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This is my personal info: I hadn’t always been passionate about the world of the missing. Then, in 2009, we had started tuning into the Nancy Grace Show regularly, on HLN. Grace covered the case of Casey Anthony, and her little girl, Caylee. We heard Grace’s rage toward Anthony, though no hard evidence existed that she had killed her daughter in cold blood. Soon, we got a thorough inside look into the Haleigh Cummings case. Cummings was five, missing out of her home. And she remains missing to this day. Seeing these cases and others, I got an education on the world of the missing. And the way Grace presented these stories made you really care about them.

But there was something about the Lindsey Baum case. Baum went missing three days before my birthday. And a day after the pop singer, Micheal Jackson (MJ), passed away. Now there is little unique about Lindsey’s case. I think it was how completely her story got axed when the MJ case broke the day after Lindsey’s story aired on Nancy Grace’s show. The next day, Grace was talking about only MJ, just like everyone else. This made me angry and sad. While MJ’s life mattered, and was scared, what about Lindsey’s life? Didn’t it matter also? But we heard about MJ for many weeks, while Baun was forgotten.

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Getting Started

I was inspired to be a voice for the missing. At the time, being computer-illiterate, I had used my husband’s Facebook account. I had gotten on Jane Valez-Mitchell’s Facebook page. And I begged her to cover Lindsey again, in comments. Soon, John got me my own account. I found people in the world of the missing. Families of the missing. Advocates. Missing nonprofits. And I added them. I found myself being put in “Facebook jail” several times. At first, I used my personal page to post missing person pages. I didn’t know how to set up Facebook pages. Much less how to set up websites. Sadly, people from my own church family and community, removed me from their friends’ lists. They did not want to see missing cases.

I had many families in my network. I could see how they interacted. The cause of missing persons is bi-partisan and not divisive. Not a wedge cause like abortion. Sanctity of life issues is another cause I’m passionate about. And this advocacy of the missing is, to me, a sanctity of life issue. A consistent life ethic issue. I know that many of my fellow pro-life advocates choose to make abortion a single issue. I’ve been accused of not being “pro-life enough” because I stress a consistent life ethic. Someone even suggested that I’m pro-choice!

But I’m want to get involved in this cause also. Eventually, I set up three Facebook pages. One was for missing kids. Another was for missing adults. I set up a page for missing persons, unidentified people, and crime victims. And, along with growing pro-life activity in sanctity of life issues, I maintained those pages. And I have all three of them in the footer of this site. You can “Like” each one without leaving this site. You can also “follow” my missing account on Twitter, without leaving this site. My main regret is that I didn’t set up this website earlier.

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Fighting 4 Life

All life is sacred. We need as many eyes and ears as we can get. You can’t have too many people
being on the lookout for missing persons. I used to gripe about the media spent so little time covering missing persons. And the ones they did cover, were cherry-picked. Journalists usually chose cases with scandal attached to them. Or the rare stranger abduction cases. But we can do much to keep the names and faces of these cases out there. The missing and unidentified. We can freely share posters. Of course, I suggest that Facebook users set up Facebook pages. And devote these pages exclusively to the world of the missing. It isn’t wise to use your personal page for advocacy. I did that at first. And paid for it.

TRAGIC UPDATE: Lindsey Baum, who inspired my passion for missing persons, has been found deceased. Please read my post about her unsolved death.

We all can help bring these missing people home. Many of you can support nonprofits like the ones listed on my “Links” page. Get Amber Alerts on your Smartphones. Consider setting up blogs or websites to find the missing. Give the unidentified their names back. And help find justice for victims. But I hope that people will share my posts widely, for this isn’t about me. It’s all about saving lives. Ending nightmares. And making peace and healing possible.

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The above poster is courtesy of LostNMissing,Inc., a nonprofit that I’m not a partner of or affiliated with.

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