all become aware of the world of the missing. Let those with resources support nonprofits which are doing great things in the world of the missing. Protect us all from evil. And may we practice safety and prevention in our families and everywhere else.
And may we be pairs of eyes for the missing. And give us courage and wisdom to notify authorities when we can solve cases. May we realize that at any time, we can become missing persons. Or families with missing loved ones.

For those who have information: I pray that they realize that they hold the key to ending the nightmares of families. Give them courage to come forward with what they know. Even if their coming forward will implicate them. May they realize the power they have. To bring answers to families and victims.

For the perpetrators: I pray that You bring them to repentance. May they realize the extent of the wrong they have done. May they meet You and repent. As they deal with the consequences of their crimes, may they turn to You. If they are given opportunity, let them express true contrition to those they have committed crimes against. And make restitution.

I praise You for the meaning of this day. That You sent Your Son, Jesus, to take our place. As sinners. And die for us. And then rise again! May we live because You live.


I'm a Christian, meaning that I have a relationship with God, through trust in His Son Jesus. Through this website, which is currently the only website I have, It is a full-time job to give myself to this website, which includes updating cases. I seek to broadcast missing people, unidentified people, and crime victims. These include those of all ages, races, religions, and walks of life. If you see something on here that needs an update, please contact me. Thank you.


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